He is racing in the mud: the official calendar of the Italian Championship Mud Run 2016

Ten races throughout Italy to enjoy and challenge their own limits, including frozen streams, obstacles to overcome and especially so, so much mud
The first edition saw over 4000 subscribers. Energetic and daring riders, including at least one in three women, who faced wooden walls, icy streams and above all much, much mud, with two very clear objectives in mind: to try to overcome their limitations and have fun together. by the success of last year, then comes the second Italian Championship Mud Run, in the starting blocks on April 2 with the opening stage of Cesano (Roma).

A tradition, that of the races in the mud, which comes directly from the United States, where the Mud movement can count about 4 million practitioners followers. But that did extremely well taken root in Italy, as recalled Mauro Leoni, President of the Organizing Committee of the event: “Our country was the first in Europe to have made the system already existing circuit racing in the mud independent, thus creating a network the relationships between all the associations and creating, for the first time ever, a real championship. ”

The official calendar unfolds in ten races scattered throughout Italy, from Lombardy to Sardinia through Tuscany, which will serve the athletes to accumulate points. “Athletes who score the highest number of points scored in seven of the tests provided – informs Alberto Rovera, Vice President of the Italian Championship – These races will also be the only ones to count as qualifying for the European Championship will be proclaimed Champion or Champion Italian Mud Run 2016, OCR to be held June 12 in the Netherlands “. To support the initiative there will be sponsors of the caliber Merrell, Red Bull, Reebok, Vibram and Parmigiano Reggiano. Here are the races on the calendar:

April 2 – Cross X Race – Cesano (ROME)
May 7 – Hell Run – Cenaia (PI)
June 5 – Italian Mud Experience – Frosinone
June 26 – Parmigiano Reggiano Hard Run – Boves (CN)
July 16 – Cross X Race – Ovindoli (AQ)
August 7 – Run Farm – Noceto (PR)
September 10 – Scigamatt – Lecco
September 18 – Villasimius Nature Race – Villasimius (CA)
October 2 – The Race Matta – Campogalliano (MO)
October 22 – Inferno Run – Florence

Spring sea: comparing temperatures (in 24 places)

Where water is already hot (not always) and the sun is guaranteed: water temperatures and forecasts in hand, we made a tour of the Mare Nostrum to figure out where to go now to those who thirst for freedom
Temperature in water: 16.1 degrees
Out of the water: 13/21 degrees
Temperature in water: 16.7 degrees
Out of the water: 16/21 degrees
Temperature in water: 16.5 degrees
Out of the water: 13/23 degrees
Temperature in water: 16.7 degrees
Out of the water: 16/24 degrees
Temperature in water: 17 degrees
Out of the water: 11/20 degrees
Temperature in water: 17.2 degrees
Out of the water: 14/22 degrees
Temperature in water: 17.8 degrees
Out of the water: 16/25 degrees
Temperature in water: 17.9 degrees
Out of the water: 16/25 degrees
Temperature in water: 18 degrees
Out of the water: 16/26 degrees
Temperature in water: 18 degrees
Out of the water: 12/21 degrees
Saranda, ALBANIA
Temperature in water: 18 degrees
Out of the water: 14/22 degrees
Temperature in water: 18 degrees
Out of the water: 14/18 degrees
Pozzallo, Ragusa
Temperature in water: 18 degrees
Out of the water: 15/29 degrees
Temperature in water: 18.9 degrees
Out of the water: 17/24 degrees
(Getty photo)
Temperature in water: 19 degrees
Out of the water: 19/25 degrees
Temperature in water: 19 degrees
Out of the water: 19/29 degrees
(Getty photo)
Temperature in water: 19.5 degrees
Out of the water: 16/27 degrees
Temperature in water: 20 degrees
Out of the water: 15/25 degrees
Temperature in water: 20 degrees
Out of the water: 10/23 degrees
Temperature in water: 20.6 degrees
Out of the water: 15/24 degrees
Temperature in water: 21.7 degrees
Out of the water: 19/25 degrees
Temperature in water: 22 degrees
Out of the water: 16/26 degrees
(Getty photo)
Temperature in water: 23 degrees
Out of the water: 10/30 degrees
Temperature in water: 28 degrees
Out of the water: 25/35 degrees

