Ibiza and Formentera. dream holidays (even without the jet set)


IBIZA – Put a day at sea, the island of the Mediterranean that you have captured her heart. Put to want to get in front of your eyes a magnificent view of cherish on cold winter days. So you decide to direct your delicious Panda white car (which on Isla gave you the most satisfaction of a Maserati) towards Illetes. And a souvenir guide you. I stop to think of a holiday many years ago, where, with one of your best friends had experienced this magic almost 24 hours a 24. I was so excited to make her sleep four hours a night.

He only endured for the infinite love that binds us. Once you arrived at the beach that morning we wanted nothing but two chairs and an umbrella, to soothe our limbs, tired from lack of sleep. But nothing, seemed like a mission impossible. As long as the distance does not last like a mirage this amazing stretch of coast. Lapped by clear blue sea and offering a breadth of boats in the harbor sensational. And that boat. But I was so hot that not even I realized. I gave him what he wanted most: shade and comfort. Only return to take Amanda was waiting for me at the beach earlier realized I happened to be in a parallel universe. Here Birkin were used as beach bags.
And today this memory brought me here. I had to wait a lot to be able to accommodate but I witnessed an unusual spectacle. I found out only now, after chatting with plagist, that the movements that I observed were justified. Beside me in the sun’s sister and brother in law of an emir of Qatar. Their crew descends every morning before everybody and waits for the beach staff to set their location. All the beds are covered with various profunatissimi white towel. Pillows, basket with sunscreen, minibar by great design. Even a play worthy of a club of excellence. I spotted off the dinghy women refined and discreet elegance, sit next to me and enjoy this splendid sea. A single question intrigued me: but the Cartier bolt also exists three laps in the three golds !! ??? At the same time, the other side of an Arab prince beach (of which I did not understand the name) has set up a corner of paradise, even taking personal sunbeds from the yacht.

I think there were more his bodyguards that bathers in that stretch of beach. Meanwhile an industrial magnate has landed with the requirements creating havoc and movement. The poor plagist is going to take away the umbrella of two swimmers in order to bring a third to him !!! What has further intrigued me is the mega yacht service personnel. These are mainly Asian. The afternoon is spent with a bustle of private tender together with those of the famous restaurant located behind us. I wanted to observe the menu, full of peculiarities. All possible cuisines to satisfy demanding taste. Now while a cruise ship, said to be the most expensive yachts in the world, with two helicopters on the decks, is likely to take my view of Ibiza darling, I will continue to watch the sea, for a day of fun from having shared such a surreal world.

Ferrari J50

The Maranello unveiled in Tokyo off a series of base 488 Spider created to celebrate its 50 years of presence in the country of the Rising Sun

There is a reason why the limited editions destined to Japan of any type of product to be able always the most pussies to be found on the market? Not enough jackets or sneakers, now you also put the Ferrari! It is right to pay tribute to the fifty years since the start of distribution of cars of Drake in Japanese territory, in fact, that the new Ferrari J50 has been made in the past few hours at the National Art Center in Tokyo. A work of art on four wheels designed by students of Special Projects department of Maranello and built on the basis of 488 Spider. To move the usual 3.9-liter V8 from 690 hp winner, the title of International Engine of the Year this year.

Among the quotes of note, is proudly displayed the slit into two sections that the line of the body and which attracts with its black color, the airfoils which surround the machine (splitter, side skirts and spolier): a call to one of the stylistic choices that have characterized some sacred cows such as the GTO, F40 and F50. The noses, again, have been relocated to make possible the new design of the front bumper, while the rear is an inspired puller to afterburners on jet airplanes. To get in the Ferrari garage most beautiful in recent years the chances are pretty slim: the J50 will be built only 10 copies!

