Formentera is mystical, spiritual, wise

The second of the Pitiüses is a strange mix of true / false, where little is enough to end in the calico-tyco cliché. The Formentera Zen is a good way to touch “the other island”


Off season also guarantees virgin visions
The overturning of stereotype in Ibiza is nothing compared to Formentera. Forget rigatoni, beach-soccer and veline because Formentera is actually a profoundly spiritual island.
Yes, it is true that in summer the official language becomes Italian and even the carabinieri in service serve to accompany the desperate local policemen unable to handle the frothy bear herds, but here too you know how to choose times and places and you find yourself in quite another reality.
Of course your Formentera is no longer your fathers, with half-smoked villages and a mixed population of super-hippies and catastrophists sheltered by the forthcoming Usa-Urss nuclear war: restaurants are often more exclusive than the ones in Ibiza, the immense Ses Illetes beach is a semi-perfect tonic body défilé and white-handed stinging Sant Francesc has completed its palletizing, but it has a wide range of patina-like areas such as the legendary Fonda Pepe in Sant Ferran, a true garito de little muerte (formidable expression for “bar where everything can happen”) with live music and atmosphere of the 1960’s or the cosmogonic setting of the Blue Bar at Migjorn or the countless yoga, meditation, ayurveda and everything else.


In order to meet this silent and transcending Formentera, a good event is represented by Formentera Zen in mid-October: during the four days of the event there are alternations of meetings, talk, workshops and concerts starting from the common denominator of the “discussion of conventions and the perception of what we call reality. ”
It is not, as we understand, to think at first glance of a meeting of an anti-capitalist anticapitalist antisocial cult and all the “anti” that comes to mind, if its animator, the thirty-nine navarre Belen Motilva, begins by guaranteeing that in his way of seeing life – and following the practical transposition of the festival – everything begins with the double axiom «zero dogma, zero taboos».


So Zen comes out of the strict sense of Formentera Zen, but for Motilva, “the spiritual world is a very evasive thing. The spiritual world is not doing yoga. Spirituality can not be exhausted in more or less codified practices, and even the free market is spirituality: we are all market and money in spiritual terms is energy, it is our symbolic expression of materializing, that is to create. ”
Insularity accelerates thought: “Formentera is a formidable megaphone, so small, in the middle of the Mediterranean, with a wind that sweeps away everything. It is very powerful, it is a place where utopia can be created even if utopia does not exist, being a projection of individual limitations. ”
For this reason it is necessary to listen: “Only real intellectuals can change continuously. Where there is no chaos there is a continuous line, there is death. So how to offer chaos is the question I ask when I think of Formentera Zen, although the only thing that can really be learned in life, the only one, is to express my voice. “

The other face of Ibiza, as a child

An ideal destination to start sporting the sea. But there is no horse, trekking and Nordic walking

The crystal clear sea and the mild climate make the Balearic ideal for holidays with children, even out of season. In particular, Ibiza – first mentioned by Pliny the Old Pitiusa (from the Greek pitýa, pine, for the great presence of these trees on the island) – is a well-known destination for its beaches but has much more to to offer families.

In Ibiza, the most adventurous families have nothing to do: From kayaking to go karts, the island has everything it takes to keep adrenaline levels high for young and old. At the Paint Ball Lounge Party 8-year-old boys can have fun with their families, while at Balloon Park Ibiza those who do not suffer from dizziness have the chance to enjoy the island’s view from above a balloon with flights at 90m height during the day and even 120m after sunset.

Sports – There are many water sports: wakeboard, banana boat and water skiing. Even the younger ones can make their first dives with the many diving centers on the island. In the hinterland you can go climbing, mountain biking, hiking and Nordic walking: a must-see place to visit is Sa Talaia, the highest geographic point on the island, which can be reached from the tranquil village of San Jose. Do not forget the camera as this is one of the best scenic spots on the island, offering unforgettable views of Es Vedra, Formentera and the beaches of Ibiza.

