Villa Exclusive Ibiza

El Mediterráneo es un ambiente agradable en el que se oculta la villa,

un encantador tradicional finca ibicenca que conserva todas las características típicas de estos hogares, utilizando sólo

materiales naturales como la piedra y paredes muy gruesas que aseguran un clima agradable en todas las estaciones.

Externamente recientemente se ha hecho una atractiva piscina rodeada por una terraza con cómodos cojines,

tumbonas y sombrillas para el máximo confort de los huéspedes;

en una esquina hay un área intrigante cubierta por arena importada directamente de Formentera con una ducha al aire

libre cerca, todo el enfoque testimonio frente al contacto con la naturaleza.

Los interiores tienen un carácter único y el trabajo inimitable del propietario que ha personalizado

cualquier entorno con una mezcla de arte y colores extraordinarios, preservando al mismo

tiempo la mayor parte de los elementos originales de la coherencia estilística máximo;

Los asientos son cómodos y adyacente al comedor,

la cocina totalmente equipada con modernos equipos colocados de manera funcional en las inmediaciones.

El cuerpo principal de la finca tiene tres dormitorios con sus respectivos baños

que hacen eco a la perfección el sabor general de toda la casa, cada uno se distingue por combinaciones distintivas y

elementos de mobiliario únicas que personalizan los hacen diferentes entre sí.

Una pequeña dependencia independiente cerca de la piscina ofrece alojamiento para dos personas más.

La villa es una propiedad única en su género, un hogar altamente

personalizado a partir de sabor y el lugar del propietario en un entorno natural extraordinario a poca distancia, sin

embargo, de las playas y de la frenética ciudad de Ibiza, con destino a los viajeros con gustos refinados.

Villa privata di lusso


Cugo Gran è lieta di essere premiato come l’unico “5 Star Agroturismo” a Minorca!

Cugó Gran è una nuovissima villa di lusso privata di 11 camere da letto situata in una splendida tenuta di 250 ettari nella campagna del Menorca, appena fuori San Climent. Si tratta di un casale ristrutturato meticolosamente con un lusso di lusso curato al suo meglio e offre i servizi di un boutique hotel 5 stelle con tutta la privacy e l’esclusività di una villa privata. È il luogo perfetto per grandi feste di famiglia, compleanni di pietra miliari, ritiri di lusso, ferie aziendali o matrimoni mostranti.

They are not ugly, they are unique: so are the ‘ugly pants’

Before it was the ugly shoes and now the trend comes to the pants, and the designers confirm it


Liana Satenstein – Pirate Bombshell in the J.W. Anderson. Huge cargo pants in wine color, in Hood By Air. Low-cut and crazy print at Eckhaus Latta. The floral leggings, signed by Balenciaga, which Rihanna wore in DJ Khaled’s music video, “Wild Thoughts”. Ugly pants were confirmed as a trend in the spring of 2017, but do not call them ugly! Let’s say they are a “unique” alternative; Or “have personality”; But nothing ugly. Let’s not be mean or cruel to these marginalized because the reality is that even they can molar. And if you feel a certain affinity for these rare specimens, do not be scared or embarrassed to recognize it: to show them, it only takes a little styling.

Think of Gucci’s tremendous metallic pink pants. If you think such a creep is impossible to wear in real life, there is nothing like following the “big horse” maxim and matching it with a polka blouse and flat shoes in white. Want to explore your ‘teenage mall’ vein, possible Insane Clown Posse hip-hop fan? Wear Proenza Schouler’s elastic wool trousers and, as an addition, an extra-long rivet belt (and, curiously, the long belt is now worn by men in London).

In the antipodes of this style, and for those looking for a loose and more feminine cut, it is possible to opt for the fusion of the picture and the steering wheel courtesy of Simone Rocha. Combine it with a button-down striped shirt, biker gloves and cowboy boots to give the touch of grace. What is the back of the tenebrous? Yours is the model paneled and given the return of Y / Project. In addition, in contrast to the wide leg you can emphasize the waist with a notched shirt. If you are passionate about the Renaissance, in Jonathan Simkhai’s taffeta shorts with gathers and drawstrings you will be the most chic of the inn. Say they have personality, say they are special … but never ugly.


