We hope it’s female: trip to Lagu Lake, the Himalayan kingdom of women

While the busload of tourists ploddes toward the lake at the foot of the Himalayas, suddenly a sign appears that forms an arc on the road. It is the image of two women in traditional clothes rowing in a small boat. Everything is in bright colors: the water is a dazzling blue, the mountains a lively fluo, the teeth of iridescent women. «Welcome to Lugu Lake», says the inscription «Welcome to the Kingdom of Women».

Lugu Lake is the historical homeland of the Mosuo, an ethnic minority with a population of about 40 thousand, representing one of the last matrilineal societies (that is, where the lineage takes place in the maternal line) remained on Earth. In this corner of the world hidden in the mountains on the border between the Chinese province of Sichuan and that of Yunnan, isolation has contributed greatly to preserve the traditions. For decades here there has been only a bumpy road, and the electric current has come (only during the day) for about fifteen years.

But the wave of tourists that began in 2012 is changing the Mosuo culture worryingly. That year, a million and a half tourists visited the region, almost three times the year before. The lake had suddenly become more accessible: a second road was opened and the airport was completed (at 3.293 meters above sea level, it is the highest in Yunnan) allowing the arrival of almost 500 thousand more visitors. It is easy to see why tourists are attracted to this region: verdant peaks surround a crystalline lake whose shores are punctuated by the wooden houses of traditional villages – a Chinese St. Moritz, but with the addition of flags of Tibetan prayers.

Women are more reliable than men, “says La. We bring our children together, grow them, and we sisters serve the family. There is no need to ask for help from men
But the main attraction is the Kingdom of Women. “In the Mosuo tradition only females become heirs,” says La Cier, the eldest of six siblings, who became the head of the family when her mother died. In a long cotton skirt to the ground and a handmade red headdress, she tells how her sisters help keep the family working in the cities, while the other members – brothers and nephews – live at home. “Women are more reliable than men,” says La. We bring our children together, grow them, and we sisters serve the family. There is no need to ask for help from men “.

Besides being a breadwinner, Mosuo women have a quite unusual sexual freedom. Men and women do not form monogamous couples for life, but they practice walking marriage, “marriage on the way” (or wedding of one evening) in which the man visits the bedroom of the woman at night and returns to the mother’s house in the morning. The children born of these unions, which can be casual or last forever, become part of the woman’s clan – the five brothers and sisters of La have three different fathers.



On August 15th each year, in Italy, in the Canton Ticino (Switzerland) and in the Republic of San Marino, the “Ferragosto” is celebrated. A festival with very ancient origins, already celebrated by the Ancient Romans under the name of “Feriae Augusti” (Rest of Augustus), with a date different from the current one: the First of August. It was one of the holidays with which, in the same month, the end of the agricultural work was celebrated. Some centuries later the Catholic Church wanted to make the Recurrence coincide with that of the Assumption of Mary in Heaven and the date was brought to the 15th of August.

But what made the “Ferragosto”, in Italy, a great “popular festival” occurred during the “Ventennio”, in 1931, when the Regime institutionalized it, combining it with a series of powerful facilities in transport and the endless holiday initiatives of the Associations Corporative weather conditions, allowing the birth of “Massa Tourism”.

“Casale del Mare” is an agritouristic residential complex born from the careful and careful restoration of an ancient farm.

A corner of paradise located on a panoramic and green hill, with a breathtaking view of one of the most beautiful stretches of the Tuscan coast.

“Casale del Mare” is part of a large and ambitious project, born from a dream of its owners, Fulvio Martini and Laura Marzari, who in 1994 succeeded in creating it, thus giving birth to “L’Agricola Agrilandia”.

“Agrilandia” includes not only the Farmhouse Farmhouse “Casale del Mare” and the “Fortulla” winery, but also another property outside the area (a tourist residence, “Corte Codella Nuova”, located in the green, in Viadana, in the Province of Mantua).

The “Casale del Mare” Restaurant is very welcoming; from inside you can enjoy the relaxing view of the park thanks to the fully glazed room on three sides. During the summer you can enjoy the beautiful garden and the romantic and large Veranda.

Marco Parillo has been the Executive Chef of the “Casale del Mare” Restaurant for about five years.

Marco was born in Caserta, December 23, 1985, since he was a child he had a special interest in the good recipes lovingly prepared by his Grandmother and her mother.

Raised with this innate and passionate talent, he attended and graduated as a catering technician and first pastry chef at the IPSSAR Hotel School “Angelo Celletti” in Formia (LT).

