The most beautiful beaches of Formentera, a spectacular island in the Balearics


Trendy aperitifs, wild sunsets, Caribbean beaches … Formentera is the island with the most enchanting and crystalline sea of ​​all the Balearics, the perfect destination to relax on the beach waiting for the sun to dive into the sea as if by magic. A corner of the Mediterranean that was always taken by assault, by pirates in the sixteenth century, by hippies in the sixties and by lovers of the good life and the fairytale sea today. Skyscanner takes you to discover the most beautiful beaches of Formentera, those with the white sand, the spectacular backdrops and the blue water like the sky.

What are the most beautiful beaches of Formentera? Skyscanner flies to the Caribbean island of the Balearics to take you to discover the most beautiful beaches of Formentera, on a tour that starts from the most famous and crowded beaches of the north, such as the infamous Ses Illetes and its neighboring and paradisiacal S’Espalmador, arriving to the lesser known corners of the sea like the marvelous and wild Cap de Barbaria, to then go back to lost paradises like the white and soft expanses of sand of Cala Saona or Cala Savina. Come with us to Formentera to dive in one of the most incredible seas of the Mediterranean and discover an island suitable both for young people looking for fun on the beach or for families looking for peace and relaxation.

The sea of ​​the island of Formentera will remain in your heart. Blue as the sky, close and crystal clear, it will make you want to come back year after year. This beautiful island of the Balearics, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and World Heritage Site, has become a privileged destination, where you can find peaceful corners and moments of relaxation from north to south, even in the high season peaks when tourists take it ‘assault coming so far from neighboring Ibiza. Right next to the entertainment capital, one can find one of the more relaxed and “in” Balearic islands, a strip of land to be explored on foot, by bicycle or scooter and where the city’s traffic is surprisingly far away. The slow rhythms of the island will conquer you, as well as the beaches of Formentera, small patches of white sand that occupy it in all its perimeter illuminating it like a diamond. Dive into the crystalline sea of ​​Formentera, bought in its hippie markets and admire the infinite from its cliffs.

The Spanish island of Formentera does not have its own international airport. The only way to reach it is by landing at Ibiza Airport, then reaching the port of Ibiza and boarding the ferry that will take you to your destination. The shipping companies that connect the two islands are different but in the high season we suggest you buy the ticket online, comparing prices ranging from € 15 to € 30 per person depending on the chosen boat, ferry or hydrofoil, for a crossing about 30 minutes. Once disembarked at La Savina, we suggest you to rent a car or a comfortable scooter to easily explore all the island beaches.

We begin our article on the most beautiful beaches of Formentera from its most famous beach, Ses Illetes, a stretch of white sand bathed in incredible crystal clear waters. all features that have allowed Ses Illetes to rank among the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is an incredible place from where you can enjoy spectacular views over small islets (hence the name) and nearby Ibiza. The Illetes area is one of the best equipped in Formentera for the practice of water sports such as sailing and diving. In front of the beach you will find S’Espalmador, an uncontaminated islet that can be reached on foot during the low tide, a favorite destination for nudists and lovers of natural mud … the island has been sold to a great tycoon, who knows if next summer will be can you step on it?

Going down the narrow peninsula of Trucador, which collects the most spectacular beaches of Formentera, there is another beach worthy of note: Playa Levante, the “twin” of the nearby Ses Illetes. We are in the famous Natural Area of ​​the Saline, where the sea is the most crystalline that you have ever seen and the beach is so white to dazzle the view. In these lucky waters you will think of swimming in a pool.


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Dream villas: 10 of the most beautiful in Italy and in the world


Combine extraordinary locations, imaginative and modern architecture, swimming pools, panoramas, comfort. Traveling is beautiful, but doing it in style is even better. Here are the best dream villas around the world. We dreamed together.

