Playlists of Alexander Wang for Apple Music

The American designer debuted on the music platform with three playlists (of course) very elegant

Everyone knows him as a designer, beloved by musicians around the world, among them Madonna to Kanye West. It is now also DJ for Apple Music. Alexander Wang celebrates its passion for fashion and music, participating as a protagonist at the Fashion Curator Program of music streaming platform.

For the occasion, in fact, the American designer has selected three playlists (Chill, Hype and Vibe), containing his favorite pieces, divided by genre (hip hop, RnB, dance).

The richest remain rich for centuries. And the poorest as well

The rich families who were rich in 1427 in Florence still are. The results of research show the difficulty of social upward mobility

If your ancestor was rich, it is you as well. Even at a distance of centuries. The assets, once accumulated, will not fall off easily from the hands of families. On the other hand, it is very narrow to pass the bottleneck to climb high up on the ladder of social mobility. This is what researchers have discovered two of the Bank of Italy, Guglielmo Barone and Sauro Mocetti, who published their study on Vox, made crossing the records of the taxpayers of Florence in 1427 – last names, occupation, income, wealth – with those of 2011 . Family names are an element of precise investigation since traceable through lineages and clans (lineages with more common ancestor) far back in time. Through the so-called “intergenerational elasticity”, or the difference in status between fathers and children of a span of generations, usually not very long, we study the distribution of income. Baron and Mocetti did so in the long run.

Well, this flexibility was very low: three of the top five contributors to 5 years ago belong to families that six centuries ago already belonged to 7% richest of the population by income and 15% for the richest heritage. Taxpayers wealthy back then were in advocacy and in the guilds of wool and silk. Even today, it is professionals and industrialists. In contrast, the families of the five poorest taxpayers in 2011 were already part of the less wealthy half of the population of Florence in 1427. This is even more surprising since Florence is a dynamic city, crossed by history (sieges, wars) and some redistribution of wealth. Despite what the families have been adept at preserving heritage and status through “market mechanisms and not”; whereas, even in such a long time, few have passed the class boundary. Not even the historical and political upheavals have “broken – the researchers conclude – the Gordian knot socio-economic inheritance”.

Isolate area to follow the economic story matches the method of a ‘case-study’ monograph that is in the Languedoc peasants of Le Roy Ladurie an illustrious classic. But if Florence is not a village of Scandinavia “protected” by the whirlwind of history so as to leave the classes unaffected, there is reason to think that, repeated in other cities, the study produces the same result if no breakthrough occurred breakage of the structure social as in Russia in ’17 and France in 1789. the researchers also point out that the socio-economic persistence is also accompanied by the widespread presence in the professions. Who could now transit through the bottleneck to the other side? The two researchers do not say: maybe a top-millionaire player in football today is able to start a wealthy dynasty to remain so for 600 years. Who knows.

Marilyn Monroe

A major exhibition in Turin traces the life of Norma Jeane Baker the woman who would become a myth, forever

“One of the Best Things That ever happened to me is That I’m a woman. That is the way all females Should feel ”
Marilyn Monroe

It opens with these words the great exhibition that Palazzo Madama in Turin dedicated to Marilyn Monroe, the real star of Hollywood icon without time of beauty and sensuality, that June 1, 2016 would have turned 90 years old. Atttraverso and more than a hundred personal items many of which come from his home in Helena Drive 5 in Brentwood, California, left to her acting coach Lee Strasberg, the exhibition traces the life of the famous actress died prematurely at the age of 36 years (5 August 1962). Clothing, accessories, personal items, beauty items, documents, letters, notes on books, film contracts, props and film clips. And also photographs of the diva, unpublished and original ones taken for the newspapers and those taken from Marilyn Monroe’s legendary photographers Alfred Eisenstaedt, George Barris and Bert Stern who withdrew shortly before his tragic death in a famous shoot for Vogue (The last sitting.1962).