Villa  is one of the finest properties Ibiza has to offer. Designed to the highest specifications with a superb location, offering spectacular sea views. The interiors reflect the love of the owners for modern art and design. The house is located on the west coast of the Island of Ibiza: 20mn drive from Ibiza airport, 15mn from Ibiza Town and 5mn drive from the nearest beaches (Punta Galera et Cala Salada).

Born from the imagination of one of the most famous architects, is a mix between modern cult furniture and contemporary art collections. It is like an open theatre where you will be the guest. the luxury villa is a contemporary house of pure and deliberate Zen design. Located on the west coast of the island and surrounded by pine trees and 300 year old olive trees on 4 ha of land, the villa is located on a hill offering a fantastic view over the S’Espartas islands, facing the sunset.


The automatic distributor of follower and like on Instagram

In Russia, machines come up to buy followers (fake) and print photos. A strangeness that will spread in several other European countries but it gives a nasty surprise (spam)

At social networking time where everything is running too fast and the only certainty for some needs is to stay connected as long as possible, it does not surprise anyone invented an automaker to buy followers.

We are the generation that measures success even with the number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, or other digital platforms, so why be astonished? This must have been the thought of who has placed in some Russian city distributors to buy appetizers on Instagram. The Russian journalist Vasily Sonkin was in the past few days telling him, while colleague Alexey Kovalev, who has immortalized the totem inside the Okhotny Ryad mall in the center of Moscow, tells the story (via Twitter, of course).


With the news immediately bounced on thousands of curious accounts and workmen, the automated machine was tested by some curious to show that it’s all true and that on board there are several functions.

If the most absurd – and illegal, because it breaks the rules of the social photo – it is possible to buy followers, like or hearts on Instagram at a reduced cost (100 rubles, that is 1.5 euro per cent followers, 85 cents for as many inches ), The options also include maneuvering on VKontakt, the most popular Russian social network, the most popular and used of Facebook, and the printing of images from both platforms.

To make it clear and remove any doubts in the head of the least ladies, assuming that the mechanism is effective, logically they are fake followers, whose bulk purchasing has for years already been proposed on special sites and available for any type of social network . But the curiosity is another, because the company that designed the plan, Snatap, told Motherboard that in addition to the 20 vending machines in Moscow, St. Petersburg and six other Russian cities, the requests came as well From the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland, where the next totems will arrive, whose provisional rent is around 14,000 rubles, equal to about 220 euros, and later they will also accept promotional codes in addition to money.

It should be noted that each operation requires the inclusion of its own account, with the consequent spam bombardment of all its contacts. It is therefore useless to buy 100 more followers if then the move could cost you the protests and possibly the bragging of hundreds of virtual friends.

Monaco Grand Stories, the days of Glory of Formula One

The Rock of Monte Carlo. The most celebrated historic site of the Côte d’Azur. A mecca of luxury, full-time life and sport, because it is along the Principality’s streets that is the most exciting race of the whole schedule of Form 1. Monte Carlo, however, has for more than sixty years been The Mediterranean capital of the international jet set, and from 26 to 28 May, during the Grand Prix days, the atmosphere has become even more magical: it is breathtakingly breathtaking, with cocktails starting at sunset and Parties that last all night until dawn. Professional pilots and beautiful people. Top model, sports celebrities, stars and millionaires – the elite of the “sweet life” – are here to experience the thrill of the legendary race.

Those early years see the affirmation of the MARTINI Racing logo: blue, white, red and blue. A historic design that from then on has become synonymous with speed: for twenty-five years this image has represented its identity and has caused MARTINI to be associated with the fascinating world of motors, a “sweet life” that is more Sweet than ever. We are experiencing a new era in which Formula 1, its circuits, its riders, its competitive spirit are increasingly linked to the joy of living, the style of taste. And it is no coincidence that MARTINI has returned to Formula 1 in 2014 as the main sponsor of Williams’ English team, one of the stables that have made the story of this sport: founded in 1977 by Sir Frank Williams and Sir Patrick Head, won Sixteen world titles in 40 years, seven of which for single pilots (the other nine in the category of builders). Since its inception, Williams has operated in two directions: the technological advancement needed to ensure the primacy; And the consecration of the F1 and the stable as a symbol of something beyond the sport to overcome in the fields of design and style. Williams cars have always been the most beautiful. That’s why marriage with MARTINI looks perfect. It reminds us of the true meaning of Formula One: a great sporting competition, but also a unique opportunity to be in a good company to enjoy unique moments; An experience in which beauty and joie de vivre are essential aspects.


