From porcelain to punk


Nicole Kidman now proves her transformable beauty in Cannes!

The styling ranges from porcelain complexion on the red carpet to punk on the screen.

The testimonial of Neutrogena – Nicole Kidman will be 50 years old on June 20 – has chosen a renowned styling team for

the performances.

These include Lisa Eldridge, creative director of Lancôme, and hair stylist John Nollett for L’Oréal.

By the way, the clothes selection comes from the German stylist Julia von Boehm

Pretty ballerina! Nicole Kidmann shows up with ultra-strict chignon at the amfAR gala in Cannes.

While John Nollett created the high-necked dresser, Lisa Eldridge was responsible for a fitting make-up: “Fresh, glowing

skin and a pink lip for tonight”

Designer Paul Surridge

In fact, one might think that Roberto Cavalli and Peter Dundas were the perfect match: the Norwegian designer, who had previously

been the creative director of Emilio Pucci, shared Bohemian aesthetics with the Italian fashion house,

a certain tendency towards rock’n’roll decadence And the collections he designed as Cavalli’s creative director spoke

the typical hippie language the label stands for. Nevertheless, the collaboration did not last long: Dundas presented only three womenswear

ready-to-wear collections at Milan Fashion Week, the first in September 2015, in October 2016, only a year later it

was already announced that Peter Dundas Roberto Cavalli as a creative director.

There were no official reasons at the time, but it was probable that Peter Dundas’ appeal was not paid economically.

This announcement is now over a year ago, now followed the announcement of who will be his successor: The Briton Paul Surridge

– so far, the name is mainly known to fashion insiders. He began his career with Calvin Klein in the 90s, worked with Burberry under Christopher Bailey

in 2003, and joined Raf Simons’ team at Jil Sander in 2007 as the designer of menswear. From 2011 to 2014 he was the creative

director of Z Zegna, the more sporty line of Ermenegildo Zegna, most recently he worked as a Creative Consultant for Acne Studios and also concentrated

on menswear. Basically, therefore, he dealt with a major part of his design work with menswear – which is one of the reasons why the Roberto Cavallis

choice seems so surprising for him as a creative director – possibly an indication that the fashion house will focus on this segment in the future becomes?

The decision for Paul Surridge is probably a cut in Roberto Cavalli’s history, a complete stylistic reorientation.

Especially from his most recent work, for Acne Studios, his aesthetic preferences are derived: rather minimalist and sexless,

in play with the body rather distant, timeless-retro – thus quite exactly the opposite of the wild, sexually charged image, that We know about Roberto Cavalli.

On his Instagram account, the designer poses mostly landscapes and little of his work. Roberto Cavalli CEO Gian Giacomo Ferraris

did not refer to his aesthetics in his official statement, but to other designers’ preferences; He called him a “great team player,” praised his “360-degree vision of

brands” and his “management qualities.”

It is therefore probable that the brand will be heading for a complete new positioning, perhaps the responsible people also hope for a

similar development as Gucci did when Alessandro Michele took over the scepter: he completely changed the aesthetics of the house and made Making

the brand one of the most sought after today. We will see if this will succeed in September 2017 when Paul Surridge

will present his debut collection for Roberto Cavalli – it will be for spring / summer 2018.

The sun, the sea, the smell of sunscreen, the colorful costumes, the sunglasses, the aperitifs, the beach volleyball games,

and even the nightclubs dancing on bare feet on the beach …

All this can be Summarize in one word: summer. Everyone, especially those who work and who is studying all year long, can not wait to arrive this season,

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The relationship between quality and price is paramount.

The boredom of traveling photos on Instagram all the same (and tips to fight it)

This is what emerges from Sony Mobile’s ranking of the world’s most photographed sites and monuments.

Trionfa Paris with its Eiffel Tower, but also boredom: Instagram is full of photographs absolutely identical to each other

The Paris Eiffel Tour dominates the list, followed by a remarkable detachment from the London Big Ben.

But what emerges from the top 30 of the most photographed historical places in the world is, above all, the lack of imagination.

Accompanied by a handful of social yawns. Sony Mobile presents the search results #XperiaNewPerspectives, with which it has decided to investigate

Instagram’s world in search of the most popular monuments and locations for a recollection.

