Famous, all naked in the video for Kanye West

The concept of the video for the latest single from Kanye West posted on Tidal infuriates Taylor Swift

A great Latvian hosts 11 American celebrities, to Kanye West with Kim Kardasdhian center, the sides Taylor Swift, who is angry that shown naked like the others, Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Anna Wintour, and George Bush. In short, a big crowded with bodies. Not real bodies, of course, but wax. A provocation contained in the Famous video clips, the latest single of the singer, inspired by the painting “Sleep” the artist Vincent Desiderio

Here are Dr. Martens inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

all strictly green, with orange, red details, purple or blue. At the launch of the film “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the shadows”, arrive amphibians dedicated to the famous mutant reptiles cartoon

Amphibians quintessential meet the most beloved reptiles of the cartoon world. Dr. Martens, during the film in cinemas of the film “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the shadows”, launches a collection of boots entirely devoted to Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello and Leonardo, with strings and details that recall the unmistakable colors masks of warriors turtles. Orange, red, purple and blue, of course.

Four models dedicated to the many cartoon characters 80s, have become true legends thanks to the animated series. So, in the middle of bright green that dominates the entire upper, are references to the space huge passion of reptiles nice for the pizza, as well as their memorable battle cry, Cowabunga !. The Dr. Martens Ninja Turtles version can also be purchased online, at a price of $ 150.

7 Bluetooth speaker so strange and bizarre as you want them right away to your home

Are you tired of scatolotti? Actually, there is something for all tastes, from the shape of the helmet skateboard Stromtrooper Star Wars

Do you want to differentiate yourself from the crowd that has a gray or black bluetooth speaker? It is too classic for your liking? Here are the most bizarre and details: from the lamp-pyramid hanging triangle, Stormtrooper from Star Wars to the constellation, the flying saucer suspended the skateboard with the crates. Here you go.

Xounts up. It is a lamp, changes color, has bass scream. This speaker can be connected to any device with bluetooth, it has a remote control to change color and has a customizable panel. With a high-quality subwoofer, a 360-degree stereo sound and mood lighting creates a more immersive experience for all music lovers. With its optional internal battery, resisting up to nine hours. For home, for parties, for events: Xounts up is highly recommended, you will not regret. It is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter at the $ 269 price.

Stormtrooper from Star Wars. That music is with you! It connects wirelessly to your devices – smartphones, tablets, MP3 player – and spreads in the entire solar system to your favorite music thanks to his five watts of power.

It has up to 10 meter range via Bluetooth and to connect devices that do not support this connection there is an additional audio input 3.5mm jack. The 500 mA Li-ion battery recharges via USB cable in three hours for a five. Price: 64,95 EUR.

Nepsu Triangle. The triangle you had not considered? Yet this is a high-design device. It’s versatile, you can hang or place on a mobile and is designed for small spaces. It has customizable shells according to your furniture, your mood and connects either via Bluetooth or via Wi-Fi. But why a triangle? The response of Canadian developers is simple: merges best with the rest. With the ‘multi-room’ functionality you can send the same piped music, connecting and managing everything from the app Nepsu. It is for pre-order for $ 249 and ship in October.

Cosmos. sparkling constellations to mark time and a Bluetooth speaker to play music from your smartphone. There are two stars that mark the time: the biggest star says the hour, and the smaller the minutes. Cosmos is a detailed map of the Northern Hemisphere and all of its most well-known constellations. A cover of the outer steel mesh allows shimmering effects. It is for pre-order on Kickstarter at $ 115 and shipments will start in October.

Mars. Remaining between the constellations and space, Mars is a speaker that is suspended like a spaceship. It consists of two parts: a base with the subwoofer and the battery and a disc that levitates in the air when it’s a function that contains more speakers for 360 degree sound. It also works on its own, for when you need a smaller speaker. App allows you to control the sound and even the use of two Mars in stereo. Born to Crazybaby, a startup based in Hong Kong, the project took off two years ago on Indiegogo and now you can buy on Amazon for $ 329.