MARTINI has always had to deal with the joy of racing and the style of “sweet life”, and his story is deeply tied to the Principality, where he returns as the protagonist of this special moment that continues to generate enthusiasm, Giving birth to an event that is synonymous with style. Tens of thousands of people attend the race by the bridges of yachts moored along the circuit, the stairs and the terraces overlooking the track. The race of this edition of the championship will be fought as it has not been for years. It is the most demanding circuit in the F1 calendar and even the most celebrated. Winning this race is the greatest ambition in a pilot’s career, but just participating is a rare privilege.

This year, MARTINI returned to Munich to contribute to his fun and memorable experience, and GQ was present with his own ambassador: actor Alessandro Roja, a great passion for Formula 1 and a car collector, A man able to fully appreciate the exciting atmosphere that is breathing on the track and out of the symphony of the rotting engines that these days is felt in every corner of Monaco at the adrenaline guaranteed by the circuit. Alessandro Roja has lived in person the sweet life of the Principality, first of all as the protagonist of the exclusive party on the MARTINI yacht, together with the ambassador brand Jessiqa Pace: drinking drinks in front of one of the most peaceless views


All Eyes on Audrey

In autumn 2017, Christie’s: Audrey Hepburn! These pieces – including a cocktail dress by Hubert de Givenchy and the favorite ballerinas of the Stilikone –

will be auctioned …
#HepburnAtChristies will soon be in the traditional auction house Christie’s.

There in the autumn of 2017 personal treasures of Audrey Hepburn come under the hammer.

The exquisite pieces will be presented at the Christie’s Headquarter in London as part of a live auction on September 27, 2017

, accompanied by an online sale from 19 September to 3 October.


Fans and admirers of the unforgotten actress, stylicone and beauty are allowed to Look at these treasures from Audrey Hepburn’s wardrobe:

a Tiffany blue cocktail dress from her favorite designer Hubert de Givenchy, a classic Burberry trench coat and countless colorful ballerinas.

In addition, the book will include “Tiffany” and “Charley” – with handwritten comments from Audrey Hepburn, a lighter with

“For My Fair Lady” engraving – a gift from Gene Allen, art director of the film of the same name Truman Capote,

in which he announces how honored he feels that she will take over the Holly Golightly, designed by him,

in the film adaptation of his novel “Breakfast at Tiffany”. Also photographs of Cecil Beaton and Steven Meisel can be found in Christie’s

“Personal Collection of Audrey Hepburn”.

The exquisite pieces are from family hands, the estimate is £ 100 for affordable collectors and £ 80,000 for outstanding valuables.



From the hills and valleys of Ibiza to the mosques of Yemen, Villa  San Lorenzo draws inspiration from across the world.

As its name suggests, this beautiful vacation rental is perched above the San Lorenzo Valley in central Ibiza and has gorgeous outdoor living areas from which

to take in the views. Its elegant interiors, inviting courtyards and six bedrooms are modeled on both traditional Moroccan architecture and Yemen’s Great Mosque

of Zabid.

This luxury villa is laid out around a private central courtyard with a large pool, a row of loungers in the sun, and shaded sitting and dining areas.

A passage out of the courtyard leads to water gardens with a tea house in the middle,

loungers and a daybed on a sunny terrace, and an infinity pool with a pavilion overlooking the mountains and valley.

Linger outside and see if you can spot the neighboring island of Formentera, or enjoy the satellite TV, sound system and pool table indoors.

We already know who the twins of Amal and George Clooney look like

It has been the actor’s father who has talked about his grandchildren (and his daughter-in-law)

It may be because he is a veteran journalist (and likes to make good headlines). Or mere chance.

But the reality is that when Nick Clooney, the father of George, raises the bread. And it’s not the first time Nick, 83, confirms what we all wanted to know.

