Clint Eastwood: ‘I will vote Trump, although he says stupid things “

In an interview in Esquire, the actor and director to pronounce against the “politically correct” and gives its support to the candidate of the GOP

There is an America in tune with Donald Trump, but Clint Eastwood is the first star to rule for the Republican candidate in a world, that of Hollywood, largely pro-Hillary. The award-winning director said in an interview with Esquire, that his preference is to Trepubblicano presidential candidate. “He says what’s on her mind, and sometimes it is not the best. I can see where it comes out, but do not always agree with him. Racist? It is a generation of pussies. All to walk on eggshells. When I was little certain things were not racist calls “. Fanfare. Yet it is the image of an America personal values ​​(Eastwood has always considered himself a “libertarian right”, a category that has its own history and consistency in the States than in Europe) and brisk manner that put for example in famous scene in Gran Torino – David di Donatello and Nastro d’Argento in 2009 – when it enters the barbershop with ethnic Hmong boy and greets him: “How are you asshole of a crazy Italian?”, which refers to: “Toh, a Polish and a Chinese guy.

Its indication for Trump has nevertheless already been around the world but points out “mine is not an endorsement, I do not support any candidate nor have I spoken with Trump”. Note republican faith, Eastwood did not participate this year at the convention in Cleveland still smarting from the “silly thing” of his skit with empty chair – as if he were interviewing Obama – at the Tampa convention for president in 2012.

“Secretly he all tired of political correctness – says Eastwood, seizing one of the aspects that are characterizing the elections here and there from the Atlantic and inflating the spoils of Trump, but also of Sanders – we are in the midst of the generation” kiss- ass “, generating” pussy “, the pussy: this can not be said, this can not be done, everything is prohibited. Otherwise it is racism. ”

If you had to choose between the two candidates would have no doubts: “Trump is a tough guy.” The announcement in a long interview with Esquire with his son Scott, actor arrived at the cinema through Suicide Squad. While his father is completing its latest effort, Sully, starring Tom Hanks, the 34th of his career as a director.

“Clinton, however – said Eastwood – intends to follow in the footsteps of Obama” and would be guilty of having made too many compromises in politics, while “I have given up and make sure that Ronald Reagan would have done so.”

The United States did not fail to dwell on the significance of the reference to Reagan: estimated today one of the greatest American presidents, when they looked out of the policy was qualified “a third-rate actor” and “ultrareazionario” and ridiculed his “Reaganomics”. Then he destroyed the URSS and relaunched the economy. Trump will not be Reagan, but America is America.