The nights in Ibiza know anise: brief history of Hierbas Ibicencas

For many, the summer has the aniseed taste, for many it is a tax to be paid. Ibiza and Formentera are claiming the invention. We’re talking about Herbes, the most famous of the Balearic liquor

If you have been on holiday in Ibiza and Formentera, and you have not enjoyed at least once in the power of a chupito of Hierbas, your vacation could be classified as serenely bankruptcy. Obtained from the extraction of the aromas of different typical plants such as rosemary, thyme, mint, juniper, sage, fennel, lavender, chamomile, lemon liquor and leaves and lemon peel and orange, this drink is part of the tradition of many families who baleariche nineteenth jealously preserved her recipe.
Legend has it that the Hierbas was born in Formentera at the end in 1800 from an idea of ​​Mr. Juan Mari Mayans, but the main bottles of Hierbas commercially depict label maps and details of Ibiza, on all the big floating rock of Es see, as if to emphasize the spiritual properties and beneficial liquor. Intuiting the commercial potential, Mr. Mari Mayans opened a small factory just in Ibiza transforming the craft beverage in one of the famous brands in distilleries and in the supermarkets of the Balearic Islands.

In 1997 the Hierbas was even recognized as the Source product IGT and to be able to use the name “Hierbas Ibicencas” on their labels, manufacturers must be listed in the Geographical Designation Register managed by the Consell de Ibiza.

For this and other reasons, such as the fact that the epic nights in Ibiza are mainly little anise flavor, the liquor department of the duty free Ibiza airport is very busy. A famous spot of a wine in the eighties promised to bring to town a sip of Romagna. Here, replace the word “Romagna” with “Ibiza” and you’re done. Handled with care, however. Initially you will be amazed how your physique is able to withstand chupito after chupito, until at some point the twenty-six degrees of liquor you will definitely feel it. For this better fill the copa, the glass with a poquito de hielo, with a little ‘ice, to relieve the heat. Hierbas, the true spirit of Ibiza.

Essential guide to the Closing Party Ibiza

While the normal world goes mad in traffic and curses checking email accounts, bills & Co, the island of the Balearic Islands is celebrated the greatest moment and anticipated of the year: the two weeks of the closing party. The essential in a guide

Ushuaïa Closing Party – The Mecca of dance music mainstream, to Guetta, Avicii, Axwell and Ingrosso, for the closing party shows his underground side by hosting the console some “superheroes” such as Damian Lazarus, Andrea Oliva, Seth Troxler, Black Coffee and The Martinez Brothers. Kick off at 12 hours on Saturday 1 October. Full time no earlier than 4 o’clock the next morning.

Australia also surfed dogs
Space Closing Fiesta – Sunday, October 2 is a date that will forever remain in the history of club culture: the legendary Space Ibiza will close forever and will do so with a musical marathon unprecedented. In the six areas set up for the occasion they will perform more than a hundred deejay. By those who have made the history of the local as Alex P & Brandon Block, Alfredo, David Morales, Erick Morillo, Sasha, Roger Sanchez who collected their legacy as Maceo Plex, Tale Of Us, Kölsch. Carl Cox inevitable which will probably be entrusted with the farewell ceremony, scheduled around the time of lunch on Monday 3 October between tears and applause

Cocoon Closing Party – If you still have some energy available Monday evening, October 3, Sven Väth greets the summer with the last act of his party at Amnesia in Ibiza.

Try to find out where is the after party: it is there that the German shaman offers the best of churning out the best records of his repertoire.

Pacha Closing Weekend – From 4 to 9 October a star parade will toast for the last time in the most famous club in the world. The opportunities are not lacking: on Tuesday there Maceo Maceo Plex (with DJ Koze and Pachanga Boys: Crazy music!), It’s up to Martin Solveig on Wednesday while Thursday, October 6 eyes on the closing of the David Guetta party (along with Robin Schulz ). Also open on Friday and Saturday with Bob Sinclar, Todd Terry and DJ Sneak for lovers of real house music, Sunday à deserves a separate discussion.

Amnesia Closing Party – For many, “the closing of the closures” because the local San Rafael is one of the oldest. Already in the eighties the super celebrities like Freddy Mercury were dancing under the stars on the deejay Alfredo notes mixava as no psychedelic rock and Italo disco. That magic still lives in the magical terrace where the light in the morning penentra the transparent roof. For this I recommend you do not go before Sunday, October 9 morning when Ricardo Villalobos will guide you into another dimension, just as it did Alfredo. A must.

Solomun Closing Party – probably the best on the island evening for energy, audience and musical quality. We interviewed the Bosnian deejay during the summer, right in the midst of his triumphant ride that Sunday, October 9 will see it sure winner. Not to be missed.

