How to live a week rockstar

In music hotel she lives as an artist in recording studios, Fender and rooms dedicated to the greatest interpreters of history.

Here are eight solutions for an unforgettable experience

Hands up who would not want to feel like a rock star for a day. Sure maybe have a mammoth stage to scream into the microphone is not

feasible, however, on the other hand there are special places where you can enjoy unique experiences.

Those that are worth a life. To

assume the role of their idols, music lovers – to think that it is the most popular element of earth, much more than for example sports –

can plan a visit in the “Music Hotel”, accommodation designed to recreate their environments of various musical styles.

The ones where you can play around between guitars, recording studios, vinyl, themed rooms and stages as well, of course. To get an idea

Secret Escapes – the site that offers the best hotel flash sales of four and five star hotels around the world and has 32 million members –

has compiled a list with the most beautiful and luxurious places to enjoy unforgettable moments.

First on the list is the Nhow Berlin hotel, unique location named as the first music hotel in Europe.

The reason? The structure designed by

Canadian designer Karim Rashid welcomes you with electric guitars in the room and two recording studios available, along with various

other instruments and amplifiers to test the product of your creativity.

And do not worry if your ideas are scarce, because in contact with

neighboring stationed rock star you can not fail. All’Aria Budapest Hotel will have to choose between one of four wings: classical music,

opera, jazz or contemporary. Depending on your choice, you’ll end up in the room dedicated to Maria Callas or James Brown, or in that of

Tchaikovsky. Monsters sacred that should not frighten, but rather help you enjoy your stay, you can get rich by spa music.

On the menu

there are a variety of treatments in line with various kinds and in relation to the intended objective: relaxation, adrenaline, balance,

ballad. The Idol Hotel in Paris is the home of American music, so you will come across a number of unique suites, which echo the songs of

Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Nina Simone.

In the backdrop and create the right atmosphere we think the inspiration of the artist

Julie Gauthron who oversaw the interior of the structure, ranging from shimmering sequins in vintage furniture, with lots of vintage amps

and neon lights that recall yesteryear. Staying in Europe, the Jaz in the city of Amsterdam already mentions by name and makes the

delight of lovers of have a high quality sound system available in each of the 247 rooms, while the Hotel da Música in Porto is the realm of

‘ elegance intertwined tradition and modernity.

Tools scattered in the rooms and in the corridors create a stunning atmosphere,

culminating with the celebration in the rooms composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin, with the bar that pays homage instead

Luciano Pavarotti. An ideal choice to enjoy the sound Nos spring, city festivals scheduled in June that blend many musical styles.

Overseas the Verb The Hotel Boston is worth a stop.

Because it is a cradle of music during the years 70s and 80s, especially for those in

search of memorabilia. Posters of the tour, photos little known to the grand public, backstage pass, records and autographed posters of

the local club nights are available to customers.

Rolling Stones, The Who and the children of the city, Aerosmith, are the most popular

band. If it comes to music you can forget Woodstock, famous not only for the mega summer rally of 1969. The city symbol of “Peace &

Love” became in fact a prime destination for musicians as early as the nineteenth century, precisely because the reception and the local

passion for the seven notes.

Part of that atmosphere now lives at the Hotel Dylan, Bob devoted to the most famous in the world. A small

shelter with only eleven rooms, each of which is decorated in vintage style with constant reminders at the time of the flower children. On

the whole however, it stands out the collection available to customers vinyls: touch Yes, listen well, but woe to go further if you do not

want to disturb the love and peace of the place.

The true rock star can not get lost, finally, the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, the pearl of Mexico, where in addition to the luxury of the

rooms there is a music workshop to learn how to play.

And to stand out from the crowd you do not play with anonymous Fender guitars

but with winds, historical model that has marked the history of music.

Which is why it is not allowed to go out of time or mangle sounds.

