Ibiza direction: what to pack

Ibiza direction: what to pack
How to pack for Ibiza? The popular Balearic island deserves a wardrobe that combines style and comfort, to spend a great holiday

Who wants to make the case for Ibiza should take into account that it will face a decidedly varied show.

A first useful advice for travelers heading to the Balearic island is to bring light summer clothing.

The famous island of the Balearic Islands is renowned throughout Europe for its busy nightlife, but it is not only the nightlife to brighten the days of holidaymakers in Ibiza. The spectacular beaches on the island makes it ideal for a quiet holiday by the sea, to swim in the cool waters of the Mediterranean or to take a little ‘of tan on the beach. Those who have planned a vacation in Ibiza and need to pack must therefore take into account a number of factors.

er. Also similar goes for the shoes, which should be especially sandals, flip-flops and open shoes.

The beauty of Ibiza lies in the fusion of its atmosphere of continuous fun and tranquility present on the beaches.

And not to forget a jacket, since the evening the temperature is quite cool.

So get ready to superb bathrooms and lots of sunbathing, before the nightlife during the evenings. For any other eventuality there are many stalls, which sell clothing and other accessories at economical prices.

Buy House in Ibiza: things to know

Buying a house in Ibiza is possible and many foreigners have already done or are doing so right now. The Island of Ibiza is known worldwide, and every summer, also becomes one of the favorite destinations of tourists from around the world.
So why not invest its capital in a house-holiday to the Balearic or why not decide to buy a house and go to live forever in Ibiza, where the climate, the sea and the quality of life will make you absolutely not regret your home!
Buying a house in Spain is not a complicated thing for an Italian, indeed, but it is necessary that, before moving any step you take proper precautions and, even better, you entrust yourselves to a lawyer or one of the many agencies present estate on the island of Ibiza. Then, once you find the right property for you, just as you would in Italy, inquire of all the pros and cons of the house, determined to be of “health” of the property, and – after you supplied the NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero, a kind of tax code to foreigners in Spain) and have opened a checking account in a Spanish bank – initiated the practice of buying and selling.
For what concerns the real estate market of Ibiza, keep in mind that the average prices per square meter are around 1200 euro but may also touch peaks of more than 4000 euro (depending on the area and type of property) and that areas best to buy the house in Ibiza are also the most modern and equipped with services that might like to hear about (such as private parking, proximity to supermarkets or essential services, transport links, etc.). For example, Ivissa is more expensive than some peripheral areas but still be able to do good business here also. Otherwise, in the San Carlos area and Roca Llisa you can find nice apartments and in good condition. One of the most popular areas is then that of Sant Josep de sa Talaia, about 15 km from Eivissa, because of the wonderful houses and terrific scenery. Moving inwards, in the most mountainous part of Ibiza, the prices can go down and then you can buy an apartment of 40 square meters for EUR 60,000 or so.

ibiza winter

Ibiza has had a warmer December, with 0.6 degrees more than normal
The highest temperature in Ibiza and Formenetra that month was recorded on day 9, with 19.3 degrees in the major pitiusa and 20.1 in the minor
In December the average temperature in the Balearic Islands was 13 degrees, which represents an anomaly of 1.2 degrees above the historical average, reason why the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) considers a month “very warm”.

The gap with respect to the average was greater in Menorca, with 1.4 degrees and a monthly average of 13.5 degrees. In Mallorca the average temperature was 12.8 degrees, 1.2 above normal, while in Ibiza it reached 13.7 degrees, 0.6 degrees higher than the average.

The highest temperatures of December in the Balearics were reached on the 26th, with 24.2 degrees in Pollença, on the 9th, with 20.7 degrees in Menorca; On day 10 in Ibiza, with 19.3 degrees, and in that same day in Formentera, with 20.1 degrees.

In the pities minor the monthly average was 14.4 degrees Celsius.

