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Formentera is mystical, spiritual, wise

The second of the Pitiüses is a strange mix of true / false, where little is enough to end in the calico-tyco cliché. The Formentera Zen is a good way to touch “the other island”


Off season also guarantees virgin visions
The overturning of stereotype in Ibiza is nothing compared to Formentera. Forget rigatoni, beach-soccer and veline because Formentera is actually a profoundly spiritual island.
Yes, it is true that in summer the official language becomes Italian and even the carabinieri in service serve to accompany the desperate local policemen unable to handle the frothy bear herds, but here too you know how to choose times and places and you find yourself in quite another reality.
Of course your Formentera is no longer your fathers, with half-smoked villages and a mixed population of super-hippies and catastrophists sheltered by the forthcoming Usa-Urss nuclear war: restaurants are often more exclusive than the ones in Ibiza, the immense Ses Illetes beach is a semi-perfect tonic body défilé and white-handed stinging Sant Francesc has completed its palletizing, but it has a wide range of patina-like areas such as the legendary Fonda Pepe in Sant Ferran, a true garito de little muerte (formidable expression for “bar where everything can happen”) with live music and atmosphere of the 1960’s or the cosmogonic setting of the Blue Bar at Migjorn or the countless yoga, meditation, ayurveda and everything else.


In order to meet this silent and transcending Formentera, a good event is represented by Formentera Zen in mid-October: during the four days of the event there are alternations of meetings, talk, workshops and concerts starting from the common denominator of the “discussion of conventions and the perception of what we call reality. ”
It is not, as we understand, to think at first glance of a meeting of an anti-capitalist anticapitalist antisocial cult and all the “anti” that comes to mind, if its animator, the thirty-nine navarre Belen Motilva, begins by guaranteeing that in his way of seeing life – and following the practical transposition of the festival – everything begins with the double axiom «zero dogma, zero taboos».


So Zen comes out of the strict sense of Formentera Zen, but for Motilva, “the spiritual world is a very evasive thing. The spiritual world is not doing yoga. Spirituality can not be exhausted in more or less codified practices, and even the free market is spirituality: we are all market and money in spiritual terms is energy, it is our symbolic expression of materializing, that is to create. ”
Insularity accelerates thought: “Formentera is a formidable megaphone, so small, in the middle of the Mediterranean, with a wind that sweeps away everything. It is very powerful, it is a place where utopia can be created even if utopia does not exist, being a projection of individual limitations. ”
For this reason it is necessary to listen: “Only real intellectuals can change continuously. Where there is no chaos there is a continuous line, there is death. So how to offer chaos is the question I ask when I think of Formentera Zen, although the only thing that can really be learned in life, the only one, is to express my voice. “

Inter or Verona? Luciano Marangon has already made his choice: Ibiza!

From the Scudetto with Hellas to the transfer to Nerazzurro, and then completely change life: the story of Luciano Marangon

At the cold of Autumn in Triveneto, the former Treviso football player has long preferred the sun of Ibiza, realizing the dream of many Italians who, during the holidays, fantasize about opening up activities at the resorts.

Ibiza, a paradise for fun, is well-suited to the character of Luciano Maragon, who also refused to deny any pleasurable pastimes as a footballer. His adventures from authentic playboy are part of the mythology of football gossip … and it’s not just rumors. In an epic interview with “Libero”, former Inter confessed: “I also had sex with seven women together. I also did it on Sunday morning, it was my doping. ”

Raised in juvenile Juventus, Marangon had the courage to rebel against Boniperti who wanted to loan him to Catanzaro and was handed over to Lanerossi Vicenza. In white-collar he debuted in Serie A, crossing Paolo Rossi’s path and contributing to the second-place historian of the 1977/78 championship.

After the collapse of Vicenza, relegated to Serie B, Marangon has been in for a season in Rino Marchesi’s Naples, winning another good position: the third behind Juve and Rome. Just the giallorossi bought it during the summer, but also in the capital had to settle for the third place, behind the usual Juve and this time, Fiorentina.

In April 1982 he made his national debut against East Germany, but his only blue appearance remained: closed by Cabrini in the role of left-back, he was not even summoned for the Mundial in Spain and Bearzot did not take it anymore into account.

In the summer of 1982 he moved to Verona. With the Hella shirt he played for three seasons, collecting a quarter and a sixth place, before the historic Gialloblu championship of the 1984/85 championship. Osvaldo Bagnoli was also his brother Fabio, six years younger.