The top 10 of the best airlines in the world

The SkyTrax Awards confirm the primacy of the Asia and Middle East companies. America totally excluded from the top ten
Dear fellow travelers, there are very few doubts: the best airlines in the world belong to Asia and the Middle East. Confirmation of this is the survey of English society SkyTrax, which this year has crossed the opinions of more than 18 million passengers (on everything that may affect the experience by plane, by the kindness of the staff to the quality of food served in high share) to compile the top 10 of the queens of the skies.
The sovereign absolute crown went to Qatar Airways, already awarded the title in 2011 and 2012, that the SkyTrax Awards also took home the awards for Best Business Class Airline Seat and as Best Airline in the Middle East. The triumphant last year, Cathay Pacific has had to settle for third place, preceded by silver medal of Singapore Airlines. The only ranking in the European presence is that of the Turkish Airlines (if we consider Turkey as a country within Africa midway between Europe and Asia, ed), while stands the absence of North American line.
Here’s the full top 10:
1. Qatar Airways
2. Singapore Airlines
3. Cathay Pacific
4. Turkish Airlines
5. Emirates
6. Etihad Aiways
7. All Nippon Airways (ANA)
8. Garuda Indonesia
9. EVA Air (Taiwan)
10. Qantas

The photos of the most beautiful girls in the Coachella 2016

Apart from music, the sexy side of the festival is on Instagram: all’hashtag # Coachella2016 corresponds a roundup of all the hot girls in that of California

Coachella is one of the largest in the world and not just for the music.
That California, however, is not a simple festival music festival. On stage there are fine artists, this year with the highly anticipated return of Guns N ‘Roses with Angus Young of ACDC as a special guest – but in the stalls there is a real one for celebrities gangway, big star, media and small size, models, fashion bloggers and, simply, beautiful girls.

All in “orderly split,” which means Coachella hippy look in version 2.0, that is very sexy, among micropants, bikini, open shirts and lots of skin shown with a smile.
Among stars, models and girls ‘normal’, even the Coachella 2016 is pulling out the best in women.

Hunger, the Rankin magazine celebrates in style

An edition specifically for the 5th anniversary: ​​tested and renewed graphics and, above all, five different covers made by as many photographers

Jack O’Connell photographed by Rankin, Kristen Wiig Ben Morris, Maddie Ziegler Martin Roemer, the young musician Raury Shelby Duncan, the top model and British actress Rosie Huntington-Whitely by Dusan Reljin. Five covers, five celebrity, five different photographers. The British photographer Rankin, to which we also need other successful projects such as Dazed & Confused and AnOther Magazine, wanted it to celebrate the anniversary of his Hunger Magazine. A special edition, the 10th, with pictures, interviews and many other profiles: Steve Hiett Nadia Lee Cohen, by Maurizio Cattelan Patternity. Among the interviews, even the one of which we give a part British actor Jack O’Connell.

It is difficult to work in Hollywood?
“It depends from person to person. If you behave differently than the way you are normaly, and this applies even if you do not work in Hollywood, it is stressful and you problems of attorney. ”
Early in his career, many have found it hard to separate it from the characters who played …
“It happens even now.

But because people lack the imagination … It’s frustrating then recognize ignorance in those people who could give you a job. “

Ryanair, 7 new for 2016

Rates even lower, new, more comfortable interior (and less yellow), new and faster services. You can also review and flight crew

It is the first European airline with 106 million passengers a year. He succeeds thanks to a range monstrous 1,800 flights per day from 84 bases connecting 200 destinations in 31 countries. According to ENAC data it is at the top in Italy with nearly 30 million passengers carried in 2015 between domestic and international flights. Alitalia follows with 23 million, maintaining its leadership in the domestic connections. For the record, closes Easyjet to third place with 14.3 million passengers.