Ibiza in winter

Ibiza in winter is a concept that thought does not consider
As the world celebrates the arrival of the new year with extravagant parties, in Ibiza it’s exactly the opposite. Because here, where every summer night is New Year’s Eve, there is no need for great celebrations

Lilliput is a fictional country invented by the writer Jonathan Swift as the setting for part of the book Gulliver’s Travels.

It is located in the Indonesian archipelago and is inhabited by the Lilliputians, tiny men about twenty centimeters high. When they find Gulliver shipwrecked on the beach do not hesitate to tie him to the ground, one of the sharpest snapshot of my childhood. Ibiza in winter is like Gulliver, a sleeping giant, watched over, cared for and protected by its inhabitants, the Lillibiziani, which are now more than 140,000 “because in Ibiza you live very well in winter”.

I have no doubt, especially if you have just shaken off an endless season that starts in May and ends in October, lived a hellish pace. But the feeling as soon as you land at in a warm winter day, is another. It’s a strange feeling. Yes, trivially strange. But are the platitudes to guard the rules of life.

Walking on the main road, one that converges in the majestic Ushuaïa Tower, watching what until a few months ago was the Space Ibiza, is alienating experience. The silence that surrounds me is surreal. Alone is worth the trailer of the new season of The Walking Dead. Around me there is literally none.

A light and pleasant sea breeze gently moves the dangling nylon that wrap the insignia of the bars. It is the unique sound of an afternoon on Mars. Because Playa D’en Bossa 2 January is Mars. All closed, todo cerrado, with empty storefronts, as burglarized by previous humanity alerted by an impending apocalypse.

Among the creeks that cut to the infinity of the residence walls, the sea looks so calm it seems fake. Even the color is not natural. Few waves fold back on themselves, as if they know that they are there and that must do, inevitably, their craft. A couple of small sailing boats have been beaten away from a likely storm a few days earlier. Now lie half-broken embedded on the coast of Playa Talamanca. No one seems to notice. It must be normal. The beach, unrecognizable, is animated by restaurants, open and quite popular, that give me one of the most human moments of this unusual holiday: a lunch of fresh fish on the beach with the bomber backed chair beside. Priceless. A little farther on, the port retains a certain elegance. I wonder if the docks mourn the absence of luxury yachts.

At least you can see exactly what’s on the other side of the moon. The works are in progress in the period of the fittest. They settle on the streets, it enhances what you need to improve. It gets worse there is to worsen but like so much of the new rich, and that hurts only the sight of nostalgic. With a bit of healthy vision, you can also switch over. Inside and in the more distant beaches, the most beautiful, winter amplifies that feeling of magic for which Ibiza is famous all over the world.


Outside the clubs, there is a whole Ibiza slow and relaxation
Raise your hand if, in front of the name “Ibiza”, do not immediately think to a huge open-air disco.

Among the best in the world, sure, but still a destination that has made the small hours on his business card best known internationally.

There is a time of the year, however, between the closing and the opening party of the most famous clubs (from the second week of October until after Easter) where the island changes its face and becomes the perfect place (even family Friendly!) to spend a holiday or even just a long weekend in total relaxation.


Napflix, the portal of boring video to combat insomnia

What better of the final movie of the World Chess Championship to get to sleep?

Insomnia sufferers have an ally in more to try to fall asleep: Napflix. The idea comes from Spain and hints at Netflix, but instead of films and TV series, has about as boring to offer internet. Hundreds of videos divided into categories in order to help everyone get to sleep: the final of the 2013 championship chess match to a million points in Tetris until the entire video of the weekend Formula One Grand Prix of Germany 1997, free practice including, just to name a few.

The “platform video siesta” – how do you define the portal – sifts 300 and spends hours of movies that are uploaded to YouTube every second to be continually updated on slower and less exciting video of the history of the network, also using a dark theme try to minimize the white lights of the display that can cause insomnia and a reduction of REM sleep, the most important phase to have a good rest.

“After I fell asleep in front of a boring game of football and no goals, I thought about all the things that did annoy me and I decided to collect them in a digital platform for the siesta that helps people get to sleep,” says Mashable in Victor de Tena, one of the creators of the site.