Circoloco Closing Party – Just one more effort: Monday, October 10 the scene is the “party” par excellence. The most beautiful music (Solomun separately), the craziest people and taking good of the world are here today, at DC10 in Ibiza, behind the airport (perfect for making the straight). In the top panel that the tech-house scene has to offer: from Jamie Jones Nina Kraviz, Berlin dall’idolo Marcel Dettmann young people the Jackmaster talents, David August, Adriatique. To note the return of Luciano and Loco Dice, two that have greatly contributed to creating the legend of Circoloco.

Rumors Closing Party – Discover the magical world of the Israeli Guy Gerber deejay, spiritual and transcendental house in the beautiful surroundings of Destiny Beach Report, a short walk from Pacha. It is on 09 or 17 October, in the afternoon. If you are still on the island you should just be ashamed …

After-party – Each party will follow, eyes and ears open. Bracelets and word of mouth does not absolutely have to escape it. Have fun, party hard, but do not forget to go home!

In Ibiza it seems to be in Milan

On the island some Milanese businesses have shifted the center of gravity of the summer capital of Italian nightlife in Ibiza
The Balearic Islands speak Italian. It is sometimes very difficult to be a prophet at home (and not always for personal demerits) are many of our compatriots who have found their luck in Ibiza. Oreste Carpi and Carlo Alberto Bellini were among the pioneers in this regard. From Emilia arrived aboard a Vespa 125 in 1987 “sleeping under bridges”, their creative and entrepreneurial vision allowed him to understand first of all that the island and its parties would been the promised land for the young throughout Europe. So, in 1992, they came up with the mechanism of pre-sales at the harbor, discounted tickets to buy before going to the disco with a drink and a chupito in homage to the place where purchased. This system, which today may seem almost obsolete, has actually characterized and defined the island is by a point in the trend of marketing. It made Oreste Carlo Alberto and two very happy lords who divide their lives between hard of Ibizan work commitments ( “we work when others are having fun”) and holidays between Brazil and Miami.

Today Ibiza has opened the doors to all types of tourism, it changed the rules of business remain always a tempting place for those who want to expand their business horizons. On the island such as operating various activities that Milan have in a sense moved the center of gravity of the summer capital of Italian nightlife in Ibiza.

iStuff Cafè – If the concept store in Milan David Marsili uniting, thanks to its so cool gadgets, high tech, design and fashion is celebrating ten years in Calle Bisbe Cardona at the port of Ibiza his brother Spaniard has just opened the doors. The cover can add a nice breakfast, a bit of computer work and some interesting chatter.

Iuter – The Milanese brand based in Porta Ticinese is always connected to the underground culture and music, from hip to the dance and electronic music with artists particularly attracted to the brand vision (Diplo and the Major Lazer all). Iuter before summer arrived in Ibiza, Calle Bartolome Vicente Ramon # 3, always at the port. Various deejays have already gone from the store to the grocery store.

Antonioli – About fashion, the new exciting Art District of Ibiza, in the industrial area behind the Pacha, a giant warehouse was converted by Claudio Antonioli in a beautiful and very large store (spin-off of the Milanese Via Pasquale Paoli) and an exhibition space called Hangar 8289 where art and music blend perfectly. From August 15 to 31 was possible for free visit the photo exhibition “Future’s Past” Sven Marquardt, famous for being the fearsome doorman of Berghain in Berlin. Eye to the DJ sets that Tale Of Us (partners of the initiative), and their friends, offering surprise in the location.

Nove25 – Nove25, well-known brand jewelry silver craftsmanship Ravizza 3, in addition to Milan precisely Rome, Como, Lugano and Valencia is also present in Ibiza in Carrer d’Enmig 29, always at the port of Ibiza that as you’ll see it the best location for a business like that. Custom pieces “Made in Ibiza Nove25” sell like hot cakes.

Club Haus – Three years ago the boys of Via Valtellina have exported their concept of party on the isla blanca collaborating with the restaurateur Giuseppe Cipriani. For them, the season ended early because of the imminent reopening Milanese but they do know that next year will return to Ibiza with some good news.