Horse riding – Horseback riding offers: In San Joan de Labritja, in the north of the island, the Ibiza Horse Valley equine rehabilitation center organizes excursions all year round: the short tour (about 4-5 hours) crosses the mountains, while the complete itinerary lasts about 8 hours and leads to the sea where, in certain months, it is possible to swim with horses. Specialized in children’s riding, the Es puig in San José, offers year-round lessons for children from the age of 4 years and horse-riding activities for all ages.

Interactive museums – The whole of Ibiza is rich in a great cultural and historical heritage: over the centuries it has been an important way of communication thanks to its privileged position in the Mediterranean. Technology lovers can learn how to enjoy the interactive museums of Ibiza’s Dalt Vila: in the Baluard de Sant Pere museum you will discover how the walls of the old town were built, while at Baluard de Sant Jaume are presented weapons in the era Spanish Renaissance.

Aquatic Parks – A visit to the water parks of the island is welcome: at the Sirenis Aquagames at Port des Torrent, the most daring ones take pleasure in the very high slides, while the little ones between 2 and 4 years enjoy the water in areas decorated with animal figures and rain palms, and children aged 4 to 10 are devoted to a whole theme theme “Pirates of the Caribbean” with slides suitable for their age.

Ibiza Palacio Bardaji

With 1,850 Bitcoin you can buy the most beautiful and prestigious building in Ibiza

Great business today is done in Bitcoin. As the virtual currency gains more and more value, even the most beautiful and prestigious building in Ibiza is on sale with cryptovalue. With 1,850 virtual coins, you can buy Palazzo Bardaji in the Balearic pearl.

Built in 1742, the palace has an area of 921 m2 with six bedrooms, five bathrooms and a serviced apartment. The owner is a wealthy German lady, who also owns a boutique hotel and two beach bars. The woman decided to accept payment in Bitcoin, convinced that the coin will have a great success in the future. The latest stock valuations seem to give you full reason.ibiza

The 33 most expensive restaurants in the world. The first in Ibiza, for Italy? Beck and BotturaT


When considering a restaurant, there are no doubt the quality / price ratio among the main parameters. But what do you mean by this definition? Eating well, choosing healthy ingredients, sought after and carefully crafted authoritative dishes requires an inevitable economic investment. In some restaurants, the final bill can become very expensive, depending on location, location, room expenses, and of course the proposed offer. The British site Insider has produced a ranking of the world’s 33 most expensive restaurants, from Modena to New York, taking into account the tasting menus available. The calculation was made considering the price (in dollars) of a meal for two people, including a wine combination where possible, and excluding any taxes.


It is the Sublimotion of the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza to earn first place for the salty account of the world: managed by chef Paco Roncero, the venue opens only for 12 people at a time. Lucky Customers can enjoy a unique sensory experience thanks to images, projections, music and light games, immersed in a different environment for every serving served, with an atmosphere that changes from time to time through the screens that cover the room and table. From dessert cocktails, the 13-person tasting trip for two people costs $ 3,266. Follows the chef Paul Pairet’s ultraviolet in Shanghai, with a 20-course menu for $ 1,742 for two. Third place for the New York restaurant led by chef Masa Takayama, a sushi expert who offers the best Japanese cuisine in the whole of America for $ 1.190 for two, for a total of 20-25 dishes.


The last place is in our 33rd place our Massimo Bottura (but not the only Italian), which at the Franciscan Osteria – the second best restaurant in the world for the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and the first Italian restaurant according to Gambero Rosso – proposes a nine-course menu to “just” $ 478 for two, about 412 euros. A fairly sober price compared to non-European colleagues. With $ 490, the second-highest post among the least expensive is Quay’s Australian chef Peter Gilmore, who shares his former position with Tim Cushman of OYa, a famous Japanese restaurant in New York. The other Italian venue to enter the ranking is La Pergola in Rome, the creature of Heinz Beck where you can taste 10 different dishes at a price of $ 526 for two people, a cost that guarantees the German chef now Italians to earn 27th place ‘list. For the UK, however, in 22nd place is the Heston Blumenthal Dinner, with an 8-course menu at $ 576. Next goes to number 21, one of the best restaurant in the world, Eleven Madison Park in New York, where Daniel Humm’s sophisticated kitchen is worth $ 590 for 11 dishes per head. In Paris, however, GuySavoy is the most expensive restaurant in the city, sixth in the world with its 11-course menu to $ 860 for two. A lower step, in seventh position, Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee ($ 848 for 5 courses), and again in Paris, eighth place, Alain Passard’s Arpège with a $ 848 12-course menu. Closes tour of Parisian restaurant Le Meurice Alain Ducasse, ninth with five tasting tasting at $ 828 a fortnight.