The exhibition traces chronologically the backstage life of the woman Marilyn Monroe. An unusual and intimate view: not only the actress’s image of success and a glamor icon, but also his private side, the inner world where she sought refuge, alone and fragile. But also the intelligent woman, ready to respond to photographers with humor and creativity. Norma Jeane Baker, this was his real name, determined to succeed and to make a career with dedication and will power, in a world dominated by men like movie theater in the fifties. “I do not mind living in a man’s world, as long as I can be a woman in it” is one of his most famous phrases.

The woman who took care of the smallest detail its image, the makeup, the hair and the use of his body. That same image still timeless that made it famous. The objects in the exhibition come from the collection of Ted Stampfer, one of the largest of its kind, whose pieces were purchased at auction by Christie’s and Julien’s since 1999 made public the personal and material goods of Marilyn Monroe, which had been locked in coffers and stored in New York. To accompany the exhibition, large-format photographs and video clips, movies, documentaries and a soundtrack with songs by Marilyn Monroe. And a special guest: the picture painted by Andy Warhol Four Marilyns (1979 to 1986).

The Nice Guys: Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe investigates the world of red lights movies

Two detectives fallible and unscrewed in a new, daring buddy movie in Los Angeles at the end of the Seventies full of pitfalls, inappropriate and connivance in sex based party, drugs and rock’n’roll
A star of the show for beautiful adults, died in a tragic automobile accident; a girl also embroiled in the world of porn that everyone is looking and no one is, and two detectives in charge of finding it, Amelia, making their way to the sound of punches and beats and have the faces of two Hollywood megastar like Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling.

And ‘the starting point of The Nice Guys, daring buddy movie to be released on June 1, when the two superstars interpret, respectively, hard Jackson and the handsome Holland. The two detectives fallible but irresistible move in Los Angeles at the end of the Seventies full of pitfalls, inappropriate and connivance … a sex party basis, drugs and perversions.

Crowe and Gosling, dubbed by some the Bud Spencer and Terence Hill 2.0, show you a great understanding which also extends out of the scene:

What do you like best about each other?
Russell Crowe: “Youth!”
Ryan Gosling: “The wisdom of age!”

What do you appreciate more of the seventies, in which you have fallen for the occasion?
Russell Crowe: “Just say that I lost my virginity in those years! And then the music was extraordinary.

Punk took over as the rock became increasingly subservient to the music and lost his grit, declining in the record. ”
Ryan Gosling: “No comment, I was not born yet.”

How did you prepare for a test that is mostly comic?
Russell Crowe: “Working on harmony and, hence, on improvisation that is the one that makes you realize that a scene works best, for example, if you bet more on physical than on another.”
Ryan Gosling: “Six months of school for clowns to make pies in the face. Good thing they did choose the taste of the cake “.
(Author’s note, for the series, with sarcasm as we have? Q.s., thanks)

You’re both actors and directors. What enriches you stand behind the camera?
Russell Crowe: “I seem to perceive more clearly, just like when you look at the sky at night: at first seems completely dark, then you glimpse a few stars and eventually distinguish the whole firmament, to the multitude of the Milky Way.”
Ryan Gosling: “I learned a lot from acting, but as a director I have all of the puzzle pieces, the overall vision of history and I have a mission: to engage the viewer primarily with that, the story I’m telling.”

Lately Hollywood always offers more readjustments or followed previous works. What do you think?
Ryan Gosling: “One of the reasons I accepted this role is precisely that The Nice Guys is in its original way, with fresh characters. In any case, I personally have no problem with the concept of sequels and the like “.
Russell Crowe: “As for me, it really is a matter of point of view: I do not see why you can not, and should, review characters or situations. The major studios are aiming to focus on stories and figures that the audience already knows. For example, I’ll play a character from classic literature, Jekyll Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, this is because Universal has decided to revisit the great monsters of literature and film, an idea that I find fantastic. “

Giulio Cappellini: ‘Young, sweaty and make good design’

Since the 80’s his company is a source of ideas and products, designed by young designers now become the design star.

