Holiday, topless and bikini: the most beautiful images of a voyeur

The beautiful summer collection of a voyeur in a photo album

In some beaches like in Ibiza and Formentera the voyeur incurable by dint of looking around could go crazy. On the contrary, in places like Alassio or Diano Marina, our voyeur could fall into a severe withdrawal symptoms. But, we, in our small way. from our bed on the beach or strolling along the shore, often we yield to the temptation to zoom in with the look of certain details. Are mild and pleasant upsets, small chills, going through a dip in the cold water.

Nathalie, the Swede who dreams of Broadway

In Los Angeles there are the dreamers.
Those who just can not accept an acceptable routine. Hole up here, to get lost in this great city, full of lights and contradictions, this city of angels rolling in sin, many failures and few winners. Because Los Angeles is a huge eagle that if you do not ride t’ammazza.
This is why L.A. teems with faces disillusioned, the most disillusioned of all have face hidden from the cartons.
Take a ride in the early morning for Sunset Boulevard and it will be impossible not to meet someone who is fucking brain.
They seem to think of something big that led them here in this city, because if you think of something great here is that you have to come.
The fact is that they seem not to remember what they had in mind, it’s been the first day, then the month, then two years old and not even have been noticed.

In Los Angeles are all artists and everyone is convinced that his talent is obvious.

Grass grows more and more and quenches their desire to do, the grass of L.A., the grass and the grass to sleep for traveling. A rich assortment you smoke the brains of many guys come here with some good purpose. The substantially prolongs their dream grass, the dream that brought them here, an endless thought, a continuous journey, the American dream …

Nathalie is a very disciplined girl, or because it is Swedish, either because it is a dancer, she has a lot of passion, determination and remains focused on the job, no social life, alcohol or drugs.

How to turn on Night Shift on the iPhone and iPad, but also Mac and PC

With this new tool, the screen of mobile devices will have warmer colors that encourage reading in low light conditions. For computers I had already thought f.lux

Apple released the update to iOS 9.3 that contains the option to activate Night Shift, the new night mode designed by Cupertino to reduce the screen brightness and help you read better overnight. According to some recent studies, interaction with smartphones and tablets would like caffeine to our brain that, after a short time, would not be able to enter the REM stage of sleep. Human beings are naturally sensitive to light and are setup to fall asleep when it’s dark outside. Our mind reads the colors that surround us and prepares to act accordingly: if you are warm and close to the golden hue, it sends a signal to the body that we’re at and we are close to fall asleep; if you are cold and blue, it stimulates the hormone of awakening because it means that out there is the dawn. The light electronic device is of the latter type and prevent the brain to fall asleep easily.

Apple has decided to put a patch to this problem by entering a command in the Settings that allows you to change the color temperature on the screen to make it shine less and make him take more warm, soothing colors.

You can be set in a few clicks: just click Settings, and Screen Brightness, and then Night Shift. In the menu you can activate the automatic mode that syncs with your local time zone and from 22 pm to 7 am automatically adjust the color of the display to make reading more comfortable at night or in poorly lit environments, or you can manually set the temperature you prefer, manually enabling the change.

For the computer (both Windows and Mac) good protection consists of the F.lux software, a freeware which reduces the brightness of the screen after dark. Also in this case the software will rely on the local time zone and will set the display settings automatically to be best used. If automatic switching is not enough, you can set three manual modes that immediately reduce stress for your eyes and can help to integrate better with the home or office lighting: there is the “dark room” function that eliminates completely blue and green lights and reverses the colors to minimize the brightness, or you can choose between “film” and “dark”. In the first case automatically it takes two hours and a half and globally reduces the colors and lowers the shadows to lighten the vision of the images on the screen; in the second case – only available for Mac and OS X – is not going to change the colors but it will change the template of the dock and the menu, replacing them with a dark theme.

A beer for 5 young talents to Affordable Art Fair

Warsteiner supports young artists and street art to contemporary art fair which opens in Milan Thursday 17 (until March 20)

The German beer Warsteiner brand renews its partnership with the Affordable Art Fair with a worthwhile initiative dedicated to young talents, five winners, between 600 Young Talents candidates, and 9 galleries of recent foundation. And what is the youngest of a quality beer, which, you know, the more fresh the most good?