Ibiza Holiday Home

Ibiza may be famous for its nightlife, but after a stay at The Palms Ibiza, you’ll remember its stunning natural scenery too.

Set on a rise overlooking the sea, the sleek modern villa boasts panoramic views of the island’s coast and hills and is surrounded by lush landscaping that includes the eponymous twin palms.

Five bedrooms and contemporary decor make for a memorable atmosphere indoors as well.

The Palm Ibiza sits in the center of a large patio with an infinity pool and rows of daybeds and chaise lounges tucked under sun umbrellas, all facing the ocean and in complete privacy.

A separate deck with a barbecue and outdoor dining area has equally impressive views, and an al-fresco fitness area is shaded by a canopy so you don’t work up too much of a sweat.

After the sun sets, flip on the sound system, unroll the projection screen to watch a movie, or let friends at home know what they’re missing via Wi-Fi.

The villa is overseen by a housekeeper, property manager and security, and light laundry service is included in your stay.

Polished concrete floors, white walls and whitewashed beamed ceilings create an airy, gallery-like space for the villa’s modern furnishings and artwork.

Stretched out along one story and studded with large windows, the house is designed to take advantage of the sea views. The living room has fold-away glass walls leading to the terrace, so the sitting area’s clean-lined white leather sofa and chairs almost feel like they’re outside.

The adjacent dining area pairs a rustic wooden table with curvy white mid-century chairs. In the fully equipped kitchen, glossy, flat-fronted cabinets have a clean look, and a burgundy backsplash adds a hit of sophisticated color.

There are five bedrooms in the main house at The Palms Ibiza and one in the guest house; all have en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning. In the main house, the master suite has a king bed and walk-in closet and opens to the terrace.

The other four bedrooms each have double beds; one opens to the pool and another opens to the terrace. In the guest house, there is an additional double bed.

Plan to start your stay by flying into Ibiza Airport.

There’s plenty on the island for active and relaxed travelers alike, from the Club de Golf Ibiza and charming villages worth exploring to beaches and waterfront restaurants and bars.

Don’t miss the historic ports, ruins of ancient settlements or a sunset over the ocean, watched from a cafe terrace.

IKH IBIZA know how

Ikh Villas in Ibiza was founded in 2003 and is one of the leading real estate agencies that deal with vacation rentals on the


The agency was founded and is still run by people who live in Ibiza all year round and include well the needs of those

seeking a villa for

their vacation.

Upon reservation we are committed to being available for any need, before arrival and throughout your stay.

We can proudly claim to have many satisfied customers every year, many of which then become regular customers and

recommend us to

friends and family.

Level, apart from the low cost for intercontinental flights

Level, apart from the low cost for intercontinental flights
A new company within the giant IAG, the British, Iberia and Vueling: 99 Euros for the Barcelona-Los Angeles

Many talk about it but no one (or almost) makes them. Apart from Norwegian, which remains on rates a bit ‘higher, intercontinental low cost flights between Europe and the United States have for years been subject futuristic.

A short should start the Ryanair agreement with Aer Lingus and the same Norwegian to launch routes at low cost between the two sides of the Atlantic. Meanwhile, however, for the first time there is someone who is serious.

It is Level, the new company founded within the giant IAG (International Airlines group), that of British Airways, Iberia, Vueling and its Aer Lingus.

The first take-off are around the corner: it starts in June. Tickets start from € 99 each way, and the routes will be served by the time all from Barcelona El Prat, the company’s hub, to San Francisco (Oakland), Los Angeles, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, and Buenos Aires.

It can bet that if the first months of operation, served by two Airbus A330 (soon expected to become about thirty), will yield good results s’infittirà the network.

Operationally speaking, for the first time Level will be a kind of Iberia in disguise. Pilots and crew will in fact be supplied by two-thirds by former Spanish flag carrier.

Then come 250 recruitments in the land of Catalonia. Because we start from Barcelona? Simple: the interconnections available with low cost Continental Group, Vueling. “Barcelona is the home of Vueling – said Willie Walsh, CEO of IAG – and this will enable our customers flights from all over Europe” connection.