Meet Giulio Cappellini is an exhilarating and exciting experience, because it means to approach a piece of design history. What the eighties to the present has produced and continues to make the objects of the most beautiful and interesting – at international level – of contemporary design. Those who – in some cases – we are fortunate to host in our homes, the ones we see in art galleries, displayed in an exhibition, or a special display, those that are part of our culture. From Proust armchair by Alessandro Mendini to Wooden Chair by Marc Newson passing the 3088 Series by Piero Lissoni to name a few, there are countless products made over the years for Cappellini. A name that has managed to stand out in the world for its ability to create around himself a precise identity: not only a company of contemporary furniture, but a workshop of ideas, a cultural project in the round that can gather and outline new trends, discover talents and create products with a strong and refined character, trying to respond to the wishes of the most private people.

Today Giulio Cappellini is a very distinguished gentleman and nice in appearance just like everything that bears his name, he decided to tell his story in a book, The Method Cappellini. The dream declined, published by Electa. GQ has had the honor to meet his master at the launch of the book presentation. Here’s what he told us.

Why this book?
“For years there was talk of this book, although I’ve always been a bit ‘hand, jokingly said,” but why? are still not dead ?! “The idea, however, was to try to create a manual that told of the way of working of Cappellini, then not so much a celebratory car book, but a slender book you can read chapter by chapter, from ‘ start to finish, but also from end to beginning to tell us a little ‘the way we work, my dreams, the extraordinary encounters I have had the opportunity to deal with so many young designers, who later became the design star international. A book which I hope to address a public dilated enough, by the student to the public, that would give a picture of our thinking. ”

What is Caps method?
“Jokingly, in the book, I autodefinisco” Sunday afternoon designer “, but the thing I like most is really working on the global project of the company: working with different designers to history, culture, tradzione, origin and try to create a fil thread that connects the way of working of these characters, which of course is very different for each of them. The idea is to work on the final project of the company, which is made of product, communication, influences, thoughts, this is the Caps method that in some ways is also quite unusual compared to the way of working of other companies in the industry, however, it is the method that belongs there. ”

It is considered a design talent scout: that instinct it takes, how do you figure out in advance that that person resides in a talent?
“I have a method that I follow to see if a person is of value or not, are choices that come from the stomach, from the heart. I am traveling a lot and often in universities, in various committees of design awards, where I have a chance to meet and get in touch with new young talent. Sometimes seeing a drawing or a prototype of a product I happen to say “I wish I had suffered in the morning in my house.” We say it is instinct, even if then, after a cognitive meeting with the designers, there may be months or years before you get to the final product. ”

In addition to talent, what are the criteria to be enrolled in the Caps team?
“Professionalism is essential, as I always say to the kids who happen to teach, they always say” do a few things but do them well and above all try to follow your idea from the origin until it becomes the product. Make a real product today is not an easy thing because it means doing something better than what has been done ten, fifteen, twenty years ago. Passion and professionalism are really the two basic elements that allow a young designer to emerge. It takes a lot of patience, but I always say that if a designer is good, sooner or later people are hardly aware. ”

Which, among its various collaborations, she remained in my heart?
“Many were interesting meetings I had the good fortune to do, surely the one with Shiro Kuramata in Japan has been for me a very important meeting because although he was a very introverted character, although he did not speak neither English nor Italian, I became realize that the long silences in some cases are worth a thousand words, there has been very very strong mental understanding. Another very important meeting and continues to give good fruits was with Jasper Morrison. Jasper Morrison is one of the leading designers for Cappellini, is a great friend, and is a person I love involved in what as I said before I call the global project of the company. When I call, it happens that we talk about an hour of the product and three or four hours of the general idea of ​​the company. Then there are many others, but these are the ones that have marked me. ”

And what piece signed Cappellini is particularly proud of?
“For a dad is always very difficult to say which is the best son, I have to say though that there are some who are particularly attached, but not so much for the product itself but to the history that is behind. Often the most strenuous projects, those that seemed finished but instead we had to start from the beginning were the ones who gave more satisfaction. I think of the Thinking Man’s Chair which was the first chair that Morrison did for Cappellini, is a project, a product that is in my heart, along with these others. ”

