Tripadvisor changes: new graphics and more features

From 360 degrees photos to sharing your travel itineraries: this is all you need to know about the novelties of one of the world’s most famous portals

Tripadvisor changes its graphic design and integrates new features to stay on top of user preferences.

The hotel price comparison and hotel reservation service has decided to renew your site and your app to

meet the needs of consumers who demanded an easier usage experience to clearly see the best prices, reviews and ratings of hotels.

Users: to make it easier to navigate, streamline the site pages and add new tools to find

the ideal hotel along with the best rates for flights, holiday homes, restaurants and tours and activities to travel.

“Consumer opinion of our travel community has been a fundamental part of the process of renewal,”

commented Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer, TripAdvisor.

“We are a resource for travelers with other travelers and it was important to be sure to welcome the inputs of our community into the evolution of our experience.”

Among the novelties of the new Tripadvisor, there are 360 ​​degree photos that offer travelers

a direct overview of hotels around the world with more than 98 million photographs available, and hotel charts based on the “best price”

: to be sure That travelers get the best value for money, hotels are now ranked based on a combination

of several proprietary factors including traveler scores,

hotel rates, booking popularity, brand affinity, and location. The “Classification

” of travelers is still available to help travelers search for hotels with the best score based on the quality, quantity and frequency of site reviews.

Additionally, today, it will be possible to “save”

the information you seek on TripAdvisor and to create and save travel itineraries that can be shared with friends and relatives who can collaborate

in a simple and immediate way. Information about the itineraries

Travel can be easily synced across all of the people you invite to collaborate, thanks to the Tripadvisor site and app.

Ibiza for everyone: it’s vacation time!


Spring is approaching and the desire to holiday increases. The destination suitable for all needs? Surely the Balearics!
Just tick see a ray of sunshine and feel the temperature increase, that’s the desire of sea, sun and holidays you pitfall in us, especially if we spend all year in cities like Milan, the holiday atmosphere that will really express little, not to say nil.

Here, then, that with the beginning of March, the days begin to give a pleasant warmth, allowing us to fantasize about what will be our next holiday destination.

But what might be a choice fits in practically any?
Surely Ibiza! Yes, Ibiza, because thanks to all of its features can be said that it is precisely the goal that meets all requirements.

Most people who have never been to Ibiza think is an island dedicated exclusively to the night life, the chaos, the transgression, at parties and nightclubs. True, but not only.

Because Ibiza is indeed the right place for those who want to make the party rich night life and unbridled fun, but it is also a wonderful choice for all lovers of the sea and the beach: Many indeed are the coves (more or less hidden) in where you can spend days in peace, in contact with nature and with silence.

And for those who prefer not to spend the whole day at the beach, there are always walking in the center or hiking in search of new places and why not, to discover even a little ‘history.