The A330 will be configured with 293 seats in economy class and 21 premium. But be careful: 99 Euros (or rising) only cover the chair. In economy class all other services, from meals to entertainment on board until the baggage to be shipped, will be paid.

In the premium segment, however, it should go up in price, but remain below average that a European traveler is usually expected for this type of travel, they will be included.

Even Norwegian from June activate new links with the United States. Starting from Edinburgh o Dublino to secondary airports in New York and Boston promotional rates are 69 euro for arrival and 138 for the return.

Around those 200 euro total, those on which it should be around Level.

However, at least for Italian travelers, offering IAG is more interesting for both the amount of connections between Italians and stop the Catalan metropolis for their cost.

It is no coincidence that for the Spaniards departures are even considering “various options including Italy – added Walsh – for now we start from Barcelona with the aim of extending the network”.

Even Air France and Lufthansa, through its subsidiary Eurowings, seems to be moving in this direction.

Ibiza for everyone: it’s vacation time!


Spring is approaching and the desire to holiday increases. The destination suitable for all needs? Surely the Balearics!
Just tick see a ray of sunshine and feel the temperature increase, that’s the desire of sea, sun and holidays you pitfall in us, especially if we spend all year in cities like Milan, the holiday atmosphere that will really express little, not to say nil.

Here, then, that with the beginning of March, the days begin to give a pleasant warmth, allowing us to fantasize about what will be our next holiday destination.

But what might be a choice fits in practically any?
Surely Ibiza! Yes, Ibiza, because thanks to all of its features can be said that it is precisely the goal that meets all requirements.

Most people who have never been to Ibiza think is an island dedicated exclusively to the night life, the chaos, the transgression, at parties and nightclubs. True, but not only.

Because Ibiza is indeed the right place for those who want to make the party rich night life and unbridled fun, but it is also a wonderful choice for all lovers of the sea and the beach: Many indeed are the coves (more or less hidden) in where you can spend days in peace, in contact with nature and with silence.

And for those who prefer not to spend the whole day at the beach, there are always walking in the center or hiking in search of new places and why not, to discover even a little ‘history.

The secret Spain

Close your eyes and think of Spain.

What are the images that your mind suggests to you?

Bullfighting, flamenco, the elegant streets of Madrid, the long Rambla and the works of Gaudi in Barcelona, ​​full of the folklore atmosphere and allure Arabic Andalusia, the beaches of Ibiza and Formentera.

But Spain does not end here: not everyone knows that this land hides the surprising and mysterious natural landscapes that are worth a trip entirely dedicated to their discovery.
Lanzarote – Lanzarote is the easternmost island of the Canary Islands, and, despite being formed by a volcanic terrain that resembles the lunar landscape, life is the space within it so amazing.

You can see the effect touring the volcanoes of the Timanfaya National Park, visiting the Cave of Verdes – enclosing a surprise inside – or Charco de los Ciclos, a lagoon with surprising coloring.
Rio Tinto – This place was chosen by NASA and the European Space Agency as the scene of some experiments, because the mining area of ​​Rio Tinto – Huelva – somehow reminiscent of the planet Mars with its mysterious landscapes: a river, rocks reddish and little vegetation.

To know the area, it recommends a visit to the Mining Park of Riotinto, including a train ride and a visit to the mine.
Bardenas Reales – an unexpected view, because situated in the leafy Navarra. Not everyone knows that in the south-eastern part of this area extends 42,500 hectares with semi-desert formations, gorges and mountains that seem to come straight from a science fiction movie.

About the film, this Nature Park has been the location “Die Another Day” with Pierce Brosnan.
You can follow the signposted routes on foot, by bicycle, on horseback or in vehicles.
The Cave of Wonders – A name, a reason!
The Aracena cave stretches for more than 2 kilometers in length – of which 1.2 open to the public – where you can contemplate different types of stalactites, stalagmites and lava flows.

