We already know who the twins of Amal and George Clooney look like

It has been the actor’s father who has talked about his grandchildren (and his daughter-in-law)

It may be because he is a veteran journalist (and likes to make good headlines). Or mere chance.

But the reality is that when Nick Clooney, the father of George, raises the bread. And it’s not the first time Nick, 83, confirms what we all wanted to know.

He did so when he officially confirmed his son’s engagement to attorney Amal Alamuddin –

“We like Amal and we are very excited about our family and excited about them,” he said – and he has done it now.

To know that Amal and Clooney had been the parents of two children named Ella and Alexander, the grandfather talked about something else

we all wanted to know (in the absence of an official photo of the children).

Already on two occasions this week, one on the Good Morning Britain program and the other by telephone conversation with Tricia Macke at

Cincinnati WXIX, where, surprise !, has told who the babies are like, who knew only two hours After being born via Skype

(he lives in Kentucky and the couple in London) apparently have dark hair and look like his father

or at least that says his wife thinks “Nina swears they have the nose I do not know what that means. Ica, “he said during the interview he kept on the phone with

Tricia Macke.


Although at that time did not give much more data on the resemblance, the following day, in Good Morning Britain, extended something more this information.

“I’m supposed to be a reporter, so I should know how to observe, but I really do not know how to distinguish one beautiful baby from another.

” They are two beautiful babies, “said the happy grandfather, leaving the ball of physical resemblance on the roof of his woman.

“They would have to talk to my wife about which nose looks like her grandfather’s and what a nose to her grandmother’s. They are perfect, “he added.

And another headline: Nick has returned to talk about his daughter-in-law, Amal Clooney, and how he is seeing her in her new role as mother.

“I’m constantly impressed by her. She’s an incredible woman. George did well by marrying her. ”