The boredom of traveling photos on Instagram all the same (and tips to fight it)

This is what emerges from Sony Mobile’s ranking of the world’s most photographed sites and monuments.

Trionfa Paris with its Eiffel Tower, but also boredom: Instagram is full of photographs absolutely identical to each other

The Paris Eiffel Tour dominates the list, followed by a remarkable detachment from the London Big Ben.

But what emerges from the top 30 of the most photographed historical places in the world is, above all, the lack of imagination.

Accompanied by a handful of social yawns. Sony Mobile presents the search results #XperiaNewPerspectives, with which it has decided to investigate

Instagram’s world in search of the most popular monuments and locations for a recollection.

He is, as it was said, the Paris Tower, with the beauty of 4,654,699 photos uploaded and hashtaggate.

35% of which, however, taken from the same identical position.

Even more monotonous images of the Big Ben of London, a silver medal with the beauty of 2,435,223 shots, incredibly similar to each other in half the cases.

With a booty of over one million quotes, the Parisian Louvre, the New York Empire State Building, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and Notre-Dame Cathedral once

again appear in the French capital.
“The scenery of photography has changed exponentially over the past ten years, in particular through greater accessibility and quality of cameras,”

commented Scott Gray, Chief of the World Photography Organization. – This accessibility has been enhanced by smartphones,

whose technology allows people to enhance their photographic capabilities,

but also have greater resolution to work on those shots. This ability to capture the unexpected can really be an element that can eradicate photographic


creativity logic, generating unique and iconic images for the user.

It is absolutely fantastic that photographers use different techniques and filters but these even more unique images, though needing editing,

will require minimal retouching and will give a more natural touch to the photo. ” Already, but an effort must be made to avoid falling into banality.

For this reason, Sony decided to shoot some famous international photographers of its new Xperia XZ, asking them to immortalize

the monuments in the standings according to their sensitivity. The result? You can admire it in our gallery,

where there are some unconventional shots that our protagonist

is also loved by our beloved Colosseum. For the rest, here is some advice from the award-winning travel

photographer Lluís Salvadó in sight of the holidays. Take new perspectives and create really personal images galleries.

1. Playing with colors and lights: the scene may be different simply by using some clever trick;

2. Take advantage of reflective surfaces: even a puddle is enough to give a new perspective to an archaic historical site;

3. Look for beauty in the surrounding architectures: in detail and in structural components, art can be hidden;

4. Experiment with new perspectives: from above or below, without fear of trying new solutions;

5. To give concreteness to the shot: you can use people and their figures to give a new meaning in terms of time and space.