Napflix, the portal of boring video to combat insomnia

What better of the final movie of the World Chess Championship to get to sleep?

Insomnia sufferers have an ally in more to try to fall asleep: Napflix. The idea comes from Spain and hints at Netflix, but instead of films and TV series, has about as boring to offer internet. Hundreds of videos divided into categories in order to help everyone get to sleep: the final of the 2013 championship chess match to a million points in Tetris until the entire video of the weekend Formula One Grand Prix of Germany 1997, free practice including, just to name a few.

The “platform video siesta” – how do you define the portal – sifts 300 and spends hours of movies that are uploaded to YouTube every second to be continually updated on slower and less exciting video of the history of the network, also using a dark theme try to minimize the white lights of the display that can cause insomnia and a reduction of REM sleep, the most important phase to have a good rest.

“After I fell asleep in front of a boring game of football and no goals, I thought about all the things that did annoy me and I decided to collect them in a digital platform for the siesta that helps people get to sleep,” says Mashable in Victor de Tena, one of the creators of the site.