The newspapers can not talk about electronic music without talking about drugs

He stole the limelight from pop, but the dance-electronic music for the press is still synonymous with high. I tried to understand why

A couple of weeks ago has done much to discuss an article in a local Romagnolo site. The title: “drug Rivers in the pavilions of the fair in Rimini.” The eye: “The state police personnel and the police have struggled to stand up to the drug dealers flocked to the top dj parade”.

The article refers to the first edition of M.I.F., Inside Music Festival in early May brought together in Rimini the best artists of the current house and techno scene.

Apart from that “top dj parade” you can not hear, the title leaves no way to no interpretation stimulating a click easy, too easy. I start to be filled with doubt, but of course I fall, I click and scrolling through the article I remain astonished in front of the nth vile representation of the world of the night by those who evidently the night and its dynamics to know little or nothing.

Reads five pusher arrested in flagrante delicto and thirty reports.

Great job, protecting the safety and health of the public is an essential duty. Great job guys the police, the party thanks to your work could move forward in the best way and the 15 thousand people who arrived at the Fair were able to fully enjoy the beautiful music by Solomun, Sven Vath, Ralf, Tale Of Us, Ricardo Villalobos.
Nah, I have not read anything any of this but rather just a hoax, yet another in which the generalist news hides the beautiful and the good under the carpet.

If the web, apart from this case, is the place where the modern counterculture are born, grow, mature and die at the speed of light nobly defended by those who were once niches calls, read on bulk printing, the large newspapers, music electronic dance is very difficult if not impossible.

Only takes place when there is half the dead, the drugged, the drunk and the drug dealer but never when it comes to telling the art, the success of an event or a festival that still remain among the major induced for the host cities, a youth movement for dynamic, passion and empathy recalls the rock revolution of the sixties and seventies.

By now it should be clear to everyone, bombarded by commercials in four quarters and the bright colors of the filters but instead the Italian press seems to still have a bad relationship with the world of the night.

When he speaks he almost always speaks ill, he prefers to show the devil in a vision that has nothing to do with what the nightlife is today. This creates a huge gap between what the public know and what you should know. When this gap is minimal culture found fertile ground to grow and develop.

Should someone telling to know that the disco party has changed dramatically from a decade ago and with it the figure of the DJ himself, who is no longer the element borderline and obscure the matter but rather the enlightened and enlightening character, standing on the stage, cheered by thousands of fans with his hands to heaven.

I had promised not to play me anymore saves Article Beghelli “deejays are the new rock star” but I think that unfortunately there is still a need.

During that electronic music weekend at the Fiera di Rimini of things it has happened so many. During the two days it has become a meeting point for professionals, fans and curious. For example, with meetings and theme panel.
But none of this has been told.
Why not make the news, because it clicks. Meanwhile, she dies by goats ignorant to fight against windmills.

Instead of working for inclusion even in the media we tend to work for exclusion because it’s quicker to throw anyone into the sea rather than repair the boat.

Despite the clubbing is profoundly changed over the past decade admit to live together again with some bafflement about some night situations still too linked to night-narcotics stereotype but even more toward a system completely to reform and renew the rules and structures. But I remain firmly convinced that the representation of the night that I read last year repeatedly deviates from reality betraying abundantly in this case the reader through a misleading and sensationalist headline that, in the specific case of Article and who knows what strange mathematical law , reduces the river to 0.033% that is, how many percentage of the five people arrested for drug dealing than fifteen thousand present. A spit.
The facts must be told how.
The right to news and information is sacrosanct, but you should turn these indictments in a public statement and constant of the parties involved – the media, promoters and institutions – so that different point of view that should aim to isolate and condemn in the first degree the bad apples without having to cut each time the tree.
It is important that the public has a clear and complete view of the situation, to come back to be curious about the new forms of art, without having that feeling of rejection caused by some gruesome tales.
Those same new art forms such as electronic music and digital arts that are both professional resources to be developed in young people in search of a survival stimulus is fundamental economic resources for disaster local economies.

We must try to convince the operators of a seaside resort, for example, that the organization of an electronic dance music festival in the vicinity of their facilities will only increase inevitably the armature of their store, their bars, of their hotel.
And ‘mathematician.
If structured properly, the musical is tourism that works, accurate, decisive, targettizzato, identified and intercepted, easy to understand but still a little ‘less to manage. There is still a lot of work but I am extremely confident that the relationship between the media and club culture will improve.