Dream Islands for rent. In Spain, Croatia, Sweden and Greece. But also in Venice

Santa Cristina, a private atoll 5 minutes by taxi boat from Burano. Tagomago, the most beloved by VIPs near Ibiza. Island Lodge in the Stockholm archipelago. Palagruža, a lighthouse in the sea of ​​Croatia. Silver Island, the dolphin-shaped island in western Greece

The Maldives were, until recently, the example of the formula “one island, one resort”, the experience of getting out of the world in a handkerchief all by itself, combining luxury, spells of part time happiness, privacy and nature. But on bare feet, in total intimacy, you walk not only in the water, in the Indian Ocean, but also in the woods or among the lagoon tameris. As it happens on the private island of Santa Cristina, in Northeast Venice. This eco-friendly hermitage (five minutes by taxi boat from Burano and Torcello), where the fishing valleys have just been reopened and the vineyard of cabernet sauvignon and merlot has been revitalized, belongs to René Deutsch, of the Swarovski family.

For centuries, a monastery, Santa Cristina, a mystery to the inhabitants of the Lagoon and for those who passed, protected as it was to the sight of others from the “barrier” of tamerici, welcomes guests from last September in the classical-modern spaces of Villa Ammiana, of 1870, of Venetian bill and recently restored. A hermitage to live in company, alternating relaxation and incursions at the Arte Biennale and exhibitions in progress in Venice. The cost is € 2,200 per night, for a minimum of three nights. The nine rooms have 16 beds: three days with 16 friends in Santa Cristina cost 412.5 euros per head.
The initiatory bath, in Ibiza, traditionally takes place at Es Vedrà, the rooftop-shaped stack that rises off Cap des Jueu, to the southwestern end. For others, ibicist baptism corresponds to a sleepless night in one of the mega nightclubs that make up the summer’s trends across the Mediterranean. Is there another way to live Ibiza? Yes, choosing cans and finishes, among the olive trees, the farmhouses of an inland hinterland, which offer a similar experience to those of Apulia. And there is a small exclusive island, Tagomago, where you’ll completely unplug your fingers, djs and dancing parties, half a mile from the northeast coast, after Santa Eulària des Riu, 15 minutes sailing, 30 from Formentera. An island that replicates the Maldivian experience of the island all by itself, but with the vivid colors and scents of the Mediterranean.

Green and rocky, sufficiently “robinsoniana” to the sight, Tagomago, a half mile long, has a width of 60 hectares. With its lighthouse built in 1909, it is a natural reserve area, birdwatching and walking trails. At the center of the island, only five suites, in a white-squared home that looks like Cycladic, equipped with everything you need. There is nothing to do with the desire for privacy. At the disposal of the lucky guests there is the pool, a cook, a gardener, the captain of the tender, the staff for the kitchen and the rooms. Ask them to tell you about Cristiano Ronaldo, Rolling Stones Ron Wood guitarist, actor Justin Bieber and Welsh footballer Gareth Bale, the latter past not by chance to make his wedding proposal. Tagomago also offers a great deal of water sports. Compared to the Tropics, you may miss swimming with the sea turtle. However, you never know …