1) Villa Egerton is one of the most beautiful dream villas in the world located on the French Riviera. It is a story villa with a refined and classic taste, and has hosted stars like Coco Chanel and Greta Garbo. The rent is 45,000 euros per week. But dreaming does not cost anything.Image result for villa egerton

2) Among the dream villas around the world can not miss those in exclusive locations such as the Bahamas. This villa in the south of the Bahamas is immersed in a pristine tropical setting full of flowers, palms and plants. It has a luxurious style inspired by the design of the place, with lots of wood and bright colors. And you can rent, for 46.261 euros per night.

3) For the minimalists, however, here is another dream villa by the sea, this time in the Caribbean. A very modern and geometric design, with open spaces on the ocean and lots of light. You can rent it, and it’s relatively cheaper: it’s about 590 euros a night.

Among the best dream villas in the world, and among the most fascinating, there are those with modern and whimsical design, made of geometric shapes, ecological materials, and attention to the landscape. Real masterpieces of architecture.

4) The Shell House is very famous in the heart of Japan, a large shell structure suspended in the air, which coexists perfectly with the florid surrounding nature.

5) In Cape Town there is a modern villa overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Geometric lines also for the pool, glass, and stone. It seems that this pearl is still on sale.
dream villas
6) From the whimsical design is definitely Casa Folha, a tropical-shaped villa overlooking the Ocean. It is located in Rio De Janeiro, close to the beach, with a private dock. The interiors are made of wood and integrate with the tropical landscape. It is elegant and luxurious, with all the comforts and attention to detail. It’s probably anyone’s dream home.

Italy is still one of the most popular and fascinating destinations in the world. Between the countryside, the mountains and the sea, here are the best dream villas of our country.

7) Puglia is certainly one of the most famous Italian locations. Villa Bianca is one of the truly dreamlike villas, immersed in the wild Apulian nature, but with modern and minimalist forms, both outside and inside. Obviously, it has a swimming pool, a huge garden, and a breathtaking view.

8) Liguria is another maritime dream location. Villa N is located in imperia, and combines here also the perfect integration in the surrounding nature with a modern and luxurious taste. With very large windows, stone and wooden surfaces, it is a truly dreamlike vila.

9) A house built in 1897, but recently restored, Il Gelso Bianco is a collection of trulli located in Martina Franca, in the province of Taranto. It combines traditional and rustic-looking shapes with a modern taste.

10) We stay in Italy, but let’s move to the mountains. To be precise, we are in South Tyrol, in Merano. Casa M is a structure that stands out among the mountain houses, a beautiful villa with geometric shapes. Entirely white and full of transparent, with a swimming pool for the rare warmer days.

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Bikini body: the ranking of photos with more likes of summer 2017

Instagram mirror of my desires. The long challenge with bikini shots, poses and postcards from the holidays has almost come to an end. And there’s a winner: the “best bikini body” of the summer 2017 elected by the social networks is Kylie Jenner. They have reached and exceeded 3 million like two photos with the same flesh-colored bikini sported by the it-girl who just turned 20. He follows his older sister, model Kendall, with an average of over 2 million photos. In the summer classification of the like, then follow a long series of shots of beauties in a bikini: the much-loved Emily Ratajkowski, the top model from life #foreveronvacation Alessandra Ambrosio, who spent the summer between Mykonos, Ibiza and Bora Bora, but also Sara Sampaio, between Mexico, Mykonos and Ibiza.
In the picture – 3 million and almost 400 thousand likes: at the top of the bikinis with the most likes of the 2017 edition there is the flesh-colored one shown by Kylie Jenner.

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Enchanting sunsets in the Balearics: the most beautiful places to admire them


Towel on the sand, cocktails and sunset with sea view: in the Balearics it is not a holiday if, a day spent at the beach, does not end with a drink in front of the sun that disappears below the horizon line. In the islands of the Spanish archipelago, from Ibiza to Formentera, from Menorca to Mallorca, the vantage points from which to admire the legendary “puestas de sol” are special contexts, between paradisiac coves and promontories overlooking an always crystalline water that is tinged with times of blue, others of emerald green.