As a child he dreamed of becoming what?
“As a child I played with Lego and Meccano and dreamed of becoming an architect. I made the Polytechnic, during my studies I had the good fortune to work as an intern for a year in the studio of Gio Ponti when he was living, and I thought to be a designer, architect. At that time the Caps was a small family business that made furniture. Then one instinctively evening, once again, I decided to take care of the family, and so I started working on the international design. Today, in addition to the company, I also deal with another type organize exhibitions related to design to try to get a view of the much enlarged project. I really like to have a very precise contact with young people, which is why when a couple of years ago I was involved Istituto Marangoni in tracing the educational tracks for students of Design Campus in Milan have accepted with great pleasure. Contact with young people is very attractive, they are very reactive. ”

A tip to those who now want to take the designer’s craft
“Council of knowing well the history of design, and then. Having paziena, work with great professionalism and sweat, to fatigue, if you’re good, sooner or later people are hardly aware. ”

Compared to the week of the Milan Furniture there anything you would like to change?
“The Milan Design Week continues to be the most important in the world. To keep the record we think we should continue to work not so much on quantity, but on quality. Who is in Italy for Design Week wants to see beautiful projects, quality. We must defend the quality, because we have the means to do so. ”

Today, the design seems to have moved away from the beautiful and functional concept, cheaply, What do you think? What is design today, and what it should be?
“I often say that we must return to make good design objects such as the origin of the design of the fifties and sixties, also because the basic concept of the design was to create democratic objects. For our part we are that we’re trying to do because many of our fans are young people who say “I really like Cappellini but I can afford it”, even for the designer is a big challenge, to work on a serial product . This is still an issue on which we must work. Perhaps in recent years the industry has been working too often on lifestyle and often the lifestyle is a way to conceal the weakness of the product design. We have to get back to doing the great good products at affordable prices. ”

She happens to appear design objects?
“Yes, in my house there are objects of various companies, objects that I like, a little money, valuable objects, objects that purchase in Italy, or in the various trips around the world.”

Lately there is much talk of sustainability and technology in design. Passing a fashion or a concept that will remain and which will invest in companies?
“I think it’s a sign of great responsibility. We have the theme came in very recent times. Talking about sustainability is not just about using a recycled material, is really a project to 360 degrees, to work the people in a great environment, a process that is part of the whole company. In some cases it is also a bit ‘speculated, has become a marketing Oggeto, I believe that given the great attention that the final public is giving to this issue instead is a duty of the company. ”

As a child he dreamed of becoming an architect … and grow up?
“When I grow up I have a long list of things I would do. I believe that in design, in spite of what you may think, there are still a million things to do. I believe that expanding the concept of the design of the project to different sectors is certainly interesting. Since then great dream of working on projects a little ‘more extended, they are not only related to a project related to the individual product, but on what I call a little’ new landscapes of living, of working, this is an issue that I’m very interested, with contamination of course in other sectors that are the fashion, art and comunquesi come very close to the way people live their lives. “

Korean icicle fighting a hangover

It’s called Gyeondyo-bar and in its recipe, as well as water and sugar, it hides a secret ingredient by the miraculous properties

The hangover is exceeded in fluency, in the space of about twenty bites. The Gyeondyo-bar, this is the name of the product, it is indeed a new, wondrous remedy with stick built to cope all’hangover post-evenings of raised elbow. Issue in detail of a popsicle / ice cream, which besides water, sugar & Co includes in its recipe a secret ingredient, codified in manuals of Oriental medicine since the seventeenth century: a grape extract passes.

Every single icicle contains 0.7% of this juice, an amount sufficient to what seems to relieve the feeling of nausea and dizziness. An old remedy, in short, that the Koreans – among the most avid consumers of Asia and worldwide spirits – known for centuries and centuries; and that this time is proposed in the form of fresh dessert. A viable alternative to traditional medicine for the hangover, which in South Korea – according to estimates – would be at the center of a turnover of over 126 million dollars.

In the US they have made a day of celebration in honor of Beyoncé

Queen Bey makes a stop in Minnesota and the state stops for her

More than a pop star, almost a saint, so much to see each dedicate a day to its name: it happened to Beyoncé, who meanwhile is enjoying the success of his latest album and chiacchiaratissimo Lemonade.
It is not known whether it is only for 2016 or if the calendar has changed permanently, the fact is that yesterday, May 23, was the Beyoncé Day. At the very least, in Minnesota, where the singer has landed for a date of its Formation World Tour.