Aurabox. Speaker, mood light, thermometer, alarm, speakerphone, what more do you want? A digital animation display? It is also the key word: “Smart LED”. Plays your playlists, offers a great atmosphere and fun animations, shows the temperature, wakes you up in the morning and, with hands-free operation, you also connects with the rest of the world without using their hands. Has a power of 5 watts, design your own themes or choose one of the gallery. It also has a notification system with integrated display of incoming messages – even from social – and calls with specific dedicated icons. Non-Bluetooth devices can still be connected via AUX cable for music playback. It has a charging time of 3 hours with a range of six and has a range up to 10 meters. 63,95 euro.

Globe. For those sunny days that is needed is a skateboard and good music. And if the speaker was built to the table? This is the first example in the world made in collaboration with Boombotix, the Australian company that has built-in Bluetooth technology. It takes three hours to charge and has a range of six hours. It is available in two sizes, priced at $ 250 USD and $ 300 USD.

The last lynching of Michael Jackson: the improbable story of forbidden video of Neverland

Arrive unpublished reports, never emerged at the trial, on the movies found in the house of the star, with torture of children and animals. Because the police spoke not at the time? Sure it’s all true?

S & M video, album with pictures of naked children, images of torture of children and animals. The latest revelation is made by Radar Online. It is an unprecedented relationship, it never emerged at the trial of Michael Jackson, Santa Barbara police. With a movie in the playroom of Neverland, shot in 2003 by agents. Radar has received everything from a secret source and recalls that “despite the mountain of evidence” the star was acquitted. But the most interesting part is probably the final one, explaining that the horror of the material found in Michael’s house, where a victim to come along, could involve the heirs of her immense wealth. Here, perhaps the point is right here.

The scene of the crime
Before telling this story, the avoidance of doubt, it is good to clarify three things.
1. If you think that the movie “exclusive” Radar there are the S & M video, nude photos, torture and so narrated by Radar, you are wrong. In the police movie you see the playroom.

And, inside, no less, the games: trains, cars, dolls, action figures, superhero statues, jukebox, video games, dolls. End.

2. There is a frame of the movie where we see a library. In one of those books, exact a caption in the Daily Mail, there would be the infamous photos of child pornography. Strange. Why are the Americans, with dozens of TV series, to teach the world that the crime scene is filmed entirely. If those pictures were had to be filmed. Transmitted, obviously pecettate, but indicated. But no. There is only the frame of a library. End.

3. In 2004, the FBI sifted all the videos and the Michael Jackson pc. He found nothing. It is not weird?

When Michael died said they had paid for the silence of twenty victims with over $ 100 million. You do not know who they were.

In 2005, in that trial, he was acquitted of 14 charges. As to the “mountain of evidence”, then we’ll get there. Because this story began much earlier. It is not at all secondary that his Thriller has sold more than anyone, over one billion discs. And today, in the digital age, it has become the most downloaded artist of all time. The Guinness Book of World Records has sanctioned another of his records: donations to charity for $ 400 million. Details far from negligible.

The children
A singer’s Neverland Ranch was home sick children, many of whom have recovered thanks to expenses incurred by him. It was in this context that all happened.

The first accusations of 1993. In them it is certain Evan Chandler, a dentist in Beverly Hills disbarred. Chandler cites Jackson in the civil courts claiming that the singer had sexually abused the minor child Jordan. Michael is innocent professes, but around him no one seems to realize the seriousness of the affair. January 25, 1994 in Chandler is the compensation paid by an amount not specified by the partners in the singer’s affairs, who fear losing huge sums of tour when Michael is forced to stand trial.

The choice is a boomerang: Pepsi melts the advertising contract and the Dangerous Tour is soon suspended as soon as the newspapers are saying that the money was paid to withdraw molestation charges.