We are talking about Ryanair, the company that revolutionized the low-cost travel concept. But that certainly does not stand out for the quality of service. At least until yesterday. They were in fact just announced in this sense rich innovations – from the most comfortable fitting of the planes – that are queued to Always getting better program launched three years ago to refresh the image of the Irish carrier. From even lower rates to May comforts, to point to 180 million passengers by 2024.

“While the first and second year of the program on vertevano change the areas that customers did not appreciate and improving existing services, the third will focus on accelerating and digital innovation, particularly through our Ryanair Labs dedicated to digital development – explained Kenny Jacobs, head of Ryanair’s marketing – the only thing that will not change will be our lowest rates, and will continue to offer the best and widest choice of destinations, with the greatest number of hours, and a fantastic experience flights board, while we increase our fleet, traffic and routes. ”

Here is what are the main new features that travelers will appreciate over the year on 330 Boeing 737 of the company headed by Michael O’Leary.

They will be even lower due to savings related to lower fuel costs over the past two years.

new interior
The planes have been redesigned: the seats are slimmer and comfortable, so there is more room for the legs. In addition, the clothes, a more restful LED lighting and, in terms of color, was made out of the “yellow” ruling that bothered many passengers were introduced. Also new uniforms for stewards. In short, all a bit ‘more elegant.

new offers
Comes the Leisure Plus tariff, ie a package that includes reserved seating, priority boarding and 20 kilos of luggage in the hold. also improved Business Plus service with greater flexibility in tickets, more than one stop with fast-track for fast controls and self check-in.

The Irish management also added the extra bookable travel services via the mobile app. Among them the opportunity to change seats, buy the fast-track, to reserve parking and transfer. The payment application is more streamlined with the system called “one flick”. Come the app guides on destinations but also on the site and via email.

The options for the luggage booking have been simplified: there are six, were well 108. A big saving of time.

Rating and site
Ryanair has introduced the ability to evaluate the flight on the application: you can vote crew and flights. For bookings made through My Ryanair introduces the check in with autoemissione the mobile boarding pass cars. Also popping discounts for Club My Ryanair, with priority access to 24 hours to bidding waves. Also through My Ryanair you can reload the accounts of friends and family or take a charge to give. There’s also discounts for restaurants and other attractions. Born finally a web page for the groups and Ryanair Schools Travel, a travel agency for school trips.

Ryanair also recently launched a Boeing 737-700 fitted with a luxurious interior and premium services to accommodate up to 60 passengers. You can rent and thus function as a charter for groups of managers, sports teams and clients alike. It’s called Corporate Jet Hire.

Detroit / Tangier – restless charm of decline

Detroit / Tangier – restless charm of decline
A parallel between two different declines and two different attempts at regeneration

In his latest film Only Lovers Left Alive (2014) the American director most ‘loved by the public “other” Jim Jarmusch brings together two kinds of inexorable decline. A perfect double standards, Tangier, Moroccan independence international city until the year in ’56, and Detroit, the “Motor City” and Motown soul records made famous by Marvin Gaye in the ’70s.
Tangier ambiguous city, the French in their colonial period and the cafes, hotels and terraces overlooking the sea, with his slicked waiters, his drinks and his drugs, his acquaintances in search of estotismo. The Rolling Stones, Truman Capote, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, Paul Bowles that there ‘lived for years and his “Sheltering Sky”.

Detroit, the largest assembly line of america, the black edge and the emergence of dissent in the late ’60s. “Motor city is burning,” said his citizens at the end of that decade, with its ideological fathers of white protest, his lds cheap and its drugs anestetizzavano the grueling factory shifts, the peripheral neighborhoods of color and dense and enveloping music of funk, soul, the mixing of genres, the memory of an africa that they had never seen, the emergence of new urban tribalism.