He is, as it was said, the Paris Tower, with the beauty of 4,654,699 photos uploaded and hashtaggate.

35% of which, however, taken from the same identical position.

Even more monotonous images of the Big Ben of London, a silver medal with the beauty of 2,435,223 shots, incredibly similar to each other in half the cases.

With a booty of over one million quotes, the Parisian Louvre, the New York Empire State Building, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and Notre-Dame Cathedral once

again appear in the French capital.
“The scenery of photography has changed exponentially over the past ten years, in particular through greater accessibility and quality of cameras,”

commented Scott Gray, Chief of the World Photography Organization. – This accessibility has been enhanced by smartphones,

whose technology allows people to enhance their photographic capabilities,

but also have greater resolution to work on those shots. This ability to capture the unexpected can really be an element that can eradicate photographic


creativity logic, generating unique and iconic images for the user.

It is absolutely fantastic that photographers use different techniques and filters but these even more unique images, though needing editing,

will require minimal retouching and will give a more natural touch to the photo. ” Already, but an effort must be made to avoid falling into banality.

For this reason, Sony decided to shoot some famous international photographers of its new Xperia XZ, asking them to immortalize

the monuments in the standings according to their sensitivity. The result? You can admire it in our gallery,

where there are some unconventional shots that our protagonist

is also loved by our beloved Colosseum. For the rest, here is some advice from the award-winning travel

photographer Lluís Salvadó in sight of the holidays. Take new perspectives and create really personal images galleries.

1. Playing with colors and lights: the scene may be different simply by using some clever trick;

2. Take advantage of reflective surfaces: even a puddle is enough to give a new perspective to an archaic historical site;

3. Look for beauty in the surrounding architectures: in detail and in structural components, art can be hidden;

4. Experiment with new perspectives: from above or below, without fear of trying new solutions;

5. To give concreteness to the shot: you can use people and their figures to give a new meaning in terms of time and space.

With the bike always

The rediscovery of the two wheels goes far beyond the urban shift: a Momondo study shows that 13 out of a hundred compatriots go on holiday with the bike.

Here are the most fascinating places to ride in Italy and around the world

Bike mon amour. Always and everywhere. Even on vacation, even in distant countries and antipodes of the globe.

The passion for the two wheels has never drowned, but there is no doubt that in the last luster there has been a rediscovery, due to a number of factors.

The desire to forget the daily traffic, the evolution of technology that allows to produce means closer to the needs of a more and more

heterogeneous audience, as well as the enjoyment of enjoying panoramas and paths that bring in contact with nature and back in time are only Some

of the main ones. Clearly speaking, there are data that certify a boost for the two pedestrian assisted wheels: 124,000 pieces sold in 2016,

more than twice the 56,000 placed in the previous year.

Beyond an electric motor that helps push, however, the trend is the desire for bikes, which Italians also like to take back during their holidays.

So much so that the people who plan the trip increase to look at places with suggestive cyclists.

According to a Momondo study – 24,700 interviewed in 23 countries and 1,009 people for Italy – the idea attracts 13% of compatriots,

who are only overtaken by Chinese and Polish at world level. Of these, little more than half aims for lonely holidays, just to dedicate themselves entirely to


The question then is where to go? The surge in the market has made antennas both to producers and to administrations,

more sensitive to creating exclusive routes for cyclists. A recent trend by us, but already in place in many countries,

from North Europe, the land of excellence for the two wheels. The ten targets proposed by Momondo include, for example,

the Lofoten Islands, Norway, where the Vestfjord route allows to wander around mountains and coasts, altering rustic villages

and local fishermen in an uncontaminated countryside. The ultimate gem: the pedal in the midnight sun, during the summer months.

Moving by little, you arrive in Eindhoven, with the inimitable but short bicycle track of just 600 meters

(not to be missed in the Netherlands where the bike is a real means of transport) that combines the watercourse Collse with Opwettense to Nuenen

, both portrayed in Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings, and if you dive into a work of art is not enough, you can not miss the night out in the fluorescent

path that shines reproducing the starry night of the Dutch artist (one found, Of the Roosegaarde design studio).

Going south, in France there is the Route des Grandes Alpes, which from the banks of Lake Geneva to the beaches of the Côte d’Azur offers 684 km of

postcard views.

