Apple, a speaker who speaks thanks to coming Siri?

The most powerful (and expensive) of Amazon Echo and Google Home, Smart Apple speaker should be presented in June

Apple could announce in June the arrival of its highly anticipated home speaker. The answer to Amazon Echo and Google Home,

which everyone is expecting for months, should arrive in June at the WWDC, the annual Apple Developer Developer Conference.

A more powerful case with better sound quality, but it should cost even more than competitors already on the market. More than $ 180 of the Echo,

but with superior technical baggage and a processor-level computing capability that approach it more to an iPhone 6 than to a portable speaker.

At least, these are unconfirmed rumors reported by Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the top listed analysts in the Apple sphere on the specialized 9to5Mac

site: Kuo himself is confident that the device will come out on time in time for Christmas gifts, but it is not Sure about the ad in the next June

event. However, such a move would be in the spirit of the WWDC, in order to show it in advance to developers and to find new possible applications

for the device.

There are not many clues as to how the speaker design will actually be – which might be called “Siri Hub”

– but the strongest rumors speak of a Mac Pro-like speaker with a mesh lining that remembers the Boom of Ultimate Ears,

And similar to Beats Pill + launched a couple of years ago (see photo above). You can ask for weather information, record appointment

appointments, or play music, and thanks to HomeKit, you can interact with the rest of the home. Just Siri’s final jump inside the apartment

could be Cupertino’s key move to develop his Internet Infrastructure to the fullest, already put on with House’s inclusion on the iPhone and iPad.