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Valentine’s day. Golden Moon, gin with heart Put the best gin of America in a tea cup. A heady recipe for lovers and connoisseurs


It comes from Colorado and have fascinated the most demanding connoisseurs of British gin Mr. Stephen Gould and his beloved wife, with whom he shares an unlimited passion for liqueurs and spirits (see also the Absinthe Redux). Why the label of one of its best products, Gin Golden Moon, is shaped like a heart.

The gin is produced in many countries, but the only English distilato not allowed in the ranking of top sites of the world gin is to Mr. Gould. Proving that love pays. And it is always love that Mr. Gould managed to create a distillate not only original, but unique, born after long studies and extensive research. You know that the heart of the gin are herbs and botanicals, you know that they must be of the best quality possible. So far, everything is clear and obvious. Mr. Gould, however, went more deeply. He studied the production methods of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries distillates. Their combinations herbs, spices and botanicals to find, by dint of evidence between stills, that gin that his heart had always sought.

With a prevailing aroma of all the others, that of lavender, elegant and volatile. In addition to this and the juniper are few aromatic varieties used, eight no more all coming from places around the distillery. The dried juniper berries and fresh. Fresh berries Mr. Gould matures in casks used for the port. But there is excellent distilled spirits do not get married to the purest waters. And so it goes for the Golden Moon, produced by the crystal clear water of the Colorado Rockies.

We have tasted the gin is pure or as base of cocktails created by the barman Tommaso Cecca the Café Trussardi alla Scala. Here is the recipe of his novel creation to be served in a tea cup. therefore perfect to finish off a Valentine’s dinner.

Bitter Golden Moon Marteani
5cl Gin Golden Moon
2cl Bitter DIBALDO
Glass: cup of iced tea
Decoration: Maraschino cherry
Preparation: pour the Gin Golden Moon ice in a mixing glass with plenty of ice, add the bitters officinale and stir until emulsion, pour in a cup of iced tea and garnish with maraschino cherry.

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