His first work experience, done during his years of study, saw him engaged in good restaurants such as “Aeneas’ Landing” by Gaeta, “Marconi 23” in Terracina and “Brusson” in Aosta (Ristorante Hotel Italia).

After graduating, attracted by the high innovative Spanish cuisine, he went to Barcelona, ​​where for a year he worked in the “Il Bellini” restaurant kitchen.

During this period, for eight months, he did an internship, a fantastic experience, at the Taller (workshop) of the legendary Restaurante “El Bulli” (Three Michelin Stars) of Chef Ferran Adrià Acosta.

Subsequently, for about a year he went to Ibiza, where he was Capo Partita at the “Ibiza Gran Hotel” and then Sous-Chef at the “Ocean Drive”. Also in Ibiza, he worked as a Chef (later as Executive Chef) in the opening of the “Nassau Beach Club” in Palma de Mallorca, where he remained for three years, actively taking care of other openings.

He later worked for the “Gruppo Ferran Adrià” following the opening of a Local on the innovative style of the Restaurants, of Albert and Ferran, recently inaugurated in Barcelona.

Leaving Spain, Marco, before arriving at the “Casale del Mare” Restaurant, worked for 5 months in a Restaurant / Hotel in Kitzbühel, in the Austrian Tyrol.

Roberto Conti is the Executive Chef of the “Trussardi alla Scala” Restaurant in Milan.

The “Trussardi alla Scala” Restaurant, opened in 2006, as can easily be seen from its name, is from the legendary Italian Fashion Company “Trussardi”, founded in 1911 by Dante Trussardi. Over the years the restaurant has reached great levels to obtain well “Two Michelin Stars”.


Easter is one of the best moments to get in touch with the most authentic soul of the Balearic Islands: during the Semana Santa the ancient rites, religious traditions and the excellent gastronomic proposal become protagonists in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

The celebrations are many and different, but one thing unites surely all the Balearic islands: the optimagastronomy of the Easter period. Do not miss the “panades”, the “cocarrois”, the “robiols” and the “crespells”. Panades are based on salty pasta and contain lamb, pork and chicken, peas and cold cuts; perfect for vegetarians instead cocarrois, made of the same paste of the panades but stuffed with chard and raisins; for those who prefer the dessert, the robiols and crespells in the shape of a half moon or in the shape of stars and hearts filled with apricot and ricotta jam are excellent.

Easter is the perfect time to visit Mallorca, which in this period offers unique cultural and culinary attractions, as well as an ideal climate to visit it far and wide.
We start the Holy Thursday with “Sant Crist de la sang” in Palma de Mallorca: a spectacular procession that takes place through the streets of the historic center of Palma. More than twenty thousand hooded confreres, belonging to thirty official confraternities, carry the statue of Christ that leaves the Church around five in the afternoon and then returns towards evening. It is a real manifestation that originates from the deep-rooted traditions of the island. On Friday instead, the “Davallament” takes place in Pollença, which is less than an hour’s drive from Palma de Mallorca. It is a scenic representation that traces the stages of the last moments of Christ’s life; an authentic and intense experience that in some ways is almost magical: imagine walking 365 steps lit by torches to the sound of drums. Easter Sunday, on the other hand, is held the “Encontre” procession, a representation of the dialogue between the newly resurrected Jesus and his mother Mary inserted into an intense and solemn setting.

The celebrations and parades during the Semana Santa begin on Palm Sunday with the first of the Easter processions: the Via Crucis which tells the story of Jesus from his condemnation to his crucifixion and burial. The most solemn event is the evening of Good Friday, when the processions of the “Santo Entierro” take place in the main cities. Starting from the parish church, various religious brotherhoods and towns, dressed in tunics and masks reminiscent of the Inquisition, carry sacred images in the streets, accompanied by the melancholy sound of local drums, trumpets and bands. The processions of the Santo Entierro in Mahon and Ciutadella also include the parade of allegorical floats with religious images, particularly moving and spectacular. Easter morning is the turn of the special “Procesa del Encuentro”, a tradition begun in Es Migjorn with the statues of the Risen Christ and the Virgin Mary who make their journey to meet in front of the church. In Ciutadella you can witness a very different and unusual tradition: LaMatança dels Bujots, or the killing of straw dolls: the dolls are hung around the city with a sign that highlights a problem (for example the little work, politics etc.) and, from noon on, they become targets of shooters who shoot them down literally.