He did so when he officially confirmed his son’s engagement to attorney Amal Alamuddin –

“We like Amal and we are very excited about our family and excited about them,” he said – and he has done it now.

To know that Amal and Clooney had been the parents of two children named Ella and Alexander, the grandfather talked about something else

we all wanted to know (in the absence of an official photo of the children).

Already on two occasions this week, one on the Good Morning Britain program and the other by telephone conversation with Tricia Macke at

Cincinnati WXIX, where, surprise !, has told who the babies are like, who knew only two hours After being born via Skype

(he lives in Kentucky and the couple in London) apparently have dark hair and look like his father

or at least that says his wife thinks “Nina swears they have the nose I do not know what that means. Ica, “he said during the interview he kept on the phone with

Tricia Macke.


Although at that time did not give much more data on the resemblance, the following day, in Good Morning Britain, extended something more this information.

“I’m supposed to be a reporter, so I should know how to observe, but I really do not know how to distinguish one beautiful baby from another.

” They are two beautiful babies, “said the happy grandfather, leaving the ball of physical resemblance on the roof of his woman.

“They would have to talk to my wife about which nose looks like her grandfather’s and what a nose to her grandmother’s. They are perfect, “he added.

And another headline: Nick has returned to talk about his daughter-in-law, Amal Clooney, and how he is seeing her in her new role as mother.

“I’m constantly impressed by her. She’s an incredible woman. George did well by marrying her. ”


Ibiza, an infinite season

From mid-May to mid-October. Summer 2017 in Ibiza is the longest ever. Hotels, resorts, beaches and clubs have been arranged to provide customers with maximum comfort even off-season. And that 2018 could begin already on Easter weekend.

Ibiza in winter is a concept that thought does not consider, I told you last January. Soon we will have to re-evaluate the idea. For many years, the island of Balearic is not content with just a beautiful season. In August 2014 Ibiza, along with Formentera, had recorded the historic record of attendance: 375,140. The data had made institutions and traders reflect on the possibility that it would actually be good and fair to spread the season over four months. We’re five now.

In the last three years Ibiza has changed profoundly. Fun has become aware, spouses afternoon parties (those ending at midnight) and attention to quality of life is not only about the young European scummers but also the family size, which can find in Ibiza every comfort possible, even for the Their creatures, even out of season.

Socio-demographic-economic impact on the tourism of the Usaua Beach Hotel on the island I’ve talked to you for a long time and its shock has not stopped being heard yet.

Right in front of the colossus of Playa D’En Bossa a few weeks ago came its night spin-off, Hiba Ibiza, above what once was the legendary Space. From the first impressions it seems we will forget it before the expected but it is too early to spit judgments. Ibiza was given to death. Many observers have underestimated their power to regenerate, to shaping their body to obliterate the signs of time.

Comfortable a slow but significant exodus, even intermittent, Ibiza lives discreetly even before and after the two solstices. Artists, entrepreneurs, writers, designers. They are more and more those who have chosen the island, if not as headquarters, as a supportive study. How to give it wrong. A favorable climate, a particular air, which knows magic, makes it all easier. Who can afford to work remotely, even for short periods, should not think about it for a moment. Goddess, the New Year’s experience was very special but just have patience a few weeks to see the island blossom.

The Pacha is open all year round. And that already is comfort. This year, in the week of May 15, it was already very hot. The 19 Marco Carola at the Magnesia, the 20th anniversary of the Pacha, celebrating the fifty seasons on the island, the 21 Guy Gerber at Destiny. I am not talking about July or August. I’m talking about May, with the 2017 season officially kicked off in her last weekend, where the maestranze find themselves at the Ibiza Music Summit, a work conference that is depopulating and becoming more and more a reference to industry, so to The business, so for the people.

Ibiza sometimes gives the impression of being more empty than usual. Nothing wrong. The offer has diversified, expanded and spread over five months. There are more things to do over a longer period of time. The Easter weekend is one of the favorites from the new, independent and unconventional tourist model, perhaps unmoved by office dynamics. Technology allows some physical delay at work but wi-fi is everywhere oxygen for our keyboards. It goes on until October 15 when Solomun will close the Pacha, holding a copy of the keys in his pocket. They could serve very soon.