The mystery of the Japanese restaurant where you eat the ass

What’s behind the picture that crazy Internet (and who was also banned from Reddit)?

Imagine a restaurant with a wall from which protrude of behinds, to the level of the patrons, who can touch them, smell them, and … eat off. It exists in Japan, at least judging from the photo that has been circulating for a couple of years. The idea was deemed too extreme even by the site Reddit, which has banned the post relating to the alleged Japanese restaurant where you eat the ass.


But then is it really so? Hypotheses are many: the offending photo is actually a scene from a porn unidentified, the restaurant … and there really is a game show.

Here, of course: the most probable hypothesis is that it is a game show, and perhaps there is almost hope so. On the wall of the asses, on top of these particular “trays”, there are photos of some girls, who are assumed to be the owners of the exposed buttocks.

Well, the game would consist in the association, from the customers, the sitting at the right girl. Do you know how? Sniffing … fart.

That’s right, the game show would allow customers, or better, to competitors, to smell – and eat – butts and then hypothesize the owner.

Girls, fast cars and lion cubs: the Russians offspring is so instagram


Girls, fast cars and lion cubs: the Russians offspring is so instagrammano
On Instagram a new account could beat Dan Bilzerian and partners in the race to “super lout”: Rich Kids depopulated between sexy Russian girls, unbridled luxury and tiger cubs

Dan Bilzerian, made in there: the new rivals coming from Russia and are agguerritissimi. On Instagram from July there an account, complete with a logo (RRK), which publish them, the Russian Rich Kids. Ie, the rich scions Russians, cafoncelli last generation that could really vanquish Dan Bilzerian and associates (US) in the race of super ignorant.

The ingredients are roughly the same: unbridled luxury, travel to exotic locations, sports cars (even with gold lacquer, because the Ferrari alone is not that great), exhibition of wealth (a nutshell in hand and credit cards carnet ).

Some difference, however, between the Russian Rich Kids of Instagram and braggarts Americans: the weapons are less widespread among young Russians, who prefer to show their pets, even better if they are tigers and lion cubs!

Factor “hot”: naturally, but with less brazenness of the good old Dan.
Nothing orgies, a pretty girl in a bikini, but nothing too explicit.

One, two girls at a time, no more: after all, are still “kids”!


“Danger and Desire”, investigation of the kingdom of the night

And ‘the night beauty. Made of excesses, transgression, Music and Sport symbol of fun. The Romagna has up his sleeve famous clubs throughout Europe. And once again to attract the attention in the summer of 2015 is Cocoricò Riccione. An underage boy is killed after taking drugs. Explodes a case that animates the media for months. Follow similar incidents in other regions of Italy and keywords are always “young lads”. From this starting point the publisher NFC Rimini opens a reflection and published the book “Risk and desire”, by the journalist Pierfrancesco Pacoda, expert cultures and trends. The volume is presented Saturday, March 5, at 17, in the spaces of the Biblioteca Baldini of Santarcangelo. Along with the author intervenes Pier Pierucci, a consultant for marketing and creativity. “Risk of desire” through the voices of actors, DJs, managers, doctors and researchers, including Nicholas Lagioia, Lucia Chiavari, Fabrizio De Meis and Prince Maurice, takes stock of the situation of an issue in the present.

The tragic events of last summer have shown that the perception of public opinion on the question of the night is still firm to the night-rocking duo. You may change this view?
“Always the relationship that children have with the night varies between ‘risk’ and ‘Desire’. They are two aspects of the night that fascinate the same way. I find it out of place to the association ‘discos’ and ‘buzz’. as if the clubs were a sort of concentrate of all the perversions with which you must save the children. How? when closing. a repressive attitude that only serves to shift the problem of a few kilometers. ”
The book “Danger and Desire” what are the differences compared to other work already published on the subject, whereas for the first time speaks openly of the drugs issue.
“Risk and desire was written precisely for this, to tell, from within, the world of clubs, with the testimonies of those who, in different ways, in the night works, from street workers to the primary of Sert venue owners. a book which, I hope, can help to understand that the road is not that of repression, but of information, knowledge. And ‘the’ harm reduction ‘the effectively to address the problem of the use of substances. ”
What future do you plan for the industry of leisure on our territory?
“I believe there will be a polarization of the scene, one hand large dance events, which are actually pop concerts and that, as already happens, will be hosted by different spaces from the clubs. On the other hand, small local underground where all gravitate, as it was at the origins of club culture, around music. ”
What are today’s artists and the trendy things to do?
“Surely the artists of the new Italian electronic music, like Clap Clap, Populous and Godblesscomputers. And then the Space Ibiza, because that 2016 will be his last season and so if you’ve never visited, do it!”.