The museum of objects that failed

From Apples Newton to Colgate’s Lasagna, the road to industrial progress is paved with failures. So the Museum of Failure was born

Failure is also an art. If you do not believe it, try asking the gurus of our time, better if you are on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, and you will have the

usual answer: “Falling is the first step to succeed.” A phrase has become a motto for the great mass of startup founders, but we tend to attack you with a difficult

label then delete it, but this is another story.

For Samuel West, a Swedish psychologist, bankruptcy is the necessary step to make improvements to our lives. “Success is always the same, bankruptcy is unique,” says the

fan of innovation that has collected more than sixty items, gadgets and devices announced as revolutionaries and passed on to history as fluttering flop. A series of

holes in the water that sank the image of big multinational corporations and portfolios of small companies ready to make profits and instead disappeared from the market.

Just to allow people to “learn from the failures of others,” the lordly gentleman will exhibit his collection starting June 7 when he opens the “Museum of Failure” in

Helsinborg, south of Sweden.

The idea is to show how anyone can go wrong, so the opportunity to fail should be conceived as an option to accept, both for individuals and for companies. “Bankruptcy

is Progress,” is the message that filters from West’s find. Confirming the conviction has put together the worst thinking of the last thirty years in a pile of flops

that includes high-profile names such as Apple and Coca Cola and unfortunate intuitions such as the Twitter Peek soon passed to a better life.

The first rule is that everyone is wrong, including giants, so that one of West’s pearls is the Newton, the palm-wrench with Apple’s ninette remembered as one of the

lowest points in the company. There are then experiments that define azzardati is euphemistic, such as the lasagna on the Colgate ragù, noteworthy in the world not just

for food; Inevitable, then, that frozen pasta was soon forgotten. From everyone.

In the error network, Coca Cola is over, and twice! Prior to pointing to Coca-Cola, the desire to diversify the drink produced Coke II, of which no trace, and the Coca-

Cola Blàk with a coffee flavor, commercially between 2006 and 2008 before retiring. Strong with a total domain of handsets, Nokia tried the big hit with N’Gage, which in

corporate minds would have been the most portable console of the universe, but which instead turned out to be a jumble good only to squeeze the budget Of the Finnish


That script followed Blockbuster, an invincible chain for years before falling into disgrace under the blows of streaming content and bankruptcy projects such as a

rental DVD for a week, a boomerang avoidable and thought to digest.

The inability to predict future horizons was the cause of Kodak’s disintegration, the brand-name excellence overwhelmed by digital adventures, while the company was

still thinking of the brain in the past. One demonstration was the Digital Camera D40, anchored to the analogue press, which only now after years of social sharing is

knowing a new interest. Conversely, blind confidence in progress has been a joke to Sergei Brin and Larry Page, far ahead with Google Glass, cumbersome and ineffective

to meet the ambition of the creators (as opposed to Snapchat glasses, focusing only on On photography and video and for this reason they have for now been very welcome

by consumers).

Celebrating gentle sex is always a good and just thing, doing it with an ad hoc production that, unlike zero, is twice the standard price, is not the best business card.

For information, ask Bic, where there is a live flop of women’s pens (Bic for Her). Harley-Davidson’s fragrance is also hard to comment, while still wondering what went

on to the Twitter Peek producers, the device that was just twitched in a world where smartphones were already dominant. And the good thing is that on Amazon you can

still buy it.

Speaking of errors and horrors could be missing Donald Trump? Of course not, because among the many attempts to profit the current US president invented TRUMP, The Game,

and then the Vodka Trump. An absolute genius, regardless of the actual sales of the above mentioned findings.