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Dream villas: 10 of the most beautiful in Italy and in the world

Dream villas: 10 of the most beautiful in Italy and in the world


Combine extraordinary locations, imaginative and modern architecture, swimming pools, panoramas, comfort. Traveling is beautiful, but doing it in style is even better. Here are the best dream villas around the world. We dreamed together.

1) Villa Egerton is one of the most beautiful dream villas in the world located on the French Riviera. It is a story villa with a refined and classic taste, and has hosted stars like Coco Chanel and Greta Garbo. The rent is 45,000 euros per week. But dreaming does not cost anything.Image result for villa egerton

2) Among the dream villas around the world can not miss those in exclusive locations such as the Bahamas. This villa in the south of the Bahamas is immersed in a pristine tropical setting full of flowers, palms and plants. It has a luxurious style inspired by the design of the place, with lots of wood and bright colors. And you can rent, for 46.261 euros per night.

3) For the minimalists, however, here is another dream villa by the sea, this time in the Caribbean. A very modern and geometric design, with open spaces on the ocean and lots of light. You can rent it, and it’s relatively cheaper: it’s about 590 euros a night.

Among the best dream villas in the world, and among the most fascinating, there are those with modern and whimsical design, made of geometric shapes, ecological materials, and attention to the landscape. Real masterpieces of architecture.

4) The Shell House is very famous in the heart of Japan, a large shell structure suspended in the air, which coexists perfectly with the florid surrounding nature.

5) In Cape Town there is a modern villa overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Geometric lines also for the pool, glass, and stone. It seems that this pearl is still on sale.
dream villas
6) From the whimsical design is definitely Casa Folha, a tropical-shaped villa overlooking the Ocean. It is located in Rio De Janeiro, close to the beach, with a private dock. The interiors are made of wood and integrate with the tropical landscape. It is elegant and luxurious, with all the comforts and attention to detail. It’s probably anyone’s dream home.

Italy is still one of the most popular and fascinating destinations in the world. Between the countryside, the mountains and the sea, here are the best dream villas of our country.

7) Puglia is certainly one of the most famous Italian locations. Villa Bianca is one of the truly dreamlike villas, immersed in the wild Apulian nature, but with modern and minimalist forms, both outside and inside. Obviously, it has a swimming pool, a huge garden, and a breathtaking view.

8) Liguria is another maritime dream location. Villa N is located in imperia, and combines here also the perfect integration in the surrounding nature with a modern and luxurious taste. With very large windows, stone and wooden surfaces, it is a truly dreamlike vila.

9) A house built in 1897, but recently restored, Il Gelso Bianco is a collection of trulli located in Martina Franca, in the province of Taranto. It combines traditional and rustic-looking shapes with a modern taste.

10) We stay in Italy, but let’s move to the mountains. To be precise, we are in South Tyrol, in Merano. Casa M is a structure that stands out among the mountain houses, a beautiful villa with geometric shapes. Entirely white and full of transparent, with a swimming pool for the rare warmer days.

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