Michael Chandler then complaint for extortion and demands that the former dentist writes of an official document, subsequently deposited in court, that he has never molested his son. Chandler is a mere extortionist you will know later, when you will come to know the phone calls in which he said his lawyer that he wanted to destroy the singer because he had not paid the money to open a business. But it will not be enough.

hell descent
February 3, 2003 Granada Television airs the British journalist Martin Bashir documentary titled Living with Michael Jackson, broadcast in the US on February 6. The journalist stayed with the star for 8 months. And inside he explains that he was troubled by the reports of Michael with the children. Among them is Gavin Arvizo, 13, ill with cancer and treated with success thanks to the care paid by the singer. In the video also it tells of a night when Gavin slept in Michael’s bed, while Michael and he lay on the ground. Nothing special, said the star: so many others had done so.

Only that the documentary was expertly cut. Lacking the compliments that Bashir himself did to Michael on the relationship established with the children and with disadvantaged children. And how and why Michael, whose childhood was terrible, he had decided to take care of so many of them.

So will the rock star to spread a second documentary, Take Two, with the shooting of his personal cameraman.

Meanwhile, however, the family Arvizo complaint of sexual abuse of Michael Gavin. Allegedly took place between February 20 and March 12, 2003, none other than after the airing of the Bashir documentary in the US, which put on the cross the star right in relation to the thirteen. Can ever?

In fact, it is also issued an arrest warrant. Brought to the prison of Santa Barbara County, Michael appears in handcuffs. It comes out against a deposit of $ 3 million.

For the world, especially those who, outside the United States, does not know the acts in detail, Michael is a pedophile. And who knows that time with Jordan Chandler …

The media mechanism you stop it anymore.

The truth
It remains a question to be asked: who are the Arvizo, who so had requested the singer’s help to help the child heal from cancer? It is discovered during the 2005 trial, when you tell a series of extortion attempts that the family has put in place with famous people, from presenter Jay Leno, the comedian Chris Tucker actor George Lopez. They have also arrested for shoplifting. And at Gavin’s mother, Janet, he is also coming a conviction in February 2006.

Everything had happened when Gavin had stolen a suit in the department store JC Penney, West Covina, California. The guards stopped the family in the car park. Star Arvizo, Gavin’s brother, swore that the guards had harassed her mother. And she admitted she had been harassed and even beaten. The process took photos of bruises and JC Corporation paid $ 152 thousand in damages. Only later it was discovered that Janet had been stepping on the husband, not the guard. And, at the trial for Michael, Star finally declares that he lied: no one ever harassed her mother.

Behold, this was the “mountain of evidence” against the singer. These witnesses and victims.

No need to add more on the testimonies: indicted for 14 counts of indictment, June 13, 2005 Michael Jackson has pleaded not guilty. Only after his death, Jordan Chandler, now an adult, the first that had stretched pedophilia shadows on the rock star in the distant 1993, irreversibly undermining the reputation, admits: “I did not want to destroy the image of Michael Jackson but my father made me to tell a pack of lies. Now I can not lie and who knows if Michael will ever forgive me, he did not make me anything, it was my father, he did it out of poverty. ”

A little ‘later?

The new charges
In June 2013, the British Sunday People, after reading some FBI documents, Michael defines a kind “child predator.” According to the story its abuses would begin at Neverland in 1989. And to hide the rock star would have paid some 35 million dollars “two dozens of teenagers.” The FBI was aware of the “truth” as early as 2002, when he began to investigate Anthony Pellicano, the celebrity detective involved in several cases of private espionage and taken by Michael. It was him who seized several dossiers on the singer who pointed him out as a pedophile. Of course these documents were never sent to the magistrates who processavano.

Perhaps because the FBI knew that those were not exactly “truth”. That Chandler and Arvizo family America is full. And today we know that, probably, there is also someone willing to help.