MTV EMA 2017: David Guetta’s free show at Trafalgar Square

MTV Music Week will end with a unique and unmissable event: a totally free show by David Guetta at Trafalgar Square.

The show will be televised later

Saturday November 11, 2017: mark this date. Whether you are in London or you are going to go for this all-music weekend this week, you could attend a spectacular event. David Guetta has decided to give London fans a free show, which will take place in one of the most important squares of the city. The performance of the French dj will also be taken from the MTV cameras, to be later transmitted in the special for the MTV World Stage concerts. David Guetta will also be one of the protagonists of the MTV EMA 2017 on Sunday, November 12, at the SSE Arena in Wembley. On the occasion of the evening, the dj will premiere the world’s new single “Dirty Sexy Money”, made with Afrojack, Charli XCX and French Montana. The evening of the MTV European Music Awards will be broadcast live on November 21, 12th, on MTV (Sky 133 channel) and Comedy Central (Sky 124 channel) in the original language. You can still rate your favorite artist through the MTV site. On Saturday, November 11 there will be another event at Trafalgar Square: the U2 concert, awarded with the Global Icon Award. The Irish band wanted to thank fans with a completely free show that will be broadcast in part during the awards ceremony.


David Guetta has just been 50 years old, 30 of whom have gone to the service of electronic music. His credit for having danced around the planet with hits like “This one’s for you”, “Love is gone” or “When love takes over”. Today, French born Guetta, is one of the most popular and appreciated DJs around the world, plus one of the most sought after. In addition to playing and performing everywhere, he is a dj resident at Pacha and Usaua in Ibiza. Its Facebook page counts up to today almost 54 million fans. While attending crowded and fun places such as nightclubs and nightclubs, David Guetta follows a very regular life, so that in an interview he defined himself as “a Jedi monk: I do not drink, I do not smoke and I do not drink. I do sports and I follow a diet ». In thirty years of career, the DJ and producer worked with artists such as Madonna, Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Kylie Minogue, Sia, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber just to name a few. The extraordinary ability to anticipate fashion and musical trends has always been a guru. As he said in an interview: “The difficult thing is not to know what works in the present but to imagine what people will love next year or in two to three years. This is what I always do and try to capture: the sound of the future. I do not know how to do it, I do, I feel what I might like. “

The challenge of Casiraghi: I will take some ocean in the Mediterranean

Skipper and Team Manager: A new race between Monaco, Aeolian and Ibiza. The passion for sailing: I discovered it around the age of 16, on a friend’s boat: on board I felt happy


The GC32 Racing Tour catamarans are at rest. The circuit 2017, after the last stage in Marseilles, went to the Realteam swords. Malizia, Pierre Casiraghi’s boat, finished fifth. It has the colors of the Yacht Club de Monaco and a monk on the sail.

Why the monk?

“It is Francesco Grimaldi, my avo, who in 1297 dressed in Monaco conquered the Rock. For his cunning was nicknamed Malizia: that’s why our boats are called so. ”

Hi-tech and tradition.

“The sign for those who follow us is that we look forward to knowing where we are from. We bring to the sea the spirit of the Principality, a modern country in balance with its history; a country that is at the heart of sport and promotes its values. ”

Its sail is that of the GC32, of flying catamarans.