Ibiza is an island full of Catholic tractions that, during the Easter period, you can admire in the various villages and especially in Eivissa. During Holy Week you can attend the Saint Miquel festival in a very characteristic setting, that of the Fortezza Church that dominates the surrounding landscape. On Good Friday the festivities move to Eivissa, with the parade of figures hooded by the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Les Neus through the streets of Dalt Villa, making the sound of the drums booming in a subdued and gloomy manner, only to end on Easter Sunday with the moving representation of the “Encontre”.

In the Easter period Formentera is a paradise that invites you to take long walks along the coast, enjoy the festive events and, if the weather allows it, treat yourself to the first swim of the year. Even in Formentera events start on Palm Sunday and end on Easter Sunday with the procession of the “Encontre”. The festivities are shared between residents and tourists, and at lunchtime usually a popular meal is shared, the main dish of which is the cuinat – a stew of vegetables and legumes – accompanied by a good wine

Gianluca Vacchi, amazing in Ibiza! Summer 2018 as protagonist at Amnesia: landing at the Balearics

Gianluca Vacchi to conquer the Balearic Islands. Especially in Ibiza. After the launch of his new single “Trump-it”, the Emilia-Romagna businessman has closed an important artistic agreement for the summer of 2018. Gianluca Vacchi will be one of the resident DJs at the prestigious Amnesia of Ibiza. An obvious symptom of the popularity that the Italian star of Instagram has been recording for some time in Spain.

Gianluca Vacchi arrives in Ibiza. Not for a holiday in the Balearic Islands but to formalize an artistic agreement. The millionaire of Bologna in fact, this summer, will have as a reference point Spain. In the Balearic Islands archipelago Gianluca Vacchi will perform as Dj Resident. In fact, the Italian star of Instagram has linked to the prestigious Amnesia of Ibiza.

Gianluca Vacchi has shared on Instagram some images that portray him on the island of the Balearic archipelago. For the Italian entrepreneur, long projected full time in his musical activity, a recognition of no small importance. In recent days Gianluca Vacchi has launched his new single “Trump-it”. And like “Viento” it immediately turned into a social success, especially in Spanish-speaking countries. In (South America) and in Spain the popularity of Gianluca Vacchi is in fact equal, if not higher, than that enjoyed in Italy. The entrepreneur from Emilia Romagna, net of its promotional initiatives, proves once again to be able to tune into different audiences. Especially the younger ones.

In recent (images shared on Instagram), Gianluca Vacchi appears in a dazzling form. In the (photo-gallery) referring to Spain, he writes: “See you this summer in Ibiza at Amnesia #amnesiaibiza. I’ll try to be positive vibes and enjoy with you guys “.

Gianluca Vacchi 2018: not just clothing and social communication on Instagram. In the biography of the entrepreneur born in Bologna a leading role lies in his passion for music. Just the artistic activities of Gianluca Vacchi, widely documented in the photos on Instagram, are increasingly assuming a leading role in his public life.

Gianluca Vacchi and the social age. The entrepreneur of Bolognese origins was among the first to understand the enormous potential offered by the social network of photo sharing: it is no coincidence that Gianluca Vacchi tends to update his Instagram wall without interruption. (Photographs) and short films, many of which describe the everyday life of Gianluca Vacchi also abroad.
Who is Gianluca Vacchi? Biography of a star 2.0. Net of the criticism, often not very tender, that come from insiders and the general public, remains in the background an ineluctable data: the entrepreneur can expose to the counter something like over 11 million (followers) who daily consult his profile Instagram and its updates in (photo-social). The official Instagram profile of Gianluca Vacchi is among the most famous and visited in Italy.
Gianluca Vacchi on Instagram. Not everyone’s pleasure is a price to pay that the (Italian Web-Star) has put in a budget for some time, like others (VIPs) and public figures. Over two thousand six hundred posts shared, the testimony of how Gianluca Vacchi uses his official Instagram profile with professional parameters. It is a fact that the Italian millionaire boasts numbers that, even remotely, the majority of Italian celebrities can exhibit on Instagram. And this is explained by Gianluca Vacchi’s ability to communicate, able as few VIPs to be able to tune in with what the general public is looking for: following trends but also showing off his personality.

8 happy and hippy addresses in Ibiza

Well before the VIPs (see under Belén, Alessia Marcuzzi and Federica Nargi), Ibiza has been for years the cult island of flower children, coming from all over the world and attracted by its uncontaminated nature. To remind us of the hippy past of the famous “Isla Blanca”, among the most loved islands in the Mediterranean, is the new book “Ibiza Bohemia” (Assouline) by Renu Kashyap, stylist who has moved here since 2012 with her family and today he wanted to honor his new “homeland”.