Virtual reality: “That’s how you turn a 360-degree video”

Interview with Rekall, the first Virtual Reality Italian Company, which explains the future of video (and our future, in those videos)

Facebook and YouTube were the first major international players to open the doors to virtual reality. Mark Zuckerberg saw us on the future of entertainment and has spent $ 2 billion in 2014 to buy Oculus and have the advantage of distributing the Rift viewers; Google, on his side, has put online the first 360-degree videos on its platform and has achieved Cardboard, a low-cost viewer for the third dimension using the smartphone. In Italy OrangeMediaLab took the plunge and created Rekall, the first Virtual Reality 360 degree Italian Company, trying to anticipate the future of a technology likely to change any aspect of our lives. Whether eating a sandwich, do a sport or listening to music – just to mention a few – the Italian company has found a new inspiration to transport the user in VR size. With Burger King they have created a campaign to show customers how their burgers are made with La Martina have transported the viewer for the first time ever in a game of Polo in 3D (you can preview in Italy at Pitti Uomo Florence) and, together with Francesco Sarcina, have created the first Italian music video can be enjoyed in virtual reality (you can download here, a preview for GQ).

We met the founder of the company, Alessandro Fabozzi, for us to explain what it means to shoot a 360 degree video and what we need to turn one at our house.

As you turn a video for virtual reality?

“It is a radical change: us, in general, we use a series of GoPro mounted on a rig, a device capable of ensuring panoramic shots 360 large. Then go set the angle of shooting and you place the equipment in such a way as to give the experience of being in the body of another person. Eventually loads the material of all video sources, sync and put together a stereoscopic video that the user can navigate virtually, looking around. ”

What is the difference between turning a standard video and one for virtual reality?

“First the actor becomes the director because he is the protagonist to wear the rooms on the head, then, it seems trivial, but there is no room for background. Usually, in the movies, there is a space behind the cameras from which the director and the production direct the work, here you can not do otherwise cronies in the video. We have given directions to flight and then we had to leave to get out of the frame.
Also all the technical equipment must be reviewed by the giraffes for microphones artificial lights, it’s all improvised. For video of Sarcina, for example, we used the lights and the stage of the Fabrik in Milan but we had to synchronize audio and video at a later time. ”

And if I wanted girarmene one at home what should I buy?

“To date, the best solution is to find a rig that you make sure the 360 ​​degree shooting plus the chance to frame the sky, then serve at least 6 GoPro Hero 4 to rent or buy, and then get so many tutorials to fiddle around a bit ‘with the post-production and synchronization of images. Otherwise, at the beginning, you can try using the Samsung Gear 360 that saves you the video ready to be shared directly on your smartphone. ”

How did you decide to launch yourself in virtual reality?

“We wanted to bet on the novelty and the fact that he could become something interesting. We went to trial with all the difficulties of the case, by continuing to do tests and experiments until we have figured out how to exploit the limitations of this technology still in its infancy. For example, if you move too much with the room you can let develop a sense of nausea in one who looks at you, so you can move but you have to know how to do well. However we decided to play on the sense of alienation that gives you the virtual reality to produce effective communication campaigns visually, especially in the same time as you take off the visor and go back to reality. ”

We are still early, but how do you see this technology here in five years?

“Surely there will be progress in terms of synchronization software for post-production and that will be easier than now, then the potential is limitless. According to Goldman Sachs estimates there are now 10 million viewers in circulation but should increase tenfold in just three years, opening up a market of 70 to 80 billion dollars, reaching growth levels equal to smartphones. Otherwise I think that the biggest breakthrough will be when you can access the virtual streaming real-time: that is, I wear a 3D viewer and broadcast what I’m seeing you, you’re on the other side and share my own virtual environment ».