But Affrodable Art Fair is also an opportunity to grow new young collectors and bring many people reluctant to contemporary art and contemporary art market. The review, indefatigable, among other things is characterized by its offer by galleries from around the world of art of affordable quality.

For its part this year Warsteiner supports four emerging artists and a street artist by giving them the opportunity to exhibit their work at the show and perform live every day to the 18, inside the Fiera.

Who are the 5 Young Talents:
Cristina Gardumi (1st place); Francesca Lupo and Riccardo Schiavon (2 ° classified tied; Claudio Beorchia (3rd place) and the street artist Lord Nelson Morgan.


The first appointment with 5 young Italian talent is at 16.00, when in turn will be interviewed by industry experts.
The second appointment is at 18.00 with Young Talents live with Warsteiner: every day, at the Warsteiner space, there will be a live performance and the guests of the fair will be able to see the genesis of an artwork.

Raspoutine, arrives in Rome’s exclusive clubs in the Russian style of Parisian nights

Elegance, transgression and quality music in red velvet, crystals and soft lighting, the famous cabaret on the Champs-Elysées Raspoutine arrives in the prestigious setting of Palazzo Dama, a few steps from Piazza del Popolo
From Russia with Love, one might say, from a highly successful Parisian experience until arriving in the Eternal City. The historic cabaret Raspoutine, since 1965 Soviet-style stronghold of the most exclusive nights of the Champs-Elysées, crossing for the first time the French borders and choose to arrive in the prestigious Palazzo Dama in Rome, just steps from Piazza del Popolo.
The architect of luxury hotels Antonio Girardi, a true jewel of liberty, becomes the perfect retreat to host the red velvet, crystals and warm lights of the Raspoutine, in a wonderful game of contrasts between the purity of the building nineteenth century and the elegant transgression club “membership only”. The venue which hosted for decades the likes of Dietrich Malene caliber and Serge Gainsbourg, and most recently Madonna, Karl Lagerfeld, Kanye West and Leonardo DiCaprio, will now try to conquer the Capitoline nights, and then go on a journey, the Paris-around the world that will take him from London to New York.
Also in sign of style, entertainment and quality music.

The new Porsche 911 R is a marvel. But what is it?

It is beautiful, Ela Carrera piùleggera commercially, but c’èqualcosa of her that we just can not understand
At the Geneva Motor Show, Porsche presented to the press the latest addition to the Carrera family, the 911 R.
This is a limited edition version, built in 991 copies, created to honor the eponymous model introduced in 1967, at the time realized in 23 units.
A Carrera which proves different from the other 911 starting from the outside, in plain view showing an unprecedented back titanium exhaust, a dedicated extractor and bumpers already adopted by the GT3. But it is below the layer of white paint and two red bands that hide the juiciest news. It begins with the materials: carbon wheel arches, magnesium for the roof, a synthetic compound for the rear window. And then nothing soundproofing material, no rear seats and no air conditioning, in addition to the hi-fi (both optional).
The result? The Carrera lighter currently available: 1,370 kg, fifty less than the corsaiola GT3 RS.

Even on the gearbox, manual, instead of this double clutch the sportier models in the range. You read right: the fetish for which the traditionalists had threatened suicide, when the brand of Stuttgart announced the move to even the GT3 PDK, now back in great form. Porsche’s theory? PDK serves to make the time, the 911 R take you to the road (thanks to “bliper auto”) – although with the machine that makes the shotgun alone are all capable. Really a shame, considering that the R is fitted with a 500 hp six-cylinder boxer engine at 8,250 rpm and 460 Nm of torque at 6,250 revolutions / minute. Numbers can push this new 911 to 100 Km / h from a standstill in just 3.8 seconds with a top speed of 323 Km / h. To complete the picture, the steering rear axle – with magazines intervention dynamics since its debut on the series 911 – and a mechanical limited slip differential.
What is, then, this 911 R? Good question. It weighs less than a GT3 and pushes the same. Yet equipped with a manual gearbox and no fixed wing surface. Those of Porsche argue whether it’s a car built for the purists of the guide. Certain that those who have bought a GT3 RS might argue that it is not certainly a fan of horse racing and lament as well – probably rightly – that it made their purchase with the claim to possess the Carrera sportier, including those in the price list. But the 911 R is a road, they say in Stuttgart. Too bad to go around it will be necessary to avoid the hottest days and obtain a pair of earplugs. In short, there is something that does not convince us in this new model – although, of course, we would be willing to commit the most heinous crimes mettercene a specimen in the garage. What do you think? As long as we reflect on you you do realize that theres a home will serve you a check for 195,339 euros.