After that epic affirmation, both Marangon and Pietro Fanna were bought by Inter, in search of relaunch. Paid three billion lire, the left-handed exterior has, however, made some effort to settle in nerazzurri. 19 appearances in the first year and just three in the second, due to a serious injury. In 1987, taking note of the situation, Marangon demanded that he be given to Tottenham and, in the face of President Pellegrini’s rejection, hung his shoes on the nail before he was 31 years old.

What’s in the life of a professional footballer when you turn off the lights?

Everyone takes his road and Marangon’s was really amazing.

“DJs ruined the night of Ibiza”

Ricardo Urgell is the incarnation of the “isla”: he has recently sold the Pacha group – 50 years old – for 350 million euros but has clear ideas for the future and much to say about the past


50 YEARS FROM “PACHA” The name was an idea of ​​Urgell’s first wife: “Call it Pacha and you will live by it.” So it was: in these pages, photographs of Hotel Pacha and Urgell’s office within the “payesa house” that deals with club and restaurant. In a detail, the formidable volume “El Baile”, the 25th anniversary celebration of the group, just 25 years ago
Crossing the cape island – including its two “ultra-marine” propaganda: on the one side, the 382 m altitude of Es Vedrà, the rocky tooth wrapped in the myth of the third most polar magnetic pole on the planet; on the other, Tagomago, the private island favorite of rock stars and footballers (Cristiano Ronaldo usually rent it, Gareth Bale chose to declare himself to his future wife) – they perceive the aesthetic motives that led the island to be contended for hundreds of years. Ibiza was born Phoenician, like Ibusim, in the 7th century BC, then became Roman, vandalized, Byzantine, Saracen (Yebisah) and finally Catalan under the name Eivissa, before the Catalan banning of the caudillo Francisco Franco it would pass on to the present statement. The primal nature of the island is well visible from the first portrayal of god Bes, an Egyptian masculine goddess depicted as cheerful and stubborn, sometimes obstinate in his genitals, always dancing.


It is an island of singular beauty even in the Mediterranean context, with cascades and coves that open suddenly after woods and pine forests, with a deep field alternating with ancient masses and crystallized villages over time. It is also an island that has known the blackest misery: not even half a century ago, ibizenchi were considered little more than muertos de hambre not only in the Iberian continent but also in the nearby Majorca, then the undisputed Queen of the Balears.
Things have changed, though it is true that Ibiza is now simply the most fashionable place in the world and one of the most expensive: and last year’s record-breaking tourist season was followed by the richer one this year. Yet today’s business successes are based on a strange yesterday’s migratory spirit, when a handful of “unadorned” unknowingly chose it as a free alternative port, adding its name to the grand tour hippie that already included San Francisco, Kathmandu, Amsterdam and Goa.

That was the basis of the island’s wealth: the people, the people who chose her when nobody chose her. Los pioneros call them here, and if the summer 2017 saw the disappearance of a pillar of the “first” group, Angel Nieto, the great motorcycle champion, nobody more than Ricardo Urgell incarnates the island of the beginning, the borders of the old town was all over.
Urgell, Barcelona and family born, arrived in Ibiza in 1968 after opening the first Pacha disco in Sitges in 1967. In the year of the 50th anniversary of the Pacha brand, Urgell decided to sell 90 percent of the group for a figure of around 350 million euros. We meet him in his historic office, within the same mass which also occupy the club and the restaurant. Behind the desk stands an immense black and white of Pacha Ibiza at the time of its opening: a white spot lost in the meadows, in front of the sea.
“There is an Ibiza that has nothing to do with the common and popular Ibiza whose image is sold in the world. The vulgarity of today’s millionaires, summed up with the superhuman growth the island has been subjected to and a certain general mediocrity in Spanish culture, has meant that the show is now not the best. This was a lost world, a wonder. When I arrived without a penny in 1968, Pacha had no phone, water was carrying her with tanks, and everyone had watched the bankruptcy because, to come to me, she would have to take the car, an absurdity for those days. “

Michael Fassbender, in the movie with “The Snowman”, is enigmatic as the characters he plays. And skilled in glossing on private questions. Species those about a certain colleague