From the beaches where bongos play to peaceful shelters where they practice yoga, the hippie-chic atmosphere of Ibiza, belonging to the group of the Balearic Islands, is its hallmark, explains Renu in his book (full of beautiful photographs), so much so that the dress code – good from morning till evening – provides a pareo, flip-flops and at most some ethnic collanina.

Landing for artists, creatives and musicians from all over the world (including Mick Jagger and Kate Moss), since the Summer of Love its freak mood has remained intact, especially in some magical places.
Which? You can find them all collected in our gallery.

Rafael Nadal is competing in the Balearic Golf Championships

Rafael Nadal, number one of the ATP rankings, will play this Sunday for the title in the Amateur Championships of the Balearic Islands of golf.

The 31-year-old champion from Mallorca, who has been arrested due to an injury, has spent the last few days concentrating on golf and will enter the last day of the competition with a single shot by Juan Pedro Manjón, the event leader.

And do not think that this is an event with mediocre golfers because the Spaniard has surpassed several discreet golfers like Miguel Bisellach and Josep Juaneda, all behind Rafa at the beginning of the last decisive day.

Nadal took this tournament very seriously, after spending the last week at the hotel where the competition takes place in Santa Ponsa.

Luxury Peace And Pleasure..

Wherever you decide to go, you will find a luxury villa to rent that will best suit your style. You won’t be disappointed with the best selection of exclusive rentals we suggest for our unique clients.

Villa, 12 Bedrooms, 12 Bathrooms, 24 persons, Pool, Gym, Garden, WiFi Marvellous villa over 300 years old located in the best area of Ibiza.

The villa is located in the countryside of Cala Jondal: 12 minutes from private and international airports, 5 minutes from the infamous Blue Marlin beach, 20 minutes from the port of Marina Ibiza and 5 minutes from San Josep.

The property benefits from more than 1700m2 of liveable space

Foreign investments: the Italian Scrooge choose the sun of Spain and Brazil

A recent analysis by ikh.villas has revealed the countries where our compatriots buy more luxury properties.

Foreign investments: the Italian Scrooge choose the sun of Spain and Brazil
Despite the epithet with which Italy is known all over the world, or “the beautiful country”, our compatriots choose to invest abroad. In particular, a research conducted by ikh.villas for the prestige real estate sector, has shown how the local Scrooge of the Duckbuds favor the hot places for their second homes (of course, luxury).

Observing the numbers well, it turns out that Spain and Brazil are the two countries with the highest percentage of Italians ready to invest in brick, with an average budget of 3.5 and 2.5 million euros respectively (and with a saving of about a million compared to those who choose to spend the winter in the United Arab Emirates).

Specifically, the most sought-after locations for Spain are the Ibiza party, about one investor every three, Marbella and Port d’Andratx in the south-western part of the island of Mallorca. About 20% of Italians who choose Brazil instead favor Salvador, followed by Florianopolis and Rio de Janeiro: third, but with investments that generally exceed 6 million euros.

Whoever chases the heat, but has a lower capital available, aims at the other eight states that complete this special classification. After the aforementioned Spain and Brazil, Italians who buy luxury properties abroad are targeting Dominican Republic, in third place with an average budget of 1.8 million euros, and Portugal. Followed by the sunny Florida, Malta (less exotic but closer) and the fascinating Barbados. Nona is Greece, which with its countless and beautiful islands requires slightly lower investments: 900 thousand euro is the figure that on average our compatriots are willing to spend to secure a place in the sun. Lucky them! Finally, to close the top ten we find a destination increasingly appreciated by low-budget travelers, that is South Africa.

Vip white week, the most exclusive ski destinations

If in the summer the international jet set targets locations such as Ibiza, Mykonos, Saint-Tropez etc., the question arises: where do VIPs go when temperatures are anything but mild? Simple, on the snow. Given their economic possibilities, why not give up a nice holiday on the most exclusive ski slopes in the world? The British newspaper The Telegraph has identified those that are the most loved by international stars belonging to the world of fashion, music, sport and cinema. So, to meet your heart character, just take a pen and paper and write down where to spend your next winter holiday.

The British actress Emma Watson, for example, cares about France and takes refuge in Mèribel for leisure and forget about all forms of stress. We are in the French department of Savoie, in the heart of the 3 Vallées or one of the most famous ski areas in the world that has so much to offer sportsmen. In addition to giving stunning scenery, in fact, allows you to enjoy wellness breaks, good food and a thousand and one activity.