Gov. Mark Dayton has proclaimed the day of celebration, giving account by publishing the official act on twitter.

Document, Governor Dayton spent words of admiration for the professional achievements of the singer, referring also to the cultural impact of Beyo model: “Beyoncé has greatly influenced girls and women with the positive content of his songs.”

The newspapers can not talk about electronic music without talking about drugs

He stole the limelight from pop, but the dance-electronic music for the press is still synonymous with high. I tried to understand why

A couple of weeks ago has done much to discuss an article in a local Romagnolo site. The title: “drug Rivers in the pavilions of the fair in Rimini.” The eye: “The state police personnel and the police have struggled to stand up to the drug dealers flocked to the top dj parade”.

The article refers to the first edition of M.I.F., Inside Music Festival in early May brought together in Rimini the best artists of the current house and techno scene.

Apart from that “top dj parade” you can not hear, the title leaves no way to no interpretation stimulating a click easy, too easy. I start to be filled with doubt, but of course I fall, I click and scrolling through the article I remain astonished in front of the nth vile representation of the world of the night by those who evidently the night and its dynamics to know little or nothing.

Reads five pusher arrested in flagrante delicto and thirty reports.

Great job, protecting the safety and health of the public is an essential duty. Great job guys the police, the party thanks to your work could move forward in the best way and the 15 thousand people who arrived at the Fair were able to fully enjoy the beautiful music by Solomun, Sven Vath, Ralf, Tale Of Us, Ricardo Villalobos.
Nah, I have not read anything any of this but rather just a hoax, yet another in which the generalist news hides the beautiful and the good under the carpet.

If the web, apart from this case, is the place where the modern counterculture are born, grow, mature and die at the speed of light nobly defended by those who were once niches calls, read on bulk printing, the large newspapers, music electronic dance is very difficult if not impossible.

Only takes place when there is half the dead, the drugged, the drunk and the drug dealer but never when it comes to telling the art, the success of an event or a festival that still remain among the major induced for the host cities, a youth movement for dynamic, passion and empathy recalls the rock revolution of the sixties and seventies.

By now it should be clear to everyone, bombarded by commercials in four quarters and the bright colors of the filters but instead the Italian press seems to still have a bad relationship with the world of the night.

When he speaks he almost always speaks ill, he prefers to show the devil in a vision that has nothing to do with what the nightlife is today. This creates a huge gap between what the public know and what you should know. When this gap is minimal culture found fertile ground to grow and develop.

Should someone telling to know that the disco party has changed dramatically from a decade ago and with it the figure of the DJ himself, who is no longer the element borderline and obscure the matter but rather the enlightened and enlightening character, standing on the stage, cheered by thousands of fans with his hands to heaven.

I had promised not to play me anymore saves Article Beghelli “deejays are the new rock star” but I think that unfortunately there is still a need.

During that electronic music weekend at the Fiera di Rimini of things it has happened so many. During the two days it has become a meeting point for professionals, fans and curious. For example, with meetings and theme panel.
But none of this has been told.
Why not make the news, because it clicks. Meanwhile, she dies by goats ignorant to fight against windmills.

Instead of working for inclusion even in the media we tend to work for exclusion because it’s quicker to throw anyone into the sea rather than repair the boat.

Despite the clubbing is profoundly changed over the past decade admit to live together again with some bafflement about some night situations still too linked to night-narcotics stereotype but even more toward a system completely to reform and renew the rules and structures. But I remain firmly convinced that the representation of the night that I read last year repeatedly deviates from reality betraying abundantly in this case the reader through a misleading and sensationalist headline that, in the specific case of Article and who knows what strange mathematical law , reduces the river to 0.033% that is, how many percentage of the five people arrested for drug dealing than fifteen thousand present. A spit.
The facts must be told how.
The right to news and information is sacrosanct, but you should turn these indictments in a public statement and constant of the parties involved – the media, promoters and institutions – so that different point of view that should aim to isolate and condemn in the first degree the bad apples without having to cut each time the tree.
It is important that the public has a clear and complete view of the situation, to come back to be curious about the new forms of art, without having that feeling of rejection caused by some gruesome tales.
Those same new art forms such as electronic music and digital arts that are both professional resources to be developed in young people in search of a survival stimulus is fundamental economic resources for disaster local economies.

