How to live a week rockstar

In music hotel she lives as an artist in recording studios, Fender and rooms dedicated to the greatest interpreters of history.

Here are eight solutions for an unforgettable experience

Hands up who would not want to feel like a rock star for a day. Sure maybe have a mammoth stage to scream into the microphone is not

feasible, however, on the other hand there are special places where you can enjoy unique experiences.

Those that are worth a life. To

assume the role of their idols, music lovers – to think that it is the most popular element of earth, much more than for example sports –

can plan a visit in the “Music Hotel”, accommodation designed to recreate their environments of various musical styles.

The ones where you can play around between guitars, recording studios, vinyl, themed rooms and stages as well, of course. To get an idea

Secret Escapes – the site that offers the best hotel flash sales of four and five star hotels around the world and has 32 million members –

has compiled a list with the most beautiful and luxurious places to enjoy unforgettable moments.

First on the list is the Nhow Berlin hotel, unique location named as the first music hotel in Europe.

The reason? The structure designed by

Canadian designer Karim Rashid welcomes you with electric guitars in the room and two recording studios available, along with various

other instruments and amplifiers to test the product of your creativity.

And do not worry if your ideas are scarce, because in contact with

neighboring stationed rock star you can not fail. All’Aria Budapest Hotel will have to choose between one of four wings: classical music,

opera, jazz or contemporary. Depending on your choice, you’ll end up in the room dedicated to Maria Callas or James Brown, or in that of

Tchaikovsky. Monsters sacred that should not frighten, but rather help you enjoy your stay, you can get rich by spa music.

On the menu

there are a variety of treatments in line with various kinds and in relation to the intended objective: relaxation, adrenaline, balance,

ballad. The Idol Hotel in Paris is the home of American music, so you will come across a number of unique suites, which echo the songs of

Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Nina Simone.

In the backdrop and create the right atmosphere we think the inspiration of the artist

Julie Gauthron who oversaw the interior of the structure, ranging from shimmering sequins in vintage furniture, with lots of vintage amps

and neon lights that recall yesteryear. Staying in Europe, the Jaz in the city of Amsterdam already mentions by name and makes the

delight of lovers of have a high quality sound system available in each of the 247 rooms, while the Hotel da Música in Porto is the realm of

‘ elegance intertwined tradition and modernity.

Tools scattered in the rooms and in the corridors create a stunning atmosphere,

culminating with the celebration in the rooms composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin, with the bar that pays homage instead

Luciano Pavarotti. An ideal choice to enjoy the sound Nos spring, city festivals scheduled in June that blend many musical styles.

Overseas the Verb The Hotel Boston is worth a stop.

Because it is a cradle of music during the years 70s and 80s, especially for those in

search of memorabilia. Posters of the tour, photos little known to the grand public, backstage pass, records and autographed posters of

the local club nights are available to customers.

Rolling Stones, The Who and the children of the city, Aerosmith, are the most popular

band. If it comes to music you can forget Woodstock, famous not only for the mega summer rally of 1969. The city symbol of “Peace &

Love” became in fact a prime destination for musicians as early as the nineteenth century, precisely because the reception and the local

passion for the seven notes.

Part of that atmosphere now lives at the Hotel Dylan, Bob devoted to the most famous in the world. A small

shelter with only eleven rooms, each of which is decorated in vintage style with constant reminders at the time of the flower children. On

the whole however, it stands out the collection available to customers vinyls: touch Yes, listen well, but woe to go further if you do not

want to disturb the love and peace of the place.

The true rock star can not get lost, finally, the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, the pearl of Mexico, where in addition to the luxury of the

rooms there is a music workshop to learn how to play.

And to stand out from the crowd you do not play with anonymous Fender guitars

but with winds, historical model that has marked the history of music.

Which is why it is not allowed to go out of time or mangle sounds.