“Never done a sailing course! I went to school far from the sea and I could not practice it, I played football. Then, around the age of 16, I discovered it with a friend in Morocco: on board I felt happy, my passion was born. I made the first races in Munich, then with Tuiga (the Prince’s yacht of Prince Albert II) and I continued. ”

He also made several races with Giovanni Soldini …

“About Maserati Vor70 and the new trimaran I learned a lot, it was the” click “that made me step forward. I like the sail that looks to the future, the point of research and development. A sail even racing, of course. I have the age, the desire, the opportunity: why not? ”

Is the sail race?

“I like the sea, I do not see my life without, in my future there will be sailing, even without race. That said, I have a competitive spirit and the races, thanks to some good results, satisfy him. But it’s not all: Just on board with Soldini I appreciated the right approach, which I now try to convey to the young people of our team: that of professionals who also know not to take seriously and who are at sea because they want to be there, not because it is their work. Then you can and must also have fun. And when a race is lost, one must understand why, but without making a drama: there are more important things in life. ”

The GC32 are fast and dangerous catamarans. Is there fear?

“Cross the other boats to 35 knots, you’re at the helm, you have to decide whether to go, the crew depends on you … There is fear, I would be crazy if it were not. But so far I have not restrained me. Rather, I intervened to request the suspension of a race when the weather conditions were at the limit. As in Palma de Mallorca, when there were already three injured sailors after 20 minutes of racing. Sometimes I think the race committee decides in a way because its members have never been on these boats. ”

How was the season gone?

“Pretty good. We paid early on a delay in preparation for the opponents, who came from the World Championship, but then we grew up. ”

The Yacht Club de Monaco, of which she is vice-president, also gives the lead to the 60th Malico II, the oceanic monoshock with foil, the “blades” that raise it from the water, with which he debuted this year with the sailor German Boris Herrmann.

“This year’s goal was to learn how to navigate before joining the Rolex Fastnet Race (we made it) and thanks to a little luck we came third. Now it’s about improving. ”

On the horizon of Malizia II?

“There is the transoceanic Jacques Vabre, a duo, who leaves Le Havre on Nov. 5: the goal is to get to the top 5, but I will not be there: I have just had a son, I want to stay in the family, There are so many 20 days at sea. I’ll do it in two years. ”

Other goals?

“Beat the record of the Mediterranean this winter and then we would like to organize a new race for Imoca 60 in duo or team starting from Munich, passes to Bouches, Aeolie, Ibiza and return to Monaco for May-June. And, in addition, we go to the Vendée Globe 2020, the world’s only non-stop ride. It is Boris’s dream and I would like to help him to accomplish it, handling the challenge from the ground. He is young, capable, with such a boat as he has good chances of doing good. ”

Monaco in America Cup?

“Eeh, it’s the dream of all sailors. Honestly, however, I do not believe it possible for budget and organization. Never say never. ”

The Cup Changes: Monohulls arrive. Did she groom for catamarans?

“No, I was hoping I would win Team New Zealand to see the monohull return, I hope with the foil. The flying catamarans made a stepping-forward to the sail, now the monohulls turn. “

Balearic Islands: the sporting events of the fall season


The Balearic Islands are always active even in the low season. The mild climate of the months of November and December makes the islands the ideal setting for outdoor sports and for this reason many events and sporting competitions take place this time of year.

From here, at the end of 2017, there are five competitions featuring Mallorca and Ibiza, and so on.
From 3 to 5 November, the Major Course version of the Long Course Weekend, the famous three-day sports festival is held in some of the most scenic locations in the world. During this weekend, competitors are involved in the practice of three different sports disciplines: swimming on a Friday, cycling on Saturday and racing on Sunday.

The paths and combinations to participate are many and this makes the event perfect for clubs, training groups, families or groups of friends intent on spending a sporting weekend with evidence suitable for everyone in an exclusive setting such as Alcúdia and its beach 9 km long, one of the main tourist centers of the island of Majorca.

In December, however, the Real Club Náutico in Palma hosts its 67th edition of the Regatta Trofeu Ciutat de Palma, the sailing competition that is consolidated in the panorama of the first-class sports events.

