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Holiday “stars & stripes” for the Asia Valente bell waiting for the Island

Published on 4 January 2018 by Francesco

Look, you will not believe it, but I fell from a yacht while I was twerking … an involuntary dive into the sea of ​​almost two and a half meters!

There are now only a few hours left on D-Day: on Monday, January 8th there will be scheduled on Mediaset on demand and streaming on the web the contest of “the Island of the Famous” where ten contestants will compete to be part of the final cast of the famous reality in wave on Channel 5 from 22nd January. As already highlighted by the Vesuvian Gazzettino in a scoop interview, the fashion blogger and model Asia Valente, 21-year-old campana d.o.c. originally from the province of Benevento, is called to do the so-called “diligence assault” to get on the podium and go to Honduras for the final stage.

We interviewed again Asia (which counts over 200 thousand followers on Instagram with asiavalentereal as a profile) after a week and exclusively, who told us about his latest news and how he is preparing for the broadcast, where he will need many votes online to stand out the big jump. We intercepted her during her US vacations in Miami beach, with a group of American friends. A “location” favored by Asia, as we had said in the previous interview, for her that embodies the spirit of this city, with its colors and scents, peculiar to this part of the States.

Asia, how did you spend the last year?

Great entertainment, between Miami’s mega villas and private parties, dressed only with a thousand glitters on them and a shining coronet. Florida and in particular Miami are magical places where everyone can feel “wild and free”, that is to say “wild and free”!

How will you spend the other days waiting for the challenge to become “Isolana”?

Now I’m heading to Mexico, Tulum, for the sound festival where there will be thousands of people listening to the best DJs of Ibiza and the world with their new music and “discoteque” rhythms. Then I will end my vacation with a trip to Havana, Cuba, where I will finally feel at home with the South American “B side” that I find myself!

Ride of taste here the charming Asia, engaged in this “on the road” vacation in the American continent on the style of Jack Kerouac, to relax and recharge the batteries in view of his projects targati 2018.

Obviously, the year ended up at the top and was resumed in the same way. In Miami I love the “bikini life” and the fantastic parties.

You will have been courted then?

Courtship is nothing short. I could not walk down the street without being approached by gentlemen who proposed dinners, trips and shopping. Currently, however, I remain 100% single!

In Miami you will have glimpsed or crossed many famous people, maybe on Ocean Drive.

Yes, for example the American rapper Travis Scott. Among the Italian Gianluca Vecchi.

Tell us a funny anecdote that happened to you in Miami.

Look, you will not believe it, but I fell from a yacht while I was twerking … an involuntary dive into the sea of ​​almost two and a half meters!

Always at the top our Asia Valente who can show off a golden tan in the program next Monday, looking for many votes to launch it in the empyrean of the Island of the Famous. Ad maiora!

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