Afterlife – Even an Ibiza clubbing a lot speaks Italian. DC10 and Music On (Amnesia, Friday) are just two of homegrown reality that for years dominated the island and international scene. This year, the rooster has been enriched with another Milanese reality that sees in the front row Matthew Milleri and Carmine Conte aka Tale Of Us, committed to the new Thursday night the legendary and unfortunately forever closed Space Ibiza. The Afterlife party is taken care of by the two DJs and producers grew up in Milan along with their collaborators

Clint Eastwood: ‘I will vote Trump, although he says stupid things “

In an interview in Esquire, the actor and director to pronounce against the “politically correct” and gives its support to the candidate of the GOP

There is an America in tune with Donald Trump, but Clint Eastwood is the first star to rule for the Republican candidate in a world, that of Hollywood, largely pro-Hillary. The award-winning director said in an interview with Esquire, that his preference is to Trepubblicano presidential candidate. “He says what’s on her mind, and sometimes it is not the best. I can see where it comes out, but do not always agree with him. Racist? It is a generation of pussies. All to walk on eggshells. When I was little certain things were not racist calls “. Fanfare. Yet it is the image of an America personal values ​​(Eastwood has always considered himself a “libertarian right”, a category that has its own history and consistency in the States than in Europe) and brisk manner that put for example in famous scene in Gran Torino – David di Donatello and Nastro d’Argento in 2009 – when it enters the barbershop with ethnic Hmong boy and greets him: “How are you asshole of a crazy Italian?”, which refers to: “Toh, a Polish and a Chinese guy.

Its indication for Trump has nevertheless already been around the world but points out “mine is not an endorsement, I do not support any candidate nor have I spoken with Trump”. Note republican faith, Eastwood did not participate this year at the convention in Cleveland still smarting from the “silly thing” of his skit with empty chair – as if he were interviewing Obama – at the Tampa convention for president in 2012.

“Secretly he all tired of political correctness – says Eastwood, seizing one of the aspects that are characterizing the elections here and there from the Atlantic and inflating the spoils of Trump, but also of Sanders – we are in the midst of the generation” kiss- ass “, generating” pussy “, the pussy: this can not be said, this can not be done, everything is prohibited. Otherwise it is racism. ”

If you had to choose between the two candidates would have no doubts: “Trump is a tough guy.” The announcement in a long interview with Esquire with his son Scott, actor arrived at the cinema through Suicide Squad. While his father is completing its latest effort, Sully, starring Tom Hanks, the 34th of his career as a director.

“Clinton, however – said Eastwood – intends to follow in the footsteps of Obama” and would be guilty of having made too many compromises in politics, while “I have given up and make sure that Ronald Reagan would have done so.”

The United States did not fail to dwell on the significance of the reference to Reagan: estimated today one of the greatest American presidents, when they looked out of the policy was qualified “a third-rate actor” and “ultrareazionario” and ridiculed his “Reaganomics”. Then he destroyed the URSS and relaunched the economy. Trump will not be Reagan, but America is America.

Ciaolà, the cocktail recipe for Italian House to toast the Olympics

Designed by Fabrizio Widgeon bartender, it is the colorful drinks that will keep company with the Italian athletes in their trip to Rio de Janeiro. Here is the recipe
Music, amazing choreography and above all much, much sport. The opening ceremony of the 5th August at Maracanã will give the official start of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad. House Italy, the structure that will house our 308 athletes ready to bring high the tricolor flag under the Brazilian sky, was held at the Clube Costa Brava, in the Joá district, in the west of Rio de Janeiro. Here, between events, cultural initiatives and a bit of well-deserved rest, you can drink in Ciaolà company, a drink specially created by the bartender Fabrizio Widgeon to celebrate the Olympic adventure of the blue team.
A colorful cocktail, cheerful and played on intense fruit flavors that dominate the season of international mixology. The protagonist of the recipe (found below) is the ultra-premium vodka Ciroc, the only one to be obtained exclusively by distillation of selected grapes, which divides the glass with Sicilian lemon juice, guava puree, egg white pasteurized and Primitivo young.

The cocktail name, Ciaolà, born from the union of the classic Italian and Brazilian greetings: hello, and its equivalent in Portuguese olà. Hoping to be able to welcome the Olympics so full of medals and rewards.