S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2016 winner Alessandro Rapisarda

With a risotto marinara amazing young chef of the restaurant Café Opera Recanati wins the Italian international contest final

There were at least three competitors, including 10 young chefs who played the access to the grand finale of S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2016 that will be held on October 13 in Milan. Alexander himself Salvatore Rapisarda with his Risotto “Marinara”; Michele Lazzarini, with the lightly smoked eel, cauliflower and black walnuts; Gianluca Monni, with the pig “Under the Ground”. He checked the young chef of Recanati. Checked. In short, she deserved victory with a plate from the World Cup. Also seen the caliber of judges: Davide Oldani, Andrea Berton, Cristina Bowerman, Alessandro Negrini, Fabio Pisani and Mauro Uliassi. Not therefore speak of a contest like any other, but a competition in which the Italian judges in the first place you play the face, because the winning candidate must compete in the fall with young chefs from a bit ‘all over the world and selected by other masters International star chefs. The international jury is composed not only by our Carlo Cracco and Mauro Colagreco from Indian Gaggan Anand, Elena Arzak, Wylie Dufresne, David Higgs and the Brazilian Roberta Sudbrack.


Risotto ” Marinara ”

Rapisarda, young chef of the restaurant Café Opera Recanati, has fulfilled according to the jury (many of the guests present) all five golden rules to achieve a high quality dish:
1. Ingredients: select successfully best the market has to offer in terms of quality, freshness and uniqueness.
2. capacity: to work and successfully transform the raw materials into a dish that reflects their original essence.
3. Genius: explore successfully prospects / unpublished visions, inspiring, unexpected, connected with the culture of haute cuisine with contemporary style and personal, while maintaining a perfect balance between flavors and shapes.
4. Beauty: the presentation of the dish is part of its charm.
5. Message: successfully communicate a clear message through their work and personal vision.

The end result of Rapisarda was, indeed, a very tasty dish, complex and rare skill in the use of raw materials. Hopefully we come soon in the paper of his restaurant.

Ocean’s Eleven, that is known on the spin-off to women

Director Gary Ross reveals some details of the project for the spin-off “pink” the Steven Soderbergh film, entitled to the relationship with previous

The spin-off to the women’s Ocean’s Eleven is rumored for a while ‘, since the project which will be Sandra Bullock has been announced by the protagonist. But only now the director Gary Ross (Hunger Game) has revealed something about the film, during an interview with SlashFilm. And it turns out that …

The title
Ocean’s Eight. Simple, with a clear reference to the series of earlier films, but “custom.” For months it was rumored that the title could be Ocean’s Ocho, but “Ocho” was just a nickname that Ross and Steven Soderbergh had given to the project.

About Soderbergh
Ross said that the tone of the film will be similar to previous shot by Soderbergh, will be one of Ocean’s Eight manufacturers. “Steven Soderbergh and I are close friends, if we were not we would not have done it and I think he did not want anyone else to do it. This (film editor’s note) is an extension and a continuation. It is a producer of the film.

In one way or another, this project is the result of a conversation lasting 20 years between Steven and me; we have collaborated in many ways that do not know: I have helped in previous Ocean’s Eleven films, he shot the second Hunger Games units; I voiced some parts and he reads all my scripts. It is a long-time collaboration without interruptions. ”

With some differences, but not too much
Despite the friendship between the two directors, inevitably Ocean’s Eight will have some differences compared to the previous series: “We are different directors, then obviously there will be some differences, but one of the things that attracts me most is the incredible tone that Steven was able to create, and we discuss it a lot. We discuss very much about movies, the shooting style, the rhythm, the style changes and music. let’s talk. I dream in no way to reinvent the tone, and I am excited and honored to extend it. It’s really fun to work. ”

And the cast?
After the announcement of Sandra Bullock, have been let loose items for the rest of the cast, in which there may be Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling and Elizabeth Banks, Jennifer Lawrence. No confirmation from Ross, who indeed did joke about it: “With the announcement of the cast spaccheremo internet.”