Tangier was wrapped in a long fog for almost forty years, a slow decline as its humid climate to slowly crumbled its palaces, has aged her waiters, has transformed the beautiful lobby of intercontinental hotels in squalid dens, empty rooms useful to ‘accorrenza.

DETROIT - NOVEMBER 19:  A car drives past the remains of the Packard Motor Car Company which ceased production in the late 1950`s, November 19, 2008 in Detroit, Michigan. The Big Three U.S. automakers, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, are appearing this week in Washington to ask for federal funds to curb to decline of the American auto industry. Detroit, home to the big three, would be hardest hit if the government lets the auto makers fall into bankruptcy.  (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

DETROIT – NOVEMBER 19: A car drives past the remains of the Packard Motor Car Company which ceased production in the late 1950`s, November 19, 2008 in Detroit, Michigan. The Big Three U.S. automakers, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, are appearing this week in Washington to ask for federal funds to curb to decline of the American auto industry. Detroit, home to the big three, would be hardest hit if the government lets the auto makers fall into bankruptcy. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Detroit continued to grow, as long as the world needed cars, continued to grow inexorably, with its industries and its metallic anger, with its one million and eight hundred thousand inhabitants in its maximum peak of popularity, the years of ” sexual healing “with Marvin Gaye sings that everyone at the Montreux Festival in Switzerland, the years when the machines were good only in Detroit.
Until 2011, when 47% of citizens had not paid for taxes, mortgage payments and pending, when the city of Detroit was officially declared bankrupt, when residents are reduced to just under 700,000 people.
Detroit is now one emptied the city, which is only now reinventing its geography, thinking about how to use everything that void.
In the Jarmusch film the protagonists (Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston) drive to a deserted town to a Victorian theater, empty and destroyed seeds. An opulent and American version (thus maxi) of more ‘our local “caryatids” room in Milan, the Royal Palace, a place now used as a parking lot.

Muhammad VI young King of Morocco has presented, shortly after he took office in ’99, an ambitious plan for revival of Tangier, the largest and most important commercial port in North Africa, the international film festival (at the infamous Cinema Rif) the recovery of its historic premises, the recovery of historical memory, that of the golden age of ‘ “Interzone” and the European acquaintances, who seemed to be erased decades, a new airport that long is no longer anything like the track on which he trod Humphrey Bogard hat, the restless streets full of color, cafes and similar to orange trees lined along the main avenues of the city. More than a welcome return, a new beginning.

There are many ways to fall, many ways to cross a decline. The mortgage crisis and the first sub Americans sent more deeply Detroit, which in the end is never burned, but it is just off slowly. North Africa instead sbruciato, rapidly, with its revolutions and its springs, soon turned into some new winters, burned the fog that covered Tangier, burned the distance that separates the sea a few kilometers from the Spanish thing you can see with the naked eye from many points of the city, so much so that you’ve come to talk of a tunnel, very similar to that of the English Channel that connects France and Uk.

The structures and laws are always after social changes, perhaps it will come by train to Tangier in a few minutes before long.

Detroit now has an area of ​​green spaces in the city among the largest in the United States, there is a big gap, which can be left blank or may be something in the next few years.

We see you in Tangier and Detroit in the near future, to see who will become what.

Miami by night: discos of Florida, including alcohol, sex and money

The sweet life of the promoter between cocktails and beautiful women. That’s who the door, earning well, dozens of girls in the most exclusive dance clubs

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” (What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas). And what about what’s going on in Miami? If the Sin City Nevada remains the capital of sin, the most famous of the Florida city does not betray her passion for nightlife.

For those who like to dance until dawn, in Miami by night you are spoiled for choice. The holidays are so many every night, just know how to choose the right place. But how does the night life in America? The promoter (a kind of homegrown P.R.) is a bit ‘the engine of crazy nights in the big cities: is the person who brings the beautiful girls in the room, creating a sort of meat market and appearances. Men nightclubs frequented by the most attractive women, and for this they are also willing to spend money for the entrance, the private table, the drinks to be offered to the girls. Which they are beautiful and less pay: for them admission is free, are free pre-party dinner, drinks during the party and who knows what else.

