Loolapaloosa Flair Championship 2016, the recipes of the award-winning cocktails

In the final of Milan triumphs Romanian bartender Luca Valentin with its Dragon Breath, a drink made with Russian Standard Vodka
Dragon Breath, dragon’s breath. It is named after the cocktail with which the Romanian bartender Luca Valentin has won the gold medal in the World Cup final of Loolapaloosa Flair Championship 2016, the competition promoted by local famous Milanese Corso Como and the Flair Academy in Milan. The 23 finalists, from disparate parts of the world were challenged before two myths of mixology as Daniele Dalla Pola and Flavio Angiolillo proposing cocktails can enhance the two spirits who sponsored the event, Jack Daniel’s and Russian Standard Vodka .

Valentin, who for his own cocktail has combined the prestigious Russian vodka distributed in Italy by Gancia with red vermouth, gin, lemon and blackberry liqueur juice, passed the competition of the Lithuanian Deniss Trifanov and Russian Slava Beliakov respectively second and third, winning in this way not only the prize money, but also the silver ring forged specially for the competition.

Here’s to you, then, the recipes of the three on the podium cocktails.

“Dragon Breath”
1st Place Luca Valentin
Russian Standard Vodka 10 ml
Gin 40 ml
Gancia Vermouth Red 20 ml
lemon juice 20 ml
Blackberry liqueur 20 ml
8-9 cardamom seeds

2nd Place Deniss Trifanov
Russian Standard Vodka 40 ml
Apple liqueur 20 ml
Matcha Green Tea syrup 15 ml
1/4 fresh kiwi
Ginger 10 ml
lemon juice 10 ml

“Kunce Negroni”
3rd Place Slava Beliakov
Jack Daniel’s 30ml
Riga Black Balsam 40 ml
Aperol 30 ml
Laphroaig 10 y.o. 5 ml

Ibiza and Formentera. dream holidays (even without the jet set)


IBIZA – Put a day at sea, the island of the Mediterranean that you have captured her heart. Put to want to get in front of your eyes a magnificent view of cherish on cold winter days. So you decide to direct your delicious Panda white car (which on Isla gave you the most satisfaction of a Maserati) towards Illetes. And a souvenir guide you. I stop to think of a holiday many years ago, where, with one of your best friends had experienced this magic almost 24 hours a 24. I was so excited to make her sleep four hours a night.

He only endured for the infinite love that binds us. Once you arrived at the beach that morning we wanted nothing but two chairs and an umbrella, to soothe our limbs, tired from lack of sleep. But nothing, seemed like a mission impossible. As long as the distance does not last like a mirage this amazing stretch of coast. Lapped by clear blue sea and offering a breadth of boats in the harbor sensational. And that boat. But I was so hot that not even I realized. I gave him what he wanted most: shade and comfort. Only return to take Amanda was waiting for me at the beach earlier realized I happened to be in a parallel universe. Here Birkin were used as beach bags.
And today this memory brought me here. I had to wait a lot to be able to accommodate but I witnessed an unusual spectacle. I found out only now, after chatting with plagist, that the movements that I observed were justified. Beside me in the sun’s sister and brother in law of an emir of Qatar. Their crew descends every morning before everybody and waits for the beach staff to set their location. All the beds are covered with various profunatissimi white towel. Pillows, basket with sunscreen, minibar by great design. Even a play worthy of a club of excellence. I spotted off the dinghy women refined and discreet elegance, sit next to me and enjoy this splendid sea. A single question intrigued me: but the Cartier bolt also exists three laps in the three golds !! ??? At the same time, the other side of an Arab prince beach (of which I did not understand the name) has set up a corner of paradise, even taking personal sunbeds from the yacht.

I think there were more his bodyguards that bathers in that stretch of beach. Meanwhile an industrial magnate has landed with the requirements creating havoc and movement. The poor plagist is going to take away the umbrella of two swimmers in order to bring a third to him !!! What has further intrigued me is the mega yacht service personnel. These are mainly Asian. The afternoon is spent with a bustle of private tender together with those of the famous restaurant located behind us. I wanted to observe the menu, full of peculiarities. All possible cuisines to satisfy demanding taste. Now while a cruise ship, said to be the most expensive yachts in the world, with two helicopters on the decks, is likely to take my view of Ibiza darling, I will continue to watch the sea, for a day of fun from having shared such a surreal world.

Ferrari J50

The Maranello unveiled in Tokyo off a series of base 488 Spider created to celebrate its 50 years of presence in the country of the Rising Sun

There is a reason why the limited editions destined to Japan of any type of product to be able always the most pussies to be found on the market? Not enough jackets or sneakers, now you also put the Ferrari! It is right to pay tribute to the fifty years since the start of distribution of cars of Drake in Japanese territory, in fact, that the new Ferrari J50 has been made in the past few hours at the National Art Center in Tokyo. A work of art on four wheels designed by students of Special Projects department of Maranello and built on the basis of 488 Spider. To move the usual 3.9-liter V8 from 690 hp winner, the title of International Engine of the Year this year.

Among the quotes of note, is proudly displayed the slit into two sections that the line of the body and which attracts with its black color, the airfoils which surround the machine (splitter, side skirts and spolier): a call to one of the stylistic choices that have characterized some sacred cows such as the GTO, F40 and F50. The noses, again, have been relocated to make possible the new design of the front bumper, while the rear is an inspired puller to afterburners on jet airplanes. To get in the Ferrari garage most beautiful in recent years the chances are pretty slim: the J50 will be built only 10 copies!

The nights in Ibiza know anise: brief history of Hierbas Ibicencas

For many, the summer has the aniseed taste, for many it is a tax to be paid. Ibiza and Formentera are claiming the invention. We’re talking about Herbes, the most famous of the Balearic liquor

If you have been on holiday in Ibiza and Formentera, and you have not enjoyed at least once in the power of a chupito of Hierbas, your vacation could be classified as serenely bankruptcy. Obtained from the extraction of the aromas of different typical plants such as rosemary, thyme, mint, juniper, sage, fennel, lavender, chamomile, lemon liquor and leaves and lemon peel and orange, this drink is part of the tradition of many families who baleariche nineteenth jealously preserved her recipe.
Legend has it that the Hierbas was born in Formentera at the end in 1800 from an idea of ​​Mr. Juan Mari Mayans, but the main bottles of Hierbas commercially depict label maps and details of Ibiza, on all the big floating rock of Es see, as if to emphasize the spiritual properties and beneficial liquor. Intuiting the commercial potential, Mr. Mari Mayans opened a small factory just in Ibiza transforming the craft beverage in one of the famous brands in distilleries and in the supermarkets of the Balearic Islands.

In 1997 the Hierbas was even recognized as the Source product IGT and to be able to use the name “Hierbas Ibicencas” on their labels, manufacturers must be listed in the Geographical Designation Register managed by the Consell de Ibiza.

For this and other reasons, such as the fact that the epic nights in Ibiza are mainly little anise flavor, the liquor department of the duty free Ibiza airport is very busy. A famous spot of a wine in the eighties promised to bring to town a sip of Romagna. Here, replace the word “Romagna” with “Ibiza” and you’re done. Handled with care, however. Initially you will be amazed how your physique is able to withstand chupito after chupito, until at some point the twenty-six degrees of liquor you will definitely feel it. For this better fill the copa, the glass with a poquito de hielo, with a little ‘ice, to relieve the heat. Hierbas, the true spirit of Ibiza.