Pitti Uomo 90

Pitti Uomo 90: The IED students customizzano the Scrambler Ducati products
On the occasion of the 90th edition of the fashion salon and 50 years of IED, showcasing 20 prototypes of the famous custom motorcycle brand by students of the institute 9 locations for the project Land Of Joy

Scrambler Ducati and IED, European Institute of Design,
riding towards Florence. The motorcycle manufacturer, on the occasion of the 90th edition of Pitti Uomo, along with the design school, which this year celebrates 50 years of life, present an exhibition housed within the seat of the Florentine school (in Via Bufalini 6 / r) titled Land of Joy.

On display helmets, T-shirts, tanks and saddles: Twenty accessories signed by the Italian brand, revised and reworked by students from nine different IED, to intercept new styles and jointly create future trends. An initiative which involved twenty students selected among the 8,900 seats of Como, Florence, Milan, Rome, Cagliari, Venice, Turin, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​with one goal: “to build a new vision of the world of Ducati Scrambler, reinterpreting it in key street and outdoor. “

The technological chalkboard that corrects you posture

Microsoft brought in Stockholm a special projector, able to teach passers-by as you can carry luggage and weights without hurting your back
Over the years the technology has become gradually more and more to read: just think of the very first cell in the tile and compare them to those ultra-thin today, or even comparing laptops to tablets of the beginning of our day. The same, however, can not be said of bags and totes, which continue to charge us on his shoulders just like ten, twenty and thirty years ago, often taking the wrong posture of which are paying the consequences to the sound of back pain, and contractures.

In this regard, Microsoft has decided to launch its new Surface Pro 4, an ultra-lightweight tablet that can turn into a full keyboard handset, with special installation in the Stockholm metropolitan area: a blackboard with Kinect technology that detects the posture of one who stands before, highlighting the real-time errors. With the help of the projected image on the screen and with the advice of an expert, the more curious commuters were able to learn how to best carry weights and baggage, without stressing too much and not right his own back.

Samsung IconX: the truly wireless headsets, with music inside

It is the novelty of the Korean fitness segment, coupled with the new Gear Fit 2. With 4 GB of memory we can go running without carrying around your smartphone

After the announcement of the new devices Pebble, Samsung also does not waste time and reveals his plans for the sector fitness and running, presenting the new Gear Fit 2 and a pair of wireless headphones, the IconX, which officially launched in the headphones market wireless. Although the Korean company has concentrated its efforts in the new smartwatch – the Samsung Gear S2 came out last year – the segment of smartband and fitness tracker is considered crucial since a wearable in two is sold in this category.

For that Samsung can not control it and decided to update his band, giving the Fit 2 autonomy daily in order to also be worn beyond the simple exercise. The design has been reduced and there is more space for the curved quadrant 1.5-inch Super AMOLED that best fits your wrist and it is more comfortable to be worn day and night. The device is equipped with sensors to record the heartbeat and to keep track of their physical activity regardless of the sport made, which are activated automatically, without having to press start every time.

You can also control the sleep and there is the integrated GPS so that you can track speed and distance even without carrying the smartphone. In addition there are 4 GB of memory to save the right playlist to go running or contact to traces of Spotify. It goes on sale on June 10 in the US for $ 179, but still there is no news on when it will arrive in Italy.

The other announcement, wireless headsets IconX, are a first for Samsung. For the moment the difficulties of a technical nature – being two separate devices to be connected need two batteries and two radio channels to be joined – have confined the wireless headphones to a niche role for enthusiasts, but a possible success of the Koreans could push others competitors to follow their tracks. Are designed primarily for those who do sports – considering the limited autonomy of the battery of an hour and a half – because they have a built-in sensor that reads the heart rate and tracks speed and distance traveled. The design is sought, although the sound quality is not the best. The objective, however, was not this, but to offer to those who make sports a convenient device for listening to music. The internal memory of 4 GB make it an indispensable companion, allowing us to do without the smartphone, although it will cost much ($ 199) when they arrive in stores later this year. But is the iPod’s final evolution, with greater autonomy and with good results in terms of synchronization (between the headphones), will be the ultimate solution to hear hundreds of songs without having to carry around anything other than the headphones.