Okja, a Netflix case at the Cannes Film Festival

It was the great news of Cannes 70 but it became a controversy before the festival began. The streaming platform presents the

first of its two films in competition for the Golden Palm and is chaos

When the Cannes 70 titles are announced in April, the two Netflix films on the Golden Palm

(Okja and The Meyerowitz Stories) do not go unnoticed, indeed, many are welcomed as an interesting novelty.

From there to a few weeks, the festival, in the certainty that the two films will have no distribution other than streaming,

puts their hands on for years to come by publishing on its site a statement that, in fact, excludes from the competition,

Starting from 2018, movies that do not go to the movies. It is the beginning of a controversy and, of course, its closure. With a (abrupt)

But is not so.
Cannes 70, inaugural conference of jury presentation.

President Almodovar reads a few notes back on the subject: from his point of view cinema is born for cinema and, with no

preconceptions about technology, nothing can replace the magic of a room and a big screen.

An intrigue in the corner of the sworn Will Smith, who realizes that the fuse is ready to break out again, brings the issue to the tie:

streaming does not rule out cinema, who likes it – and cites the example of his children –

fails Do less than the second as the first one; Together they guarantee a more in-depth culture and driven by always personal choices.
But now comes the time of the first Netflix projection at the festival, that for journalists, and something goes wrong.

Technical problem, the projection begins again, but in the middle it is rain of ‘buu’ and whistling, some – it seems –

also directed to the brand. It’s up to the Okja cast to bring the discussion back to milder tones.

The first one to react is director Bong Joon Ho, who, unmoving, immediately exclaims,

“Better, we’ll see the movie twice!” But I’m Tilda Swinton, the antagonist of the little protagonist and her four-legged friend

in the movie, the words that make it happen. “We came to Cannes to see our work, not to be rewarded.

And being here is an unbelievable opportunity, “he said, and then responded to the jury

president’s statement on how it would be absurd to reward with the Golden Palm a movie

that will not be seen on the big screen. “We’re his fans, he can say anything, there’s room for everyone,” he says and is – for now – the final joke.

Behind the scenes most interesting, what is talking about is changing production, festival or not,

arrives when we take the floor is President of Plan B, Dede Gardner. He tells that the director has

sent the script to a very rooted partner in the USA, because “he would be dealing with two very different universes for the first time.

The film has American and Korean stars, is shot in two languages, in three countries, on two continents, with a child

crossing a sea of ​​cultural and even difficulties. When we read it, we did everything to be part of this work,

so unique and singular. ” At least the second that sees Plan B next to Netflix, for production or distribut

What happens during the MonteNapoleone Yacht Club

From May 15 to 21, the third edition of MonteNapoleone Yacht Club,

The initiative celebrating the relationship between the world of luxury and that of nautical

Luxury and nautical celebrate their indissoluble bond in Milan with the third edition of MonteNapoleone Yacht Club From Monday 15th to Sunday 21st May,

the boutiques of Via Montenapoleone open their doors to the nautical yacht clubs and the most renowned yacht clubs in the world,

Previewing the most fascinating projects and scale models of the most exclusive boats.

All equipped with drawings, photographs and videos that will allow visitors to immerse themselves in the sophisticated atmospheres onboard,

directly from the heart of the metropolis of Meneghina.

“With MonteNapoleone Yacht Club and its side events,” comments Guglielmo Miani, President of MonteNapoleone District,

“we are honored to bring to Milan the highest level of elegance and innovation that together the world of luxury and nautical know how to express.

For the shipowners and sea enthusiasts in our boutiques will be previewed the new projects of the thirty-one best shipyards in the world.

An unforgettable event, however, with the Montenapoleone exhibition in Montenapoleone, is to be close to the city, adding to its charm. ”

Along the way to the shopping street par excellence, it is possible to stroll through the pictures and drawings that make up the open-air exhibition

“German Frers in Life for Yacht Design”: an exhibition curated by Antonio Vettese, dedicated to the Argentine design family The name of German

Frers has signed some of the most famous sailing boats of the last decades, such as the Moro of Venice by Raul Gardini,

Stealth by Gianni Agnelli and the Luna Rossa by Patrizio Bertelli. Still in Via Montenapoleone, visitors will then have the opportunity to admire

a new installation by designer Philippe Nigro, the “green luxury” kitchen in 100% recyclable glass of Valcucine and some models of Audi R8 Spyder and TT RS,

linked to the concept Sportiness and performance of the initiative.