Ciaolà, Fabrizio Wigeon

4.5 cl of Ciroc vodka
3 cl Sicilian lemon juice
2 cl guava puree
7.5 ml of pasteurized egg white
3 cl of young Primitivo

Pour Ciroc vodka, lemon juice, guava puree and egg white into a cocktail shaker. Shake well. Pour into a highball glass filled with ice previously. Add the young Primitivo and garnish with a sprig of basil.

24 Hours of Le Mans, Ford’s return

50 years after his first victory, so Ford has managed to regain the top spot

The history of the Ford GT, like all the best sports stories, is a personal story. Stems from a bitter rivalry that dates back more than 50 years ago, when Henry Ford II tried to buy the Ferrari sports section in 1963. When it was just before the conclusion of the transaction, Enzo Ferrari he changed his mind and closed the deal. Enraged, Ford asked his engineers to give a lesson Italian entrepreneur. Mission accomplished in 1966, when the new GT40 square a spectacular hat-trick at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, breaking the Ferrari domination that lasted for six years. Ford becomes the first and only American automaker to win on the French track, and is repeated four times in a row, also inaugurating the tradition of champagne shower on the podium thanks to its pilot, Jo Siffert, that while celebrating opens inadvertently his bottle and spray it on the public. The last victory for Ford in 1969 with the Belgian driver Jacky Ickx, who places first though to protest the lack of security of the traditional departure of the drivers who run across the track and then jump in the car is started walking slowly.

24 Hours of Le Mans
The memory and the legacy of those four extraordinary years must have been very present in the minds of the engineers of the Ford Special Vehicle Team (now renamed Ford Performance) when they met 43 years later in a bunker in the basement of the headquarters of Ford in Michigan to design the return of the American brand on the Le Mans circuit. “The GT40 was my first thought, how could it be otherwise?” Said Ford Performance Director Dave Pericak.24 Hours of Le Mans

It was not just a matter of designing a racing car. The Le Mans Regulation provides that to enter in the GTE Pro class, Ford would first have to create a road model, and then adapt it to stand up to 24 consecutive hours of running, all within the fiftieth anniversary of the victory, which fell in June 2016. Fortunately the car’s design procedures have become much faster from the 60s to today. The design process on paper, construction of models and experimentation with prototypes was replaced by the virtual reality that enables engineers to carefully examine each car in 3D detail before any of its components to be built, while a driving simulator It is allowing designers to understand first performance on the track.

24 Hours of Le Mans
In the test phase, the computational fluid dynamics has transformed the aerodynamics in a precise and predictable science and allows you to test and optimize features such as the rear spoiler and large air diffusers of the GT well before entering the wind tunnel. Thanks to all this, when the first GT 2016 has rolled off the assembly line, Ford already had a pretty clear idea of ​​how he would run on a circuit. Information quite useful, since despite a passing resemblance to the first GT40, the GT 2016 is completely different from any other car Ford has ever built. The use of carbon fiber everywhere, from the monocoque to the wheels and the hand-made aluminum structures to connect the frame to the suspension ensure that the supercar only 1310 Kg weights.
The combination of these aerodynamic characteristics with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost turbo engine and six-cylinder V which releases a power of 630 horsepower (200 horsepower of the old GT40 but with two cylinders less) puts the GT between machines from the most powerful way that has ever been built before the engineers of the racing team they put their hands above to edit it.

24 Hours of Le Mans
But as he approached the race of Le Mans, the question was always the same: it will be enough? “We were confident, we had addressed all the issues related to the resistance in a race like that, we had speed and wondered what could make the machine on” circuit Pericak says, “But we have never competed against each other, not sure what they had prepared. Many things can happen in a long 24 hours race. ” Despite a difficult start to the season at Daytona, the positive signs have arrived with the first place at Laguna Seca followed by the second at six hours of Spa a week later.

24 Hours of Le MansSabato June 18 at 15 Ford GT has been deployed on the starting line in Le Mans. Twenty-four hours after Sebastien Bourdais, Dirk Muller and Joey Hand, the drivers of the GT 68, climb onto the top step of the podium in the GTE Pro class, ahead of those of the # 82 Ferrari.
“It’s not often you see a car go back to Le Mans with a title on the first try,” says Pericak, “The challenge that this team had to face was no different from the one they had faced 50 years ago.” The first year went, the other three are missing.

