Carolina Sanchez: let’s go camping!

Carolina is just beautiful. We succeed we brought to the camp. These are the photos


Maybe spring has arrived. Maybe. It’s sunny at last. It is the sky above Milan is unusually blue. If good day starts from the morning, this bodes well.

Carolina comes for the shooting directly from Paris, landing at Malpensa, the lights, and I’m going to take the day with its crystal beauty, two eyes at the comparison even the sky of Milan does not seem bluer. And the friendliness and warmth of those who grew up in countries from the soul caliente, like Uruguy where she was born.

The machine is full. I, Carolina, Elena – the mua – Veronica – the stylist – and Nicholas – my “assistant for a day” -. Let’s go … Direction Lake Maggiore, Camping Lido Holiday Inn, where Timmy and father lie ahead impatiently. A warm welcome that we moved and proud

Here, in this small corner “Timeless” by the charm a bit ‘hippie, it began our photographic adventure.

Carolina seems to be born for this mood 70s, sexy but not too much, including caravans and luxury boats of yesteryear allure Retro Humor. The atmosphere is relaxing, the atmosphere ideal for taking – analogue and digital in no particular order – is laughing, joking … No rush. No performance anxiety. Lunch Break … A pasta all together and then back on the track between the mobile home and pool, Styling by summer flavor … Transparency and floral patterns, sporty pants and costumes, the whole micro bikini. There is a desire of vacation and summer, to have fun, laugh joking … Carolina is just perfect … his pictures speak for themselves.