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With the bike always

With the bike always

The rediscovery of the two wheels goes far beyond the urban shift: a Momondo study shows that 13 out of a hundred compatriots go on holiday with the bike.

Here are the most fascinating places to ride in Italy and around the world

Bike mon amour. Always and everywhere. Even on vacation, even in distant countries and antipodes of the globe.

The passion for the two wheels has never drowned, but there is no doubt that in the last luster there has been a rediscovery, due to a number of factors.

The desire to forget the daily traffic, the evolution of technology that allows to produce means closer to the needs of a more and more

heterogeneous audience, as well as the enjoyment of enjoying panoramas and paths that bring in contact with nature and back in time are only Some

of the main ones. Clearly speaking, there are data that certify a boost for the two pedestrian assisted wheels: 124,000 pieces sold in 2016,

more than twice the 56,000 placed in the previous year.

Beyond an electric motor that helps push, however, the trend is the desire for bikes, which Italians also like to take back during their holidays.

So much so that the people who plan the trip increase to look at places with suggestive cyclists.

According to a Momondo study – 24,700 interviewed in 23 countries and 1,009 people for Italy – the idea attracts 13% of compatriots,

who are only overtaken by Chinese and Polish at world level. Of these, little more than half aims for lonely holidays, just to dedicate themselves entirely to


The question then is where to go? The surge in the market has made antennas both to producers and to administrations,

more sensitive to creating exclusive routes for cyclists. A recent trend by us, but already in place in many countries,

from North Europe, the land of excellence for the two wheels. The ten targets proposed by Momondo include, for example,

the Lofoten Islands, Norway, where the Vestfjord route allows to wander around mountains and coasts, altering rustic villages

and local fishermen in an uncontaminated countryside. The ultimate gem: the pedal in the midnight sun, during the summer months.

Moving by little, you arrive in Eindhoven, with the inimitable but short bicycle track of just 600 meters

(not to be missed in the Netherlands where the bike is a real means of transport) that combines the watercourse Collse with Opwettense to Nuenen

, both portrayed in Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings, and if you dive into a work of art is not enough, you can not miss the night out in the fluorescent

path that shines reproducing the starry night of the Dutch artist (one found, Of the Roosegaarde design studio).

Going south, in France there is the Route des Grandes Alpes, which from the banks of Lake Geneva to the beaches of the Côte d’Azur offers 684 km of

postcard views.



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