Zuma, the prestigious London Japanese restaurant opens in Rome

Hundreds of ceramics Tohiki the walls, the special Robata grill to watch the chefs at work and a roof terrace over the rooftops. Zuma officially opens its doors in Rome, in the splendid setting of Palazzo Fendi
A tribute to the elements of nature, air, water, fire and earth, embedded in a frame that pays tribute to both Japan and disarming beauty of the Eternal City. Zuma, the renowned London Japanese cuisine, officially inaugurated in Rome, going to occupy the top floors of the Palazzo Fendi to give its customers a unique experience in perfect balance between taste and elegance.

While it remains fascinated by the set design developed by Noriyoshi Muramatsu of Studio Glitt Tokyo, with hand-carved wooden bar, the hundreds of Tohiki ceramics and suspended bamboo, the other are the delicacies that come from the kitchen to draw attention.

The set menu up by the patron of Zuma Rainer Becker combines a variety of dishes ranging from grilled beef steak with sauce prawn wafu yuzu, from suzuki no sashimi, Sashimi of sea bass with yuzu and salmon eggs, to no tebasaki bulls , glazed chicken wings sake, sea salt and lime.

All while on stage the spectacle of Robata grill, real heart of the restaurant, where guests can watch the chefs at work. An experience made even more special by the rooftop terrace, with stunning views of the city, and the opportunity to book an exclusive table placed in the middle of the wine cellar of the restaurant.

Uncontrollable urge to fries? The fault lies with the salt

According to research by Deakin University, Australia, the salt would cause us to eat more, putting at risk health and fitness. Acquitted, however, the fatty substances

People used to say that a cherry leads to another. Today, however, at the time of the packaged food and snack at speed, the good old red fruit from the important crux seems to have been replaced by chips. Those chips closed in the envelope, so to speak. And explain why often you can not humanly stop munching, rustic after rustic, classic after classic, comes the science: the blame would not be so much of our greed, because of the salt.

A support is a study Deakin University, Australia, published in the Journal of Nutrition. The research involved 48 people who were asked periodically to eat a plate of pasta, always the same in appearance, but with doses of salt and fat from time to time different. Result: the addition of salt has brought with it a higher satisfaction of the guests, but at the same time caused them to eat more. The amount of dough disappeared from their plates has increased by 11%, to be precise.

No direct effect, however, was observed when they were to increase the fat content in the dough, symptom that the salt would be much more insidious of the fat with regard to the preservation of health and fitness.

Indian Springfield, like in a movie on the road

Riding the Springfield dreams run free on the long highway, between valleys and canyons, from the Atlantic to the Pacific

The novelty of the 2016 Indian is called Springfield, and is named after the city in Massachusetts, where in 1901 the glorious American motorcycle company was born. It’s a cruiser, but if necessary can be converted into urban cruiser or touring.

Springfield is a model of pure Yankee style, with some references to the past, that is a luxurious and flashy cruiser, with large panniers, which makes you dream of running in complete freedom on the endless highway, between the outlying towns, valleys that are lost sight an eye and spectacular canyons, the preferred scenario of legendary journeys coast to coast.

But with a few steps and in a few minutes, you can turn Springfield into a more agile and maneuverable urban cruiser, with which roam the city streets, such as those of Daytona Beach where there was the official launch of the new Indian.

To do this there is no need of keys and screwdrivers, just remove the quick release drive windshield, remove the panniers, and you’re done.

Wanting to add instead there is a wide range of accessories that increase comfort and also the load capacity, and that turn Springfield into a touring in effect. Or accentuate the typical characteristics of a bagger.

The Springfield has the same – monumental and powerful – twin engine Thunder Stroke 111 (1,811 cc) of the Indian Chief, with the distribution to three camshafts in the crankcase, with the rods and rocker arms to control the two valves per cylinder. The couple is well 138.9 Nm at 2,600 r / min.

The chassis has been completely redesigned, both to fulfill the new features, both to withstand a maximum load weight of 242 kg.

Among the goodies found on Indian Springfield worth mentioning are the adjustable footrests for the passenger, the wires that run inside the handlebar and rigid panniers equipped with remote locking.