The recipe for the summer detox cocktail

Papaya, passion fruit, lime, passion fruit and ginger how to prepare an antioxidant and energy-rate drink

Ready to prepare a healthy cocktail of sultry weather-proof? Happy hour craze waned, today the aperitif is detox and even gourmet. Besides well as celebrities from all over the world for this summer they have decided to focus on the antioxidant effects of analcoolici drink. And if the location in which to learn the secrets of the drink is a luxury resort in the heart of North Ari atoll in the Maldives, the effects of the energy concentrated multiply. The result? A natural doping providing you a higher gear before your workout thanks to fiber, vitamins and minerals contained in papaya and passion fruit. Now close your eyes and imagine that you are at Jing bar overlooking a very long jetty touched by the crystal waters of a sea postcard. (Www.constancehotels.com/)

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Papaya Boost

5 pieces of papaya
250 ml orange juice
2 pieces of passion fruit

Pour all ingredients into a shaker along with plenty of ice and shake vigorously.

Filter into the glass and serve.

Italy-Germany: from Rivera to Balotelli, 46 years domain

Saturday in Bordeaux is back Italy-Germany, the mother of all challenges. The Germans are certain to win, but history tells something different. From Mexico ’70 to today. The videos

For the Bild there is no game. Italy passed off and “Granny” ready to go back to Fiumicino. They said as many as ten years ago, when they were playing at home and they were confident that the Azzurri would leave the pens. I always say, the Germans. “This time we win.” But then it never happens. It goes on like that since the ball rolling on a football field. If Italy and Germany meet in an international tournament, the first non-forgiveness. Out of eight matches between European and World, the count says 4 wins and 4 draws. Saturday, June 2 is the day of “litmus test.”

The champions of the world – really now aware of their own strength – against what was supposed to be the worst national forever. Transformed by Antonio Conte in a phalanx ready to resist the attack of anyone. Belgium phenomena, Sweden Ibrahimovic, Spain highly decorated. Without neither the men of Loew and France. Under with the first, then possibly it’s up to Pogba and his companions, provided that Iceland does not play a trick to the Bleus. Meanwhile there is to beat Germany, which in turn – even before Italy – must overcome the inferiority complex sons of history. A fairy tale (for us) and a nightmare (for them) started a Mexican night, 1970.

Mexico City, the Partido del siglo
When Rivera blew Italy Retail 111 of the world’s semi-final, while Germany picked up the pieces of a legendary game, he remained in the memory as the Partido del Siglo. Never again a swing of emotion so great, never so many reversals in just two overtimes.

Spain ’82, scream Tardelli
It was the beginning of a rivalry that was rekindled twelve years later. The Germans were seeking revenge, Italy Enzo Bearzot inflicted a very severe lesson. Enclosed in the 2-0, that of Marco Tardelli. His scream, the President of the Republic Sandro Pertini standing in the stands and scientific card games with the cup in plain sight are the three snapshots of the Mundial ’82. Together with the “world champions, world champions, world champions” Nando Martellini.
Grosso and Del Piero, the house party
They thought of putting an end to the domain in 2006. Would you front of his audience, the Mannschaft not finally manage to beat the blues? It was not enough exorcism of Der Spiegel: “We will close a few accounts opened against the Italian mama’s boys.” He finished with Grosso goal, ready to emulate scream Tardelli, and Alex Del Piero hook. Italy-Germany 2-0. Blues in the final, then again world champions.
Euro 2012, when they became Super Mario
Even the technical involution Blues and the exponential growth of the Germans was enough to stop the domain. Four years ago the European Championship in Ukraine and Poland, Italy Prandelli was having a poverty of technical wire and a few years too in its key performers. And then the unknowns Cassano and Balotelli. In front of an increasingly mature team and full of phenomena. Nothing to do: it was the night of SuperMario. A pumpkin and a stone to break the Neuer and make poker. The nightmare continues Germans. They’re exorcising in the usual way. “This is the right time, this time it’s our turn.” We’ll see if they never learn or if the time has really come.