If you go to Switzerland, you can take a look at the tourist region of Lenzerheide: this is where all winter sports enthusiasts meet, but also those who have a relaxing holiday in mind. Roger Federer knows that he is one of the most loyal. The offer is indeed rich and, thanks to the sun that seems to be a constant presence here, it is possible to crown every dream. One of the areas to keep in mind is the Arosa Lenzerheide ski area with 225 km of groomed trails. If the day is not long enough, thanks to SnowNight, the fun continues even when the sun goes down.
Even Prince William of England, Sarah Ferguson and Madonna love the charm of Swiss landscapes and specifically target Verbier, the most cosmopolitan of the Valais ski resorts where there is always something to do, see or taste. . It ranges from paragliding to elisci passing through a trip to museums until you get to the discovery of local products.

Flying to earth with stars and stripes, we arrive in Aspen (Colorado) where there are many famous skiers who are now at home like Mariah Carey, Michelle Obama and Ivanka Trump who are targeting this charming ski destination located in an exceptional setting : the Rocky Mountains. There is something for everyone. The goal is tempting to the most athletes ready to ski face to face with unspoiled nature as for those in search of relaxation as its center offers elegant cafes, restaurants and trendy boutiques from the likes of Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci. There is also space for culture: contemporary art, in fact, awaits at the Aspen Art Museum, a fascinating structure both inside (for the works housed) and from the outside, because behind it there is so much charm, the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban.

From Greece to the Balearics here are the most spectacular landing places for your boat holiday

They are a well kept secret in the logbooks of the skippers who have discovered them in years of navigation in the Mediterranean. The hidden cove where to throw the anchor in perfect solitude, the sheltered from the furious mistral, the restaurant of the fishermen from the sea to the plate.

The added value of a boat holiday is the most beautiful landing places. From Greece to the Egadi to the Balearics, here are the most spectacular.

Just over three square kilometers in the Dodecanese archipelago, about fifty people, a small port, some tavern like Apolaxsi. No cars, so many goats and fishing nets stretched out in the sun. Arki, 7 miles from the best known Lipsi, is all here. It is the sea the must-have of the postage stamp. The star is Linnari, the most spectacular bay, with white sand and crystal water. It has the turquoise reflexes Tiganakia, or Blue Lagoon. The only event on 23 August: the festival of Panigiri, where the inhabitants and the few tourists go wild in traditional dances.

A few miles and you arrive at Halki, miniature of nearby Symi. A triumph of colors, so different from the brilliant white architecture of the Cyclades. In front of the parade of islets that resembles a coral reef. It is moored in the bay of Trachia, with the isthmus under the castle of 1300 with two beaches, the green islet of Alimnia or Areta, the most secluded.

To the west, small worlds are concentrated in a small space, in Levanzo, six square kilometers in all, where sailing in the heart of the protected Aegadian area. Shepherds who travel the island on the back of a mule, fishermen who paint the colorful wooden boats in Cala Dogana in front of the small village of white houses, lobster directly from the sea to the trattoria Paradiso. Green pastures, fruit trees and the Mediterranean maquis of 400 different species cover the interior. Cala Minnola is the pearl of the coast, a sea mirror lapped by dwarf pines. The Grotta del Genovese, on the opposite side, contains a treasure, engravings and colored paintings in red and black of the Palaeolithic period that represent dancers, oxen, donkeys and fawns. We forget the world in Cala Fredda, a blue dream.

But even if you rented in Majorca in the Balearic archipelago, partly colonized by droves of tourists, Germans in the lead, reserve surprises. The habitué is well aware that a few hours stop at the overcrowded Es Trenc, turquoise sea and three kilometers of white sand dunes, which has nothing to envy to the Caribbean and point the bow towards Cap de Formentor, famous for the lighthouse and the white sandy beaches, Cala Figuera and Cala Murta. And, to the north-east, the beaches of Cala Agulla, Alcudia and Cala Ratjada. The red and white tower of Cabo Llebeig d’Isola announces the island of Cabrera. It is moored to the dead bodies (to be reserved 20 days in advance) and goes around with the tender of this extraordinary nature reserve, a national park that hosts turtles, dolphins and corals. A path climbs to the castle of 1300 which dominates Puerto Cabrera.

Returning to our waters, we escape the invasion of boats of the Costa Smeralda in Carloforte, on the volcanic island of San Pietro. It is a wild Sardinia, free-range, where you can discover caves, cliffs overlooking the sea like the Mezzaluna and the Conca, stretches of sand and the power of the Faraglioni called the Colonne. To the east, it is a good sheltered Cala Guidi, more sheltered and collected. Before allowing a dinner on board based on the gold of the island, still caught in tuna, which everyone calls the tuna race.