The photos of the most beautiful girls in the Coachella 2016

Apart from music, the sexy side of the festival is on Instagram: all’hashtag # Coachella2016 corresponds a roundup of all the hot girls in that of California

Coachella is one of the largest in the world and not just for the music.
That California, however, is not a simple festival music festival. On stage there are fine artists, this year with the highly anticipated return of Guns N ‘Roses with Angus Young of ACDC as a special guest – but in the stalls there is a real one for celebrities gangway, big star, media and small size, models, fashion bloggers and, simply, beautiful girls.

All in “orderly split,” which means Coachella hippy look in version 2.0, that is very sexy, among micropants, bikini, open shirts and lots of skin shown with a smile.
Among stars, models and girls ‘normal’, even the Coachella 2016 is pulling out the best in women.