Among the views not to be missed to witness the spectacle of a fiery sky above the sea, in Majorca, in the largest island of the archipelago, there is Cap de Formentor, a narrow peninsula 12 kilometers long and three meters wide, located at north in the municipality of Pollença. To reach what is considered a “natural sanctuary”, one crosses the Sierra de Tramontana, between steep cliffs and vertiginous hairpin bends. But the road, very scenic, offers incredible landscapes. From the lighthouse, the sunset is exciting.
Another privileged position to be conquered, to observe the sun that plunges into the water until it disappears is Banyalbufar (which in Arabic means “built near the sea”). The small town of the Sierra de Tramontana, located between the municipalities of Estellencs, Esporles and Valldemossa, is characterized by the “marjades”. Or the hills terraces that, in the past, were used for the cultivation of grapes.

Today, these natural sea view offers a special taste sunset. In Menorca, the Balearic island declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the aperitif at twilight is at the Puerto de Ciutadella, comfortably seated in one of the small bars along the ancient defensive walls of the city center. Or, moving further north, to Cap de Cavalleria, the unmissable vantage point for romantic couples looking for privacy and privacy.

If in Ibiza the sunset bar is synonymous with “Café del Mar”, in the homeland of nightlife there are several places worth reaching for the “puesta de sol”. Like Playa Benirras: in this characteristic bay, the setting is magical and vibrant, because as the sun gradually disappears, the agitated rhythm of the drums played by the local hippy community grows.

For those looking for a place far from the crowds, there is Punta Galera, a natural pearl where you sit on the rocks bathed by the sea and wait for the sunset to give you emotions. Arriving on the “white isla”, the glamorous and elegant Formentera, the real “must” not to be missed is Cala Saona. The little bay dotted with lively kiosks and restaurants, is the only one to have – along with Illetes – the sandy beach. Finally, for a more picturesque and uncontaminated scenery, there is the lighthouse of Cap de Barbaria: the “puestas de sol” admired by this natural terrace on a sea overgrown by seagulls, have an extra gear.

Tell me what kind you are and I’ll tell you where to go on vacation

Lazy, stressed, romantic or super sporty: discover your ideal place for an escape from everyday life
1 IPERATTIIVO – Dolomites – Among the most famous mountains in the world you can do a thousand sports, even of great athletic commitment. Trekking, biking, climbing, canyoning. In particular, for those who love biking, in the month of July there is the Marathon of the Dolomites: a journey of over 130 kilometers to be covered by bicycle along with 9 thousand other competitors.

2 EXHAUST – Sardinia – The intense colors of nature are a real treat for the mood: while the mistral blowing incessantly on the island brings a real burst of regenerating energy.

3 SPORTS – Mauritius – In this island of paradise you can practice many water sports, but also take long walks in nature. Golf enthusiasts find here some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

4 ROMANTIC – Santorini – Greece – It is considered the most romantic island in the Mediterranean, thanks above all to the beauty of its sunsets. The picturesque villages and an enchanting sea do the rest: the only danger is falling in love … of the island and not wanting to leave again.

5 LUCERTOLA – Mexico – The Maya Riviera has enchanting beaches of white sand and a fantastic, turquoise and crystal clear sea. The only precaution: protect your skin with a good sunscreen: the air is very clear and the sun can really make bad jokes.

6 CONTEMPLATIVE – Kyoto – Japan – A walk through the famous bamboo forest is an invitation to relaxation and the Zen spirit. A magical place with great spiritual charm.

7 GOLOSONE – Singapore – This city state, a crossroads of peoples, is a great melting pot of cultures and styles, including food. Here you can taste the best and most trendy street food in the world.

8 FESTAIOLO – Ibiza And Formentera – You do not have to go too far to have fun in one of these famous fun islands. And if the night passes between discos and music parties, during the day you can always doze on the beach.

9 ACCASATO – Austria – It is one of the most equipped countries for families with children. The kinder hotels, with activities for children and special equipment for the very young, are a great resource for the enjoyment of their children and for their parents’ rest.

10 EXPLORATORY – Australia – An entire continent to discover, between wild nature and boundless horizons, with places still almost unexplored where even danger can be lurking.