Michael Fassbender has a magnetic and mysterious air that is well suited to the roles he chooses on the big screen: tormented men like Shame’s sex sufferer, Hunger’s Activist, and now Harry Lole’s alcoholic detective Harry Hole ‘snowman, drawn from Jo Nesbø’s bestseller. “Maybe I’m a complicated person!” Laughs the Irish actor of German origins, trying to explain the interest for these characters. Meeting him in London and in front of a tea (he does not drink coffee) tells me that this is his sabbatical year. “I just finished running X-Men: Dark Phoenix, but for the rest I’ve been vacationing for months. I needed a break. ” It did not happen since the beginning of his career: from 2007 to present he has shot 33 films. “I spend too much time on the set, that’s why my love stories are wrecked,” she complained a while ago. Things have changed: his relationship with his Swedish colleague, Alicia Vikander, known in 2014 during the shooting of The Light on the Oceans, is so good that apparently the two were recently wedded to Ibiza in a very secure ceremony where friends have been prevented from spreading images on social networks. Needless to ask him confirms: “Do not open my mouth!” He answers with a smile.

Where have you been on vacation?

In Formentera, Ibiza, Paris and South Africa (where Alicia turned Tomb Raider, ndr): I practiced surfing, my passion.

Another is speed, right?

I love racing cars since I was 3 years old. Last weekend I competed in the Ferrari Challenge Series: in Canada I came third, while another time I was going to win the second place, but I went to beat. Luckily I did not do anything.

Michael Fassbender and Alicia VikanderCredits: THIS PRESS
Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander
Do you consider it reckless?

Running relaxes me: I like the sense of freedom, for me it is a form of meditation. Recently, on the Snow Man set in Norway, I skipped for the first time. I’m a little late, I admit it!

How did it go?

I got it off: I went down, but without too much style (laughs, ndr). After the first 3 days I tried the red runs while I avoided the blacks. Maybe next time.

Did you read “Snowman”?

No, but I knew the other books in the series that starred Harry Hole. I like Nesbø’s style: characters are complex and unpredictable. This time Harry must see him with a serial killer who, when he kills, “signs” with a snowman.

Are you a fan of polizeschi?

Serpico is one of my favorite movies, but as a kid I was crazy for Colombo and Magnum P.I.

What is fascinating about Harry Hole?

The fact that it’s not the usual thing all of a sudden: it’s a man hardened by life, drinking to forget. And he has so many thoughts to the head that, at times, he prefers to silence them.

Would you be a good detective?

I do not think so, because I’m not intuitive when it comes to understanding what others think. In exchange between one case and the other you would always find me at the bar to eat donuts.

And as an actor do you like to observe the others?

Yes, it’s part of the craft. The problem is that today it is easier for others to look at me.

How was outdoor scenes -20 degrees?

Toning. The Macbeth set in Scotland, between wind and rain, was worse. However, I prefer to live in other climates.

Do you now live in Lisbon?

I’ve lived for 20 years in England and wanted to change air. This is a destabilizing period: Brexit has unveiled another face of the country. I am afraid of xenophobia, the rise of walls between people, the concept of “us and them”. In addition, Lisbon is less busy in London and is close to the ocean, which makes it perfect for surfing.

Have you already gone to listen to the fado?

No, but I should do it. It’s just a lousy music and I do not like that melancholy.

Do you really want to be a musician?

Yes, at age 17 I dreamed of playing guitar in a heavy metal band. I had long hair and I was in love with divo rock. One day a friend came home and started playing: at that moment I knew I had no talent.

I know you like to sing, though.

Every once in a while I have fun with karaoke, I have the cable with the falsetto (humming for a few seconds, ndr). Maybe it’s better to avoid, otherwise you risk finding this performance somewhere on the Internet!

Do you have a battle horse?

Frank Sinatra’s songs, which make me good because they are a kind of baritone. When I am ambitious, I choose Marvin Gaye and Rihanna.

You’ve been 40 years old. How did you celebrate?

My sister organized a surprise party in my hometown. But it was not a real surprise, as he insisted why no

The best Villa in Ibiza

This property has a unique spa-like feel, and includes the services of a chef and waiting staff as well as daily cleaning and security, so you and your fellow travelers can indulge in ultimate relaxation.

Sit back on one of the lounge chairs and enjoy a break from reality by getting lost in the view of your private infinity pool’s edges blending in perfectly with the Mediterranean Sea below.

For a change of scenery, just take a stroll around your villa and you’ll discover a beautiful green garden and a hot-tub designed to blend in with its natural surroundings.

Ibiza is one of the most enticing destinations on earth, and Villa  does it justice.

Situated in Vista Alegre, a private and secure urbanization, it faces Porroig beach and the island of Formentera.

