Ryanair, 7 new for 2016

Rates even lower, new, more comfortable interior (and less yellow), new and faster services. You can also review and flight crew

It is the first European airline with 106 million passengers a year. He succeeds thanks to a range monstrous 1,800 flights per day from 84 bases connecting 200 destinations in 31 countries. According to ENAC data it is at the top in Italy with nearly 30 million passengers carried in 2015 between domestic and international flights. Alitalia follows with 23 million, maintaining its leadership in the domestic connections. For the record, closes Easyjet to third place with 14.3 million passengers.

We are talking about Ryanair, the company that revolutionized the low-cost travel concept. But that certainly does not stand out for the quality of service. At least until yesterday. They were in fact just announced in this sense rich innovations – from the most comfortable fitting of the planes – that are queued to Always getting better program launched three years ago to refresh the image of the Irish carrier. From even lower rates to May comforts, to point to 180 million passengers by 2024.

“While the first and second year of the program on vertevano change the areas that customers did not appreciate and improving existing services, the third will focus on accelerating and digital innovation, particularly through our Ryanair Labs dedicated to digital development – explained Kenny Jacobs, head of Ryanair’s marketing – the only thing that will not change will be our lowest rates, and will continue to offer the best and widest choice of destinations, with the greatest number of hours, and a fantastic experience flights board, while we increase our fleet, traffic and routes. ”

Here is what are the main new features that travelers will appreciate over the year on 330 Boeing 737 of the company headed by Michael O’Leary.

They will be even lower due to savings related to lower fuel costs over the past two years.

new interior
The planes have been redesigned: the seats are slimmer and comfortable, so there is more room for the legs. In addition, the clothes, a more restful LED lighting and, in terms of color, was made out of the “yellow” ruling that bothered many passengers were introduced. Also new uniforms for stewards. In short, all a bit ‘more elegant.

new offers
Comes the Leisure Plus tariff, ie a package that includes reserved seating, priority boarding and 20 kilos of luggage in the hold. also improved Business Plus service with greater flexibility in tickets, more than one stop with fast-track for fast controls and self check-in.

The Irish management also added the extra bookable travel services via the mobile app. Among them the opportunity to change seats, buy the fast-track, to reserve parking and transfer. The payment application is more streamlined with the system called “one flick”. Come the app guides on destinations but also on the site and via email.

The options for the luggage booking have been simplified: there are six, were well 108. A big saving of time.

Rating and site
Ryanair has introduced the ability to evaluate the flight on the application: you can vote crew and flights. For bookings made through My Ryanair introduces the check in with autoemissione the mobile boarding pass cars. Also popping discounts for Club My Ryanair, with priority access to 24 hours to bidding waves. Also through My Ryanair you can reload the accounts of friends and family or take a charge to give. There’s also discounts for restaurants and other attractions. Born finally a web page for the groups and Ryanair Schools Travel, a travel agency for school trips.

Ryanair also recently launched a Boeing 737-700 fitted with a luxurious interior and premium services to accommodate up to 60 passengers. You can rent and thus function as a charter for groups of managers, sports teams and clients alike. It’s called Corporate Jet Hire.