These rings prevent your partner watching a TV series without you

“One Ring to sgamarli and in the darkness bind them”: the invention that would have pleased Tolkien, essential to all of us fans of the TV show

The decision to watch a TV series in the torque can disrupt the certainties on which a report. Okay all the talk about perseverance, willpower and the need to compromise, but a story, no matter how serious, can survive a giant spoiler on the end of the last episode of the Iron Throne? It’s a riotous demand but the parts of Unilever – the corporation that controls, among others, Algida – must have thought that it was necessary to find a way to prevent your partner can call a bet without you. Thus, through the Cornetto ice cream, you can receive two rings that will worn to access the show. They will not have the same value as an engagement but it will swear eternal fidelity in front of the TV series.

Besides the two NFC chips that are contained within the “faiths” dialogue with one another and, if one does not hear the other’s signal in the vicinity, it blocks the possibility of seeing their favorite show.

You actually need to record the devices through an app on your smartphone, select the programs to be seen together and then to unlock the vision, simply bring the two rings on the phone. Obviously only it works with some TV streaming as Netflix or Hulu, but Cornetto has announced plans to extend the partnership to other on-demand services. For the moment it is only available in the UK, but who knows what Unilever decides to take him in Italy.