The promoters are paid by the local based on the number of girls who manage to get on their list to the disco and to have at their table during the evening. The secret to ensure that women remain in the P.R. table? The free alcohol, supplied directly from the room. Each promoter earns, typically, a fixed amount for each girl wearing the nightclub where he works in the evenings-event.

The P.R. novice earn $ 50 for every 10 girls, but with a $ 200 limit per evening and cost about $ 40 for a table. Over time, things become easier. “I know that promoter in Miami take $ 7 for every woman who enters their list without limits. But the city where P.R. earn the most is New York, “says Troy Gordon, who does this job in the Big Apple for nine years. “When I started, I earned $ 10 a girl, without limit and without paying anything for the table or for spirits to offer to my clients. Today, however, I take a flat fee, which varies depending on the night and work seven days a week 7. If Monday, for example, the local pay me $ 400, on Saturday will gain the port 1000. If a customer takes a table private, to me he 10 percent of all that spending, “added the promoter, a native of Trinidad.

It looks like a heavenly job for a man, he meets the girls down the street or in other rooms and then invite them to parties, spending evenings surrounded by beautiful women. But it is not an easy job. “The main difficulty, in New York and in big cities, is the strong competition. At the beginning is a very difficult job. Then, with the experience and with the right knowledge, everything becomes easier “says Troy. There are, however, quarrels, screams and melodramatic scenes entrance of the premises: the promoter often have to struggle with other colleagues, who try to steal their most charming and sexy girls. You can never let our guard down. Every woman counts, every girl wants to say a few dollars more. Often, a promoter is offended if a customer calls in an evening and then the girl did not expect it and decides to enter the room with another colleague who sits at just the right time. Women become spoiled. To no one likes to wait or queue. Sometimes, to drink more, for free of course, many girls make the rounds of the tables of the various local promoter.

And men or women less attractive? The night world is merciless. Command money, alcohol and beauty. Get into a trendy venue for a boy or an exponent of the fairer sex who does not look like a model of Victoria’s Secret can be, at times, a bit ‘problematic. Do not be discouraged: there are companies like Miami G & G that offer entertainment packages to allow everyone to have fun, especially to tourists and to those who have the right connections. “Our customers can choose from seven different clubs. For a price that ranges from $ 35 to $ 50 for girls and 40 to $ 75 for men, there is a limo to take you where you want in South Beach, you can drink all you want in an art deco bar in the center for a couple of hours, then the limo takes you to the entrance of the room of your choice and your promoter makes you join the club without queuing “, explains to GQ Gustavo Leon, head of G & G. “The latter may be crucial because, trying to get yourself in the most fashionable, it can happen to find themselves in the queue throughout an evening unless you are willing to pay thousands of dollars (usually 1500- $ 6000) to take a table or if the bouncers do not like our look too “he adds. And maybe after hours in a row, the bouncer tell us that the disco is no longer accepting new entries. At that point, it may happen that many friends of the doormen will still enter the local overcoming all the files, but normal people who do not know the right person will do better and be better prepared to abandon the battle of the next night. America is too.

Cindy Crawford: “The most beautiful gift is to say 50”

“I do not like birthdays,” he says. But now it comes one important, the top of the top decided to retrace his life in a book. And she realized that growing old is not beautiful, but it’s not bad either