Everything about this property breathes cool and calm, from its sleek air-conditioned interior to its beautiful panoramic view of the hills and beaches below.

Villa was designed so that every bedroom has its own unique view of the Ibiza landscape.

Wide sliding glass doors blur the lines between the indoors and the outdoors, and heavy white or beige curtains give the option of privacy without breaking the relaxing atmosphere. The master bedroom is furnished with a king sized bed, a dual vanity, a walk-in closet, a television and a safe box, and features an en-suite bathroom with a stand-alone shower and bathtub.

Each of the other six bedrooms are furnished with king sized beds, televisions and have access to their own en-suite bathrooms with stand-atone showers.

The villa sleeps a total of 14 guests, which makes it perfect for a family or group vacation.

When you’re not savoring a Spanish barbecue alfresco in your outdoor dinning area, you’ll be able to gather around a gorgeous contemporary tree-trunk design dining table with your friends and family.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to have a quick drink or snack at the breakfast bar of your fully equipped kitchen.

Villa’s décor is as modern as it is soothing, with a Mediterranean palette of white, beige and ochre, accented with natural wooden details.

For vacationers wanting to stay active, a ping-pong table and a Gym overlooking a cliff-side view will help them keep up their routine. Several lounge areas, a media room and a home office guarantee the comforts of home

Villa Exclusive Ibiza

El Mediterráneo es un ambiente agradable en el que se oculta la villa,

un encantador tradicional finca ibicenca que conserva todas las características típicas de estos hogares, utilizando sólo

materiales naturales como la piedra y paredes muy gruesas que aseguran un clima agradable en todas las estaciones.

Externamente recientemente se ha hecho una atractiva piscina rodeada por una terraza con cómodos cojines,

tumbonas y sombrillas para el máximo confort de los huéspedes;

en una esquina hay un área intrigante cubierta por arena importada directamente de Formentera con una ducha al aire

libre cerca, todo el enfoque testimonio frente al contacto con la naturaleza.

Los interiores tienen un carácter único y el trabajo inimitable del propietario que ha personalizado

cualquier entorno con una mezcla de arte y colores extraordinarios, preservando al mismo

tiempo la mayor parte de los elementos originales de la coherencia estilística máximo;

Los asientos son cómodos y adyacente al comedor,

la cocina totalmente equipada con modernos equipos colocados de manera funcional en las inmediaciones.

El cuerpo principal de la finca tiene tres dormitorios con sus respectivos baños

que hacen eco a la perfección el sabor general de toda la casa, cada uno se distingue por combinaciones distintivas y

elementos de mobiliario únicas que personalizan los hacen diferentes entre sí.

Una pequeña dependencia independiente cerca de la piscina ofrece alojamiento para dos personas más.

La villa es una propiedad única en su género, un hogar altamente

personalizado a partir de sabor y el lugar del propietario en un entorno natural extraordinario a poca distancia, sin

embargo, de las playas y de la frenética ciudad de Ibiza, con destino a los viajeros con gustos refinados.

Villa privata di lusso


Cugo Gran è lieta di essere premiato come l’unico “5 Star Agroturismo” a Minorca!

Cugó Gran è una nuovissima villa di lusso privata di 11 camere da letto situata in una splendida tenuta di 250 ettari nella campagna del Menorca, appena fuori San Climent. Si tratta di un casale ristrutturato meticolosamente con un lusso di lusso curato al suo meglio e offre i servizi di un boutique hotel 5 stelle con tutta la privacy e l’esclusività di una villa privata. È il luogo perfetto per grandi feste di famiglia, compleanni di pietra miliari, ritiri di lusso, ferie aziendali o matrimoni mostranti.


Villa  is one of the finest properties Ibiza has to offer. Designed to the highest specifications with a superb location, offering spectacular sea views. The interiors reflect the love of the owners for modern art and design. The house is located on the west coast of the Island of Ibiza: 20mn drive from Ibiza airport, 15mn from Ibiza Town and 5mn drive from the nearest beaches (Punta Galera et Cala Salada).

Born from the imagination of one of the most famous architects, is a mix between modern cult furniture and contemporary art collections. It is like an open theatre where you will be the guest. the luxury villa is a contemporary house of pure and deliberate Zen design. Located on the west coast of the island and surrounded by pine trees and 300 year old olive trees on 4 ha of land, the villa is located on a hill offering a fantastic view over the S’Espartas islands, facing the sunset.


