The automatic distributor of follower and like on Instagram

In Russia, machines come up to buy followers (fake) and print photos. A strangeness that will spread in several other European countries but it gives a nasty surprise (spam)

At social networking time where everything is running too fast and the only certainty for some needs is to stay connected as long as possible, it does not surprise anyone invented an automaker to buy followers.

We are the generation that measures success even with the number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, or other digital platforms, so why be astonished? This must have been the thought of who has placed in some Russian city distributors to buy appetizers on Instagram. The Russian journalist Vasily Sonkin was in the past few days telling him, while colleague Alexey Kovalev, who has immortalized the totem inside the Okhotny Ryad mall in the center of Moscow, tells the story (via Twitter, of course).


With the news immediately bounced on thousands of curious accounts and workmen, the automated machine was tested by some curious to show that it’s all true and that on board there are several functions.

If the most absurd – and illegal, because it breaks the rules of the social photo – it is possible to buy followers, like or hearts on Instagram at a reduced cost (100 rubles, that is 1.5 euro per cent followers, 85 cents for as many inches ), The options also include maneuvering on VKontakt, the most popular Russian social network, the most popular and used of Facebook, and the printing of images from both platforms.

To make it clear and remove any doubts in the head of the least ladies, assuming that the mechanism is effective, logically they are fake followers, whose bulk purchasing has for years already been proposed on special sites and available for any type of social network . But the curiosity is another, because the company that designed the plan, Snatap, told Motherboard that in addition to the 20 vending machines in Moscow, St. Petersburg and six other Russian cities, the requests came as well From the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland, where the next totems will arrive, whose provisional rent is around 14,000 rubles, equal to about 220 euros, and later they will also accept promotional codes in addition to money.

It should be noted that each operation requires the inclusion of its own account, with the consequent spam bombardment of all its contacts. It is therefore useless to buy 100 more followers if then the move could cost you the protests and possibly the bragging of hundreds of virtual friends.