Bridge April 25 2018 to the sea: the best destinations


Bridge 25 aprile 2018 to the sea: the best destinations to enjoy an early summer and a few days of relaxation and fun.

This year April 25, 2018 falls on Wednesday and for this reason lends itself to a double “interpretation”: a long bridge that starts from Saturday, April 21 or even a real week of vacation that will also incorporate the bridge of the first May. Whatever your choice there are seaside places where you will feel like you are already in the summer and where you can really switch off and regenerate completely.

Going on the occasion of the April 25th Bridge to the Canaries could allow you to enjoy a summer advance. It is an archipelago located not far from the coasts of Morocco and, apart from the months of January and February, ensures a mild climate throughout the year. The main islands to which you could turn your attention are Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Furteventura. Ideal for those who love nature rather wild, the archipelago is also home to the Teide volcano and is much appreciated by those who dive and love to observe beautiful backdrops. Among the most beautiful beaches we recommend Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles, Playa de San Agustin and Playa de Amadores on the Gran Canaria island; Corralejo and Morro Jable in Fuerteventura; Las Teresitas in Santa Cruz and Las Vistas in Arona in Tenerife.

The Balearic Islands include Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera and visiting them in this period will allow you to discover aspects of these places that in summer, with the incredible crowds of tourists, will make it impossible to savor. In addition to the beautiful beaches and immersion in nature you can take advantage of the tranquility that you will find to explore far and wide and go for example to discover the path that runs on the Sierra de Tramuntana and long since been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Or you can visit the Mirò Museum in Palma, remote and hidden monasteries, the most beautiful gullies in the Mediterranean or fascinating places like the Gothic quarter of Palma de Mallorca. Ideal for those who enjoy hiking, biking or even on horseback if you look for the best beaches we recommend Playa de Formentor and Cala des Moro in Mallorca and Ses Illetes in Forrmentera.

An island often underestimated and not far from Italy is without a doubt Malta. In April it will welcome you with an average temperature of about 20 degrees and this is considered the ideal month to visit and do excursions on the island. Malta offers incredible natural beauties such as natural caves, inlets and stacks. It also has crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches. Among the best we mention Ghadira Bay in the Bay of Mellieha, Imgiebah, Ghajn Tuffieha and the Golden Bay, ideal for those who love the tranquility and the wildest and most unspoiled nature. Malta also offers the opportunity to make beautiful hiking or mountain biking tours and the opportunity to visit three UNESCO World Heritage sites: Valletta, the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum and the megalithic temples.

The first three proposals dealt with three places rather close to us. For those who want to undertake a journey a bit ‘longer and more challenging, we point out that among the ideal destinations for the bridge of April 25, 2018 there is for example Egypt and in particular the town of Hurghada. In April it will also be accessible with flights and low cost offers and will allow you to spend your vacation days in an already summery climate, but without the heat and humidity of the months of July and August. If you want to go even farther you may choose to go to Oman, to the Arabian Peninsula, to the Caribbean by choosing for example Turks & Caicos, or to the Philippine archipelago in South East Asia.

Formentera and Ibiza: the 7 “hot” beaches of the stars


From Christian Vieri to Kate Hudson, Belén and Paris Hilton, Italian and foreign stars are spending the summer between Formentera and Ibiza. Here are their beaches (and where / how to meet them)

August is hunting open to the VIP! The hottest month of the year coincides with the hot gossip that is consumed in the Balearics. Difficult to resist the charm of Formentera and Ibiza, which in summer are the favorite destination of the show-biz characters. To be met at the beach or to see some mega-yachts passing by on the sea. This is the case of the designer Giorgio Armani and his spectacular yacht (hard not to notice it). Someone has spotted it off the coast of Cala Molì, a small beach south of Cala Tarida (Ibiza), surrounded by dense vegetation.

Even the heiress Paris Hilton turns up in the boat a few days ago has been seen off the coast of Formentera, even if at night it is easier to meet her in the ibizenchi clubs.

