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Tell me what kind you are and I’ll tell you where to go on vacation

Tell me what kind you are and I’ll tell you where to go on vacation

Lazy, stressed, romantic or super sporty: discover your ideal place for an escape from everyday life
1 IPERATTIIVO – Dolomites – Among the most famous mountains in the world you can do a thousand sports, even of great athletic commitment. Trekking, biking, climbing, canyoning. In particular, for those who love biking, in the month of July there is the Marathon of the Dolomites: a journey of over 130 kilometers to be covered by bicycle along with 9 thousand other competitors.

2 EXHAUST – Sardinia – The intense colors of nature are a real treat for the mood: while the mistral blowing incessantly on the island brings a real burst of regenerating energy.

3 SPORTS – Mauritius – In this island of paradise you can practice many water sports, but also take long walks in nature. Golf enthusiasts find here some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

4 ROMANTIC – Santorini – Greece – It is considered the most romantic island in the Mediterranean, thanks above all to the beauty of its sunsets. The picturesque villages and an enchanting sea do the rest: the only danger is falling in love … of the island and not wanting to leave again.

5 LUCERTOLA – Mexico – The Maya Riviera has enchanting beaches of white sand and a fantastic, turquoise and crystal clear sea. The only precaution: protect your skin with a good sunscreen: the air is very clear and the sun can really make bad jokes.

6 CONTEMPLATIVE – Kyoto – Japan – A walk through the famous bamboo forest is an invitation to relaxation and the Zen spirit. A magical place with great spiritual charm.

7 GOLOSONE – Singapore – This city state, a crossroads of peoples, is a great melting pot of cultures and styles, including food. Here you can taste the best and most trendy street food in the world.

8 FESTAIOLO – Ibiza And Formentera – You do not have to go too far to have fun in one of these famous fun islands. And if the night passes between discos and music parties, during the day you can always doze on the beach.

9 ACCASATO – Austria – It is one of the most equipped countries for families with children. The kinder hotels, with activities for children and special equipment for the very young, are a great resource for the enjoyment of their children and for their parents’ rest.

10 EXPLORATORY – Australia – An entire continent to discover, between wild nature and boundless horizons, with places still almost unexplored where even danger can be lurking.



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