Two colors available: Black Thunder and Red Indian Motorcycles.

The basic price set for Europe is about 27,000 euro.

And for those who is never satisfied and always looking for something more original with which to stand, Indian Motorcycles has also presented a Limited Edition of Springfield, called Jack Daniel’s.

Created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the famous distillery in Tennessee, it will be produced in only 150 copies.

In addition to a custom paint, to the famous whiskey Home logo, a plate engraved with the number, Springfield Jack Daniel’s is enriched by a series of accessories that make it virtually unique. cultural gem, which will send over to the 150th logo in raptures connoisseurs of the famous liquor, there is an inscription with the names of the seven master distillers, who have overseen the process of distillation of Jack Daniel’s in the century and a half of its history.

And to remind us that there are two emotional products, to be enjoyed responsibly, there is also the word “Bottles and throttles Do not Mix”. A mantra for real gentlemens!


Who knows where we would be, and how many things we would know and we know, if women were not cut off from scientific circles for so long. Yet there are few scientists who have made revolutionary discoveries, as there are few inventors are able to change our way of life. Often defrauded of their due recognition by arrogant men, women deserve an appreciation for the importance they have had in the history of the great and small discoveries. We cite only a few: will surprise you.

Women and cars, eh? Good, good, reasoned stereotyping: but if it rains and when you are driving you do not have to stop because you do not see anything you owe it to a woman. Mary Anderson was born in 1866 in Alabama: the idea of ​​the wiper, however, was in 1902 in New York, where the cold was not an event so rare. During a trip by tram, he noticed that the driver was forced to travel with his head out the window and to stop frequently to remove snow from the windscreen. Back home, Mary patented the windscreen wiper, but it was not successful at the fledgling auto industry. The expiry of the patent, two decades later, Mary did not want to renew it, and the builders had free access to its invention. Let us thank now, since the story was very ungenerous with her.
Ducks, mushrooms, vezzose log cabins, generic names: Monopoly (or Monopoly, as we have come to call him the focus shifted back and turning the monopoly in the city of Puglia) was born as The Landlord’s Game, the owner of the game of houses, and was invented by Elizabeth Magie for educational purposes. Magie wanted to show the consequences of economic theories in vogue in the early ‘900, and his idea – that of a game where the rich by renting the properties become very rich, while the poor get poorer – it was a real success. The game caught the imagination of a seller of boilers, Charles Darrow, who copied it and sold his version. The role of Elizabeth Magie was not recognized except in recent times: which brings us to …
… Watson and Crick, awarded the Nobel prize for medicine in 1963 for his discovery of DNA, four years after the untimely demise of the woman who had first photographed the double helix. The work of Rosalind Franklin was but a footnote in the exposition of the two scientists, who used the discovery of Franklin without his knowledge. A wrong that was rooted in a deep-rooted machismo: when the scientist arrived in the laboratory at King’s College London, to work on the structure of DNA was already the physicist Maurice Wilkins, very annoyed by the presence of a woman, moreover younger him, on its territory.

Fortunately, not all inventions were snatched to the legitimate owners. Grace Hopper, called “Amazing Grace”, was a math teacher at Vassar University: a tiny little woman, who had to ask for special permission to enlist in the Navy during the war. It is to her that we owe the invention of COBOL, one of the first programming languages ​​that used the structure of natural language. Hopper was also one of programmatrici the first computer, the gigantic Harvard Mark I. She is also credited with the invention of the term “debugging”, came up to us to indicate the removal of problems in the software, but that she began to use after removing a butterfly from a machine.
At his death he had reached the rank of admiral. The’re sending an affectionate thought, right?

Bette Nesmith GRAHAM, inventor of BIANCHETTO
Much, much before writing computer programs there were typewriters, and Bette Nesmith, divorced mother of a boy named Michael, was working as a secretary. It was she, after the war, to invent a system to correct errors without trace, using a kind of tempera color that dried quickly and allowed to re-write the wrong words: an invention that has saved the lives not only of many secretaries, but also of many high school students struggling with classwork. She called Liquid Paper, and made his fortune.
The child named Michael then became one of the members of the Monkees, the fictional band in the middle of the homonymous series that later became a real band, and in 1967 he sold more records than the Beatles and the Rolling Stones combined. But that’s another story.