Cynthia Ann Crawford was born February 20, 1966 between the cornfields of DeKalb, Illinois, the second of four children of an electrician and a casalinga.Il February 20, 2016 Cindy Crawford, founder of an unrepeatable generation of “supermodels” of the most famous Hollywood stars, arrives – after 500 covers, shows, campaigns, television appearances, film, celebrity and a husband (Richard Gere, married in 1991 and divorced in 1995) – the milestone of fifty years. It celebrates them telling in a book of photographs – Becoming, “become” – how did he become the Cindy oggi.La of provincial life, including BBQ 4th of July and summers spent collecting cobs. The trauma of the death of 3-year-old leukemia, the brother Jeff. The bikini pictures on the school newspaper that initiates an unexpected career as a model. The complex of neo-left corner of the mouth – the sisters, naughty as sisters can be, they had convinced her that right was a sign of beauty, left a defect – that the first agent wants them removed, but which will become her trademark. The scholarship to study chemical engineering, and bid farewell to college after three months, to begin to work with the legendary photographers. The second marriage, finally sustained, with the entrepreneur Rande Gerber. There is this, and more, in the chapters of the book. But let’s let Cindy to tell.

I never had the typical model’s physique. Even when I have started, and the models could still lead a healthy 42, I tended to be a bit ‘more provocative than average. And I have to thank the photographers I’ve worked with for making me feel beautiful and confident in my body. As a young girl I was thin. At school they called Gambelunghe me, and not to compliment being thin was not “in.” I wanted to be like those in the seventh grade had the cycle, the breasts, the hips and the eyes of boys. They are late flowering.
I never had any doubt that I would have had children. Perhaps because of my mother’s love she was, and is, one of the certainties of my life. He had a very young, and without reading any manual has held together the four of us, the house, the supermarket, the cleaning, the parent-teacher conferences, meetings of the scouts. I thought I had very young children. Maybe not in high school – Mom joked that his goal was to get the three of us girls Diploma no prison or belly – though certainly as soon as I found Prince Charming. Then there were a few bumps, but when Rande and I got married, I was ready to become a mother. For a while ‘nothing happened. And since both of my sisters became pregnant as soon as they tried, I began to think that, with my 32 years, I waited too long.

After a few months, however, the test was positive. Barely had time to celebrate and began nausea. Vomit just got up in the morning. I lived in corn flakes and boiled potatoes. One positive side effect: I did not grow by eating little, and so I could keep to myself the news of pregnancy and continue working. Her breasts were a bit ‘fuller, but until the twentieth week the belly is not checked. Then, suddenly, it happened.


cindy-crawford_980x571MY AGE’
Sometimes I forget that I’m used to the images are not real, they belong to the illusion of “being Cindy Crawford ‘; then you just see for a moment the real Cindy, that not retouched or one unflattering paparazzi shot, and I fall from the clouds. I wish I could say that for me to grow old is easier than for others: after all, I really enjoyed in this body. Sometimes I provoke my daughter – it is an impressive miniature version of me: ‘You have my old hair, want it back, “” I have my old legs, ridammele “. Kaia laughs and replies, “It’s my turn.” And he’s right.

Like most women, I arrived almost forty without thinking. The decade between twenty and thirty I spent working, that between thirty and forty flew off for motherhood. Only towards the thirty-eight I began to reflect on aging. Perhaps because journalists asked me already that I get to take effect forty, and I: but sorry, missing two years, we can at least expect that it has thirty-nine? Now looming fifty, back questions: “How are you feeling ahead of such an important goal?”. I, actually, I would like to know how it all happened so quickly.

Flower Power

Floral Fantasy: 20 heads and men’s fashion accessories for spring
Colorful flowers and palm trees everywhere, coming from California and the East. Here are a dozen proposals, including clothing and accessories, floral

Flowers and palm trees, super colorful and funny that, intertwined, become fantasies of clothing and accessories for the 2016 Spring-Summer Back, also for this year, the floral pattern on jackets, shirts, T-shirts and sneakers. This trend comes directly from the beaches of California, from streetwear worn in the streets of Los Angeles, such as Saint Laurent and Givenchy prints. Or from the East, from the Japanese enchanted gardens or the vibrant China, such as embroidery by Dolce & Gabbana, Kapital and Vivienne Westwood. Here are 20 floral proposals from the international catwalks, or by e-commerce of men’s fashion. To give the outfit a touch of freshness fun, so fashionable this season.