And if in Formentera Paolo Bonolis has already dismantled the tents, do not despair because you could always meet the bomber Christian Vieri, who every day leads the «TG of Formentera» from his Instagram profile. Or Luca Laurentis, a frequent visitor to the island for many years. It is seen hanging out with the “Brazilian” briefs between the Beso Beach and the Tanga.

It is rumored that a few days ago rock star Gianna Nannini has landed and the comedian Giorgio Panariello is expected to arrive. And if you really can not find any VIPs on the beach, try to make a pit stop after the sun at the Losio Big Store, in the heart of San Francesc Xavier. Here it is impossible not to make gossip meetings. Also Stefano de Martino and his ex-wife Belen Rodriguez have chosen the Balearics for this summer 2016. Not least the international stars, like the actress Kate Hudson (caught in Formentera in July) and the Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio (in Ibiza ). In the fashionable beaches of Ibiza there could not be more famous dj in the world, from David Guetta to Bob Sinclair, who at night play in the clubs of the island and enjoy a well-deserved rest during the day. Here in the gallery above, which are the beaches and favorite places

Balearic Islands: what to see, and the 10 most beautiful beaches

The Balearic Islands are located between Spain and the North African coast, and surrounded by the waters of the Mediterranean. Every summer the Balearic Islands welcome thousands of tourists of all nationalities thanks to miles of fine sandy beaches, scorching sun, excellent restaurants and exuberant nightlife. Find out which is the most suitable island for your holiday, and the 10 most beautiful beaches in the Balearics!

What is surprising is that Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera – that is, the Balearic Islands – have managed to maintain, despite massive tourism, a certain integrity. In addition to bars, beaches and entertainment 24 hours a day, in the Balearics you will find Gothic cathedrals, Neolithic megaliths, fishing villages, beautiful rural paths and stretches of orange groves and olive groves as far as the eye can see. managed to spoil these delicate corners of Spain (at least for now!).

The Balearic Islands are an archipelago of the western Mediterranean Sea and form an autonomous community of Spain consisting of four islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, and a single province. Also part of the Balearic archipelago is the smaller island of Cabrera, which houses the homonymous natural park, and some islets. The capital of the Balearic Islands is Palma de Mallorca, while the official languages ​​are both Catalan and Spanish. Also called the islands of eternal spring for their mild climate throughout the year, the Balearics are one of the most popular destinations in Spain and beyond. Their beaches are famous all over the world but, despite this, it is still possible to find pristine and heavenly beaches, especially in Menorca and Formentera. Although very close to each other, the islands are decidedly different from each other, and this is mainly due to their different historical heritage. Ibiza and Formentera are the most famous and the most popular (especially by Italians), while Mallorca and Menorca are more reserved and quiet.

In Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza land a lot of charter and line flights from all over Europe. Among the main airlines flying non-stop from Italy there are Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling, Meridiana, Neos, Air Europa and Iberia. Direct flights are from May until October; in autumn and winter you will necessarily have to make a stopover in Spain.

By ferry Due to its small size, Formentera does not have an airport and can only be reached by ferry from Ibiza. From Barcelona you can reach Palma, Alcudia (in the northeastern part of Mallorca) via Ciutadella (on the island of Menorca), Maó and Sant Antoni (Ibiza). Then there are several companies that connect the four islands to each other. All these services are active from mid-May to September. Out of season the frequency drops considerably.

Majorca is the island with the most local transport: there are two railway lines and a complete bus network that will allow you to reach any location on the island. There are also around 30 car rental agencies and you can hire bikes in many of the island’s villages.

Menorca instead does not have an equally developed transport network and, for example, to reach Maó from the airport you have to take a taxi. Three bus companies operate on the island and there are several car, motorbike and bicycle rental agencies. The transport network of

Ibiza has bus lines that reach all the locations on the island. In general, especially in Menorca and Ibiza it is preferable to rent a car to have the freedom to reach even the most hidden coves.

In Formentera you just need to rent a motorbike or a bicycle because the distances are short.

The Balearic Islands are called the “islands of eternal spring” because they enjoy a mild and sunny climate practically throughout the year (it is said that sunny days are around 300 a year!).