Monaco Grand Stories, the days of Glory of Formula One

The Rock of Monte Carlo. The most celebrated historic site of the Côte d’Azur. A mecca of luxury, full-time life and sport, because it is along the Principality’s streets that is the most exciting race of the whole schedule of Form 1. Monte Carlo, however, has for more than sixty years been The Mediterranean capital of the international jet set, and from 26 to 28 May, during the Grand Prix days, the atmosphere has become even more magical: it is breathtakingly breathtaking, with cocktails starting at sunset and Parties that last all night until dawn. Professional pilots and beautiful people. Top model, sports celebrities, stars and millionaires – the elite of the “sweet life” – are here to experience the thrill of the legendary race.

Those early years see the affirmation of the MARTINI Racing logo: blue, white, red and blue. A historic design that from then on has become synonymous with speed: for twenty-five years this image has represented its identity and has caused MARTINI to be associated with the fascinating world of motors, a “sweet life” that is more Sweet than ever. We are experiencing a new era in which Formula 1, its circuits, its riders, its competitive spirit are increasingly linked to the joy of living, the style of taste. And it is no coincidence that MARTINI has returned to Formula 1 in 2014 as the main sponsor of Williams’ English team, one of the stables that have made the story of this sport: founded in 1977 by Sir Frank Williams and Sir Patrick Head, won Sixteen world titles in 40 years, seven of which for single pilots (the other nine in the category of builders). Since its inception, Williams has operated in two directions: the technological advancement needed to ensure the primacy; And the consecration of the F1 and the stable as a symbol of something beyond the sport to overcome in the fields of design and style. Williams cars have always been the most beautiful. That’s why marriage with MARTINI looks perfect. It reminds us of the true meaning of Formula One: a great sporting competition, but also a unique opportunity to be in a good company to enjoy unique moments; An experience in which beauty and joie de vivre are essential aspects.


MARTINI has always had to deal with the joy of racing and the style of “sweet life”, and his story is deeply tied to the Principality, where he returns as the protagonist of this special moment that continues to generate enthusiasm, Giving birth to an event that is synonymous with style. Tens of thousands of people attend the race by the bridges of yachts moored along the circuit, the stairs and the terraces overlooking the track. The race of this edition of the championship will be fought as it has not been for years. It is the most demanding circuit in the F1 calendar and even the most celebrated. Winning this race is the greatest ambition in a pilot’s career, but just participating is a rare privilege.

This year, MARTINI returned to Munich to contribute to his fun and memorable experience, and GQ was present with his own ambassador: actor Alessandro Roja, a great passion for Formula 1 and a car collector, A man able to fully appreciate the exciting atmosphere that is breathing on the track and out of the symphony of the rotting engines that these days is felt in every corner of Monaco at the adrenaline guaranteed by the circuit. Alessandro Roja has lived in person the sweet life of the Principality, first of all as the protagonist of the exclusive party on the MARTINI yacht, together with the ambassador brand Jessiqa Pace: drinking drinks in front of one of the most peaceless views


All Eyes on Audrey

In autumn 2017, Christie’s: Audrey Hepburn! These pieces – including a cocktail dress by Hubert de Givenchy and the favorite ballerinas of the Stilikone –

will be auctioned …
#HepburnAtChristies will soon be in the traditional auction house Christie’s.

There in the autumn of 2017 personal treasures of Audrey Hepburn come under the hammer.

The exquisite pieces will be presented at the Christie’s Headquarter in London as part of a live auction on September 27, 2017

, accompanied by an online sale from 19 September to 3 October.


Fans and admirers of the unforgotten actress, stylicone and beauty are allowed to Look at these treasures from Audrey Hepburn’s wardrobe:

a Tiffany blue cocktail dress from her favorite designer Hubert de Givenchy, a classic Burberry trench coat and countless colorful ballerinas.

In addition, the book will include “Tiffany” and “Charley” – with handwritten comments from Audrey Hepburn, a lighter with

“For My Fair Lady” engraving – a gift from Gene Allen, art director of the film of the same name Truman Capote,

in which he announces how honored he feels that she will take over the Holly Golightly, designed by him,

in the film adaptation of his novel “Breakfast at Tiffany”. Also photographs of Cecil Beaton and Steven Meisel can be found in Christie’s

“Personal Collection of Audrey Hepburn”.

The exquisite pieces are from family hands, the estimate is £ 100 for affordable collectors and £ 80,000 for outstanding valuables.