The technological chalkboard that corrects you posture

Microsoft brought in Stockholm a special projector, able to teach passers-by as you can carry luggage and weights without hurting your back
Over the years the technology has become gradually more and more to read: just think of the very first cell in the tile and compare them to those ultra-thin today, or even comparing laptops to tablets of the beginning of our day. The same, however, can not be said of bags and totes, which continue to charge us on his shoulders just like ten, twenty and thirty years ago, often taking the wrong posture of which are paying the consequences to the sound of back pain, and contractures.

In this regard, Microsoft has decided to launch its new Surface Pro 4, an ultra-lightweight tablet that can turn into a full keyboard handset, with special installation in the Stockholm metropolitan area: a blackboard with Kinect technology that detects the posture of one who stands before, highlighting the real-time errors. With the help of the projected image on the screen and with the advice of an expert, the more curious commuters were able to learn how to best carry weights and baggage, without stressing too much and not right his own back.