September we go, it’s time to leave
Farewell code, price and prices
to the stars: September
let’s go, it’s time to start

Crowded beaches, star prices, mileage in front of every cultural and artistic attraction.

“Between the granite and the grenades let every hope you enter,” to quote the tormenton of Francesco Gabbani.

Already, traveling in the middle of summer is not always possible or satisfying, and often you are crammed with thousands of tourists looking for the last free centimeter of the beach or the last table in the restaurant. It is no coincidence that the Italians who decide to leave in September – 9 million this year – are in the shadows of August holidays, to enjoy a bit of peace and relaxation.
And it is when nature is tinted by intense autumn strokes that places become magical, blurred by an invisible palette that makes them almost surreal. Let yourself be captivated by the fascination of Seventeenth-century travel.





September in Spain
If you are among those who love the sea, but not the crowd, visiting Spain in September is the ideal. From Andalucia – where the prestigious Flamenco Biennial takes place in September – in Barcelona, ​​with its temperate climate, you will have the embarrassment of choice. And then there is the beautiful Madrid. If in August its inhabitants migrate to the sea because it is too hot, the Spanish capital rises in September. The city boasts some of the most beautiful museums in the world – including Prado, Reina Sofia, Thyssen-Bornemisza – as well as the Royal Palace and the Puerta del Sol. Then there is Spain’s spiritualists and sportsmen who choose this month to take the road to Santiago de Compostela along the Francigena Street or the Ruta de la Costa to avoid the torrid heat. An unforgettable pilgrimage in search of yourself, but if you are not the types of physical businesses, even visiting the pretty gracious town is worth it.

The fun of fun
The most unreachable summer destinations, however, are fun games, that is, those places recognized as the heart of summer movida. From Ibiza to Mykonos, passing through Gallipoli and Costa Smeralda, it is not easy to book a vacation here in August and, in case you did, the prices of the accommodation facilities tend to rise in the canonical holidays.

Low cost
Starting in September, however, you have guaranteed low cost in both flights and hotels and you can visit the choice destinations without the plague, enjoying the relaxation that only an isolated beach can guarantee. A few hours of travel and you will find yourself in a Caribbean sea to enjoy great food and natural fairytale landscapes in a Greater Greece not crowded. And the first place in the wish list is the pearl of the Cyclades, Mykonos, which with its white houses lying on a blue sky, pleases the body and soul. However, if you do not want to give up the nightly entertainment that these places represent, do not forget that September is, for example, the month of Ibiza’s nightclubs. Last madness before going back to the routine.