On Tuesday, May 16, at 11 am, the Spazio Gessi Street in Manzoni 16 / a is scheduled for the round table titled

“The excellence of industry and tourism, the heritage and the valorisation tool of Made in Italy” to which Will be interviewed by Guglielmo Miani,

chairman of Montenapoleone District, Maurizio Balducci, vice president of UCINA Confindustria Nautica, Lamberto Tacoli president of Nautica Italiana,

yacht designer German Frers, founder sociologist of Future Concept Lab Francesco Morace,

shipowner and lawyer Salvatore Trifirò and lawyer Mariners Giandomenico Boglione. To moderate the debate, will be the deputy director of Corriere della Sera

Daniele Manca.

Spain, Ibiza

Located On A Small Peninsula Between Two Beaches On The North East Coast Of Ibiza. At The End Of The Garden Leads To Steps Down To A Bathing Platform And The Ocean

Villa, 8 Bedrooms, 8 Bathrooms, 16 persons, Pool, Gym, Garden, WiFi

This superb newly refurbished luxury villa is front line with great views of the ocean and sunsets. A It is a 5 minutes walk to both beaches next to the villa.

The Villa refurbishment took over two years and the result has created one of the most desirable front line private villas on the island.

The renowned family Architects from Ibiza, Blakstad, have transformed the house and has recently featured in their book, Ibiza Blakstad houses.

The property consists of a main house and guest house linked by pergolas and a courtyard. All 8 bedrooms with en-suite have the same interior design/finishes.


The property consists of a main house and guest house linked by pergolas and courtyard.

– Swimming pool measuring 15m x 7m

– 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms all en-suite.(All bedrooms and bathrooms have the same interior design/finishes.)

Main House

– Kitchen/dining room with sub zero/wolf appliances ( 2 large sub zero fridge/freezers and a wolf cooker)

– Spacious TV sitting room on ground floor opening on to pool/garden.

– Additional upstairs sitting room with terrace and amazing sea views

– Study and side terrace

– Upstairs there is a large roof terrace with lounge seating

– Master bedroom, dressing room and en-suite bathroom

– Second bedroom with doors leading onto the pool area/garden

– 2 x further bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms

Guest House

– 4 x bedrooms all ensuite

– TV lounge area

– Gym

– Laundry room


Air Conditioning
Alarm system
All Rooms en suite
Baby Cot
Car Parking
Child friendly
Chill out area
Family Rooms
Games or Weights Room
High Chair
Home Cinema/DVD
IPod Base
Laundry Facilities
Outdoor dining area
Ping Pong Table
Safe Deposit Box
Satellite TV
Sound System
Swimming Pool
UK Sky

Apple, a speaker who speaks thanks to coming Siri?

The most powerful (and expensive) of Amazon Echo and Google Home, Smart Apple speaker should be presented in June

Apple could announce in June the arrival of its highly anticipated home speaker. The answer to Amazon Echo and Google Home,

which everyone is expecting for months, should arrive in June at the WWDC, the annual Apple Developer Developer Conference.

A more powerful case with better sound quality, but it should cost even more than competitors already on the market. More than $ 180 of the Echo,

but with superior technical baggage and a processor-level computing capability that approach it more to an iPhone 6 than to a portable speaker.

At least, these are unconfirmed rumors reported by Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the top listed analysts in the Apple sphere on the specialized 9to5Mac

site: Kuo himself is confident that the device will come out on time in time for Christmas gifts, but it is not Sure about the ad in the next June

event. However, such a move would be in the spirit of the WWDC, in order to show it in advance to developers and to find new possible applications

for the device.

There are not many clues as to how the speaker design will actually be – which might be called “Siri Hub”

– but the strongest rumors speak of a Mac Pro-like speaker with a mesh lining that remembers the Boom of Ultimate Ears,

And similar to Beats Pill + launched a couple of years ago (see photo above). You can ask for weather information, record appointment

appointments, or play music, and thanks to HomeKit, you can interact with the rest of the home. Just Siri’s final jump inside the apartment

could be Cupertino’s key move to develop his Internet Infrastructure to the fullest, already put on with House’s inclusion on the iPhone and iPad.