There are over 600 competitors from all over the world competing from 7 to 10 December in various categories, including Optimist, a sailing launch lesson featuring more than 400 boats. A unique opportunity to enjoy the quiet waters of Palma Bay, where many other activities will be organized to entertain the audience of the competition.
Always the city of Palma adds to the many cities in the world that celebrate the festivities running in the Carrera de San Silvestre Juaneda, a sporting event now considered a classic Christmas in Majorca. Palma’s San Silvestre is on the island on December 26 and 2013, the year of the first date of the show, saw its participation twice in edition: for this reason, more than 2,000 athletes are expected to participate in 2017.

With two distances to choose from, the route runs mostly in the beautiful Bellver Castle, a fantastic setting with a little demanding track, suitable for athletes of all levels.


From 1 to 3 December, the Tres Dies Trail Ibiza is held, an unmissable event for running enthusiasts. Three days of exciting competition in the wild, following some of the most spectacular trails in the heart of Ibiza Island.

The test can be organized depending on the training conditions and the participant’s preferences that you can opt for the most suitable stages. It is highly recommended to those who do not suffer from dizziness on the satin queen of the Sabbath: a marathon with a slope of 1900m giving an almost complete view of the island. Passing for Es Vedrà and the paradise Cala Tarida and Cala Compte.

The museum of objects that failed

From Apples Newton to Colgate’s Lasagna, the road to industrial progress is paved with failures. So the Museum of Failure was born

Failure is also an art. If you do not believe it, try asking the gurus of our time, better if you are on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, and you will have the usual answer: “Falling is the first step to succeed.” A phrase has become a motto for the great mass of startup founders, but we tend to attack you with a difficult label then delete it, but this is another story.

For Samuel West, a Swedish psychologist, bankruptcy is the necessary step to make improvements to our lives. “Success is always the same, bankruptcy is unique,” says the fan of innovation that has collected more than sixty items, gadgets and devices announced as revolutionaries and passed on to history as fluttering flop. A series of holes in the water that sank the image of big multinational corporations and portfolios of small companies ready to make profits and instead disappeared from the market.

Just to allow people to “learn from the failures of others,” the lordly gentleman will exhibit his collection starting June 7 when he opens the “Museum of Failure” in Helsinborg, south of Sweden.

The idea is to show how anyone can go wrong, so the opportunity to fail should be conceived as an option to accept, both for individuals and for companies. “Bankruptcy is Progress,” is the message that filters from West’s find. Confirming the conviction has put together the worst thinking of the last thirty years in a pile of flops that includes high-profile names such as Apple and Coca Cola and unfortunate intuitions such as the Twitter Peek soon passed to a better life.

The first rule is that everyone is wrong, including giants, so that one of West’s pearls is the Newton, the palm-wrench with Apple’s ninette remembered as one of the lowest points in the company. There are then experiments that define azzardati is euphemistic, such as the lasagna on the Colgate ragù, noteworthy in the world not just for food; Inevitable, then, that frozen pasta was soon forgotten. From everyone.

In the error network, Coca Cola is over, and twice! Prior to pointing to Coca-Cola, the desire to diversify the drink produced Coke II, of which no trace, and the Coca-Cola Blàk with a coffee flavor, commercially between 2006 and 2008 before retiring. Strong with a total domain of handsets, Nokia tried the big hit with N’Gage, which in corporate minds would have been the most portable console of the universe, but which instead turned out to be a jumble good only to squeeze the budget Of the Finnish house.

That script followed Blockbuster, an invincible chain for years before falling into disgrace under the blows of streaming content and bankruptcy projects such as a rental DVD for a week, a boomerang avoidable and thought to digest.

The inability to predict future horizons was the cause of Kodak’s disintegration, the brand-name excellence overwhelmed by digital adventures, while the company was still thinking of the brain in the past. One demonstration was the Digital Camera D40, anchored to the analogue press, which only now after years of social sharing is knowing a new interest. Conversely, blind confidence in progress has been a joke to Sergei Brin and Larry Page, far ahead with Google Glass, cumbersome and ineffective to meet the ambition of the creators (as opposed to Snapchat glasses, focusing only on On photography and video and for this reason they have for now been very welcome by consumers).

Celebrating gentle sex is always a good and