An underground landscape and forget the outside world, passing by the room of the Cathedral, the Crystal factory of God or the Bath of the Sultana, there will be illustrated and explained by a guide.
The cliffs of the Basque Country – traveling on the coast of the Basque Country, it is worth stopping in Zumaia, Deba and Mutriku.
The cliffs of this area are breathtaking, for their 50 million years of geological history that the action of the sea allows us to see.

Ideal admire them making a trek on the coast, or by participating in one of the sea excursions that are organized.
Las Médulas – Gold Mine discovered and exploited in Roman times, is today a World Heritage site and is definitely a place to visit and enjoy some of the play of light that creates the sunset on the rocks.

Recommended start your visit archaeological classroom, to then make a stop at the Belvedere of Orellán.
As Catedrais Beach – A walk by the sea in Galicia, between the arches of an imaginary stone cathedral.

A scenery worthy of the framework of a surrealist painter, restful and disturbing at the same time.
During July, August and September it can only be accessed by appointment, as well as during the Easter holidays – between March and April.
Caminito del Rey – At one time, this path of Malaga was considered the most dangerous in the world. Today you can travel with confidence, even if the sufferer will have to deal with vertigo.

But, unless your phobia is not really serious, this adventure is definitely worth living!

Cristiano Ronaldo branded Ibiza: arriving four new hotels


Cristiano Ronaldo are coming four new hotels in Ibiza. The goal for Real Madrid striker is actually to develop his football extra activities with four new facilities Pestana

CR7 Lifestyle Hotels on the Balearic island.

Structures that are added to those already opened in Portugal through Grupppo JLL Hotels & Hospitality in Funcjhal, the town located on the island of Madeira, just

where was born the sample, and in the capital Lisbon.

The hotel group JLL Hotels & Hospitality has therefore decided to concentrate its image of a symbol for football fans as Cristiano Ronaldo.

And now the group Pestana announced that it has signed an agreement with JLL Hotels & Hospitality for the construction of hotels in Ibiza, whose areas of interest are

Ibiza, Santa Eulalia del Rio and Playa d’en Bossa, reports Football & Finance ..

“Ibiza is a natural destination for our brand, which is committed to focus on tourist destinations appreciated by many people”, explains Luis Arsuaga Rato, executive vice

president of JLL for Spain and Portugal.

But the imprenditriale activities of the player does not stop there. Ronaldo is in fact working to open two new hotels in New York and Madrid, for an investment of 75

million Euros.

The work of Requena Nozal arrives at Es Polvorí

The most colorful pictorial work of the artist from Zaragoza is inaugurated this Thursday

The Baleària Foundation will inaugurate on March 2 in Ibiza the exhibition that brings together the most colorful pictorial work of the artist José Requena Nozal Zaragozano.
The exhibition can be visited until April 2 in the Es Polvorí cultural hall, which is managed by the Foundation.

Acrylic pieces from the series ‘Murano’, cataloged as abstract expressionism or ‘Tachismo’, are inspired by the abstraction of Monet’s water lilies to recreate their universe with brushstrokes of color and create amazing compositions, have stood out from the entity.

For the author, these works are born of the intentional action and descontrol over any established form or pattern, developing a total freedom in the execution of the canvas and leaving to chance the imposition of the rules.

Requena Nozal is a self-taught artist who has experimented with different techniques and styles, including figurative, abstract expressionism, oil, acrylics, pastel, sanguine or sculpture. He has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in Spain, Europe and the United States.

In 1992 the artist moved his residence to Denia and in 2016 the city council of Alicante city sponsored the retrospective entitled ‘Hemeroskópeion 1980-2015’ at the Center d’Art l’Estació. In 2017 the City Council of Gandía has presented in the Hall Coll Alas mural ‘Nucleus in Yellowstone’.