They are not ugly, they are unique: so are the ‘ugly pants’

Before it was the ugly shoes and now the trend comes to the pants, and the designers confirm it


Liana Satenstein – Pirate Bombshell in the J.W. Anderson. Huge cargo pants in wine color, in Hood By Air. Low-cut and crazy print at Eckhaus Latta. The floral leggings, signed by Balenciaga, which Rihanna wore in DJ Khaled’s music video, “Wild Thoughts”. Ugly pants were confirmed as a trend in the spring of 2017, but do not call them ugly! Let’s say they are a “unique” alternative; Or “have personality”; But nothing ugly. Let’s not be mean or cruel to these marginalized because the reality is that even they can molar. And if you feel a certain affinity for these rare specimens, do not be scared or embarrassed to recognize it: to show them, it only takes a little styling.

Think of Gucci’s tremendous metallic pink pants. If you think such a creep is impossible to wear in real life, there is nothing like following the “big horse” maxim and matching it with a polka blouse and flat shoes in white. Want to explore your ‘teenage mall’ vein, possible Insane Clown Posse hip-hop fan? Wear Proenza Schouler’s elastic wool trousers and, as an addition, an extra-long rivet belt (and, curiously, the long belt is now worn by men in London).

In the antipodes of this style, and for those looking for a loose and more feminine cut, it is possible to opt for the fusion of the picture and the steering wheel courtesy of Simone Rocha. Combine it with a button-down striped shirt, biker gloves and cowboy boots to give the touch of grace. What is the back of the tenebrous? Yours is the model paneled and given the return of Y / Project. In addition, in contrast to the wide leg you can emphasize the waist with a notched shirt. If you are passionate about the Renaissance, in Jonathan Simkhai’s taffeta shorts with gathers and drawstrings you will be the most chic of the inn. Say they have personality, say they are special … but never ugly.