We must try to convince the operators of a seaside resort, for example, that the organization of an electronic dance music festival in the vicinity of their facilities will only increase inevitably the armature of their store, their bars, of their hotel.
And ‘mathematician.
If structured properly, the musical is tourism that works, accurate, decisive, targettizzato, identified and intercepted, easy to understand but still a little ‘less to manage. There is still a lot of work but I am extremely confident that the relationship between the media and club culture will improve.

Nokia returns to the market with Android smartphones and tablets

Microsoft has sold brand and services for 350 million dollars: a company born with the Nokia design experience and manufacturing capabilities Foxconn

We will soon come back to buy a smartphone and a Nokia-branded tablet. Yesterday Microsoft has decided to sell what was left in the company of the Finnish brand for $ 350 million: the brand was bought by the HMD, a Finnish company which will cooperate with the old giant telephony and which will also assume historical employees, while services, contracts and distribution networks have been sold to FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of Foxconn, the Chinese company that deals, among other things, to build the iPhone on behalf of Apple. In practice we will have a new hardware company that will have the whole of Nokia’s design experience and manufacturing capabilities Foxconn. A combination that had produced in the past that was equipped Android tablet N1 and had a very similar design to the iPad Mini. For its part, Redmond will continue to develop the Lumia smartphones, considered that the agreement covers only low-cost models, now out of production for more than a year.

Two years after the sale of Lumia sector, Nokia back then, to be operational in the mobile market, completely reversing the situation that foreshadowed in 2014. At the time, Microsoft decided to invest five billion dollars to buy the brand and try to relaunch its hopes in the mobile arena. The Finns were in decline after the arrival of the iPhone cyclone that had completely sparigliato cards in the mobile phone market where they had always been the absolute rulers, while the US is playing the last card handy to try to catch the fly the train smart phone that they had failed spectacularly. But it needed a change, so the name Nokia was thrown from the window to point the Lumia and Windows Phone brand. At that historical moment it seemed that the wind pulled around the side of Redmond, destined to rise again, breaking the duopoly iOS -Android and establish itself in the market, leaving forever the trash the Finnish brand. The company was turned inside out like a sock: maximum concentration to mobile and cloud to attract especially the business segment enticed by the possibility of using the office suite for free on all platforms. Learn from Cupertino to offer operating system upgrades free of charge for its customers (as has happened before with Windows 10) and seeks to establish itself as a subject that can break down barriers between platforms, taking the place of Blackberry in the collective imagination of those who use your phone mainly for work.

Yet despite these maneuvers, the situation has not improved: Microsoft has not had the expected success and sales of its Lumia have gradually reduced up to the 2.3 million devices sold in the last quarter – a drop of 73% from 8.6 million units in the same period of last year. To the point of thinking that this move can only be a first step towards total disposal: cease production of smartphones to focus on Windows 10 and on a greater penetration of the software. Nokia, however, has been able to diversify by focusing on the production of mobile phone networks – where is the market leader after the merger with Alcatel-Lucent cost 15.6 billion Euros – and the virtual reality that has already formalized the camera output Ozo, carving out a significant role in the field of telecommunications. The destinies of these two companies have gone hand in hand over the past: where the takeover of one is derived from a failure of the other. Today is the turn of Nokia to get back in the saddle and try again to great return, even riding the nostalgia of those who do not hope other things can come out a new version of the old 3310.

The sexy photos of the history of Instagram

From the first Belfie Kim Kardashian naked to a surprise Selena Gomez, the 15 shots that split Internet

Instagram was born in 2010 and in less than six years has become one of the most beloved company in the world. Above all, it is the favorite of celebrities, which means photos can communicate with fans and keep the attention on himself.

The challenge to those who splits intenet is always open, even if it can be nice to review in a rundown hot shots that somehow made history (sexy) Instagram: the first Belfie Kim Kardashian on, it’s all a visual feast.