Microsoft: two new Xbox in 4K, the One S and Project Scorpio

But the novelty is perhaps the most sensational app to play anywhere. The Scorpio will arrive in 2017, the One S will be released in August

Microsoft has announced the arrival of two new Xbox during the conference presentation at E3 in Los Angeles, the annual convention dedicated to the world of video games. The first is the Xbox One S, arriving in August to $ 299 smaller and roomy but that supports the movie graphics and games in 4K and HDR. The second is the Project Scorpio, all new, with improved graphics adapter that will support native 4K resolution and virtual reality, arriving in 2017. In addition, he in fact shot down all barriers between consoles and PC with Xbox Play Anywhere function: in practice you can start playing on the console, you break to go to work and you start playing on a lunch break on the pC, exactly the same point.

“The Project Scorpio is a crazy step forward for us in terms of hardware development. On the other hand, saw grow as mushrooms in 4K titles and ready for the virtual reality that could only be developed on the PC, so we decided to give them a hand to reach even the “console says Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division at Microsoft . The announcement of the Scorpio is so early that nothing is known of the design and there are only rumors regarding the technical specifications: all that Redmond has revealed is that it will be an evolution of the One to support native 4K and virtual reality – not confirming expectations that there could be an agreement with Oculus Rift for the distribution of a viewer with the new console. The new Scorpio will not have exclusive games and all titles will be available for all versions of Xbox One (including the original and S). The only difference is that the 2017 model will be more powerful (it is assumed at around 6 teraflops, three times greater than the One) and will support the resolution without losing UltraHD Nula in terms of framerate. Halo 5, for example, is able to run well at 1080 pixels with 60 frames per second but had been “weakened” to work best on consoles today. “When a game like this will of Scorpio can shoot at full resolution without losing fluidity,” said Spencer.

It is clear that this strategy of Microsoft is set to gain ground on Sony that has virtually doubled the Redmond company in sales numbers with the PlayStation 4. The Japanese company has presented the new Neo PS4 at E3, but has confirmed the development in an interview with the Financial Times at the Sony chief executive, Andrew House. According to rumors the new PS4 should have a faster processor, more memory bandwidth and better graphics processing capabilities that support the virtual reality of PlayStation VR and resolution to 4K. There was talk of a possible debut in October, just in time for the launch of the Sony display to the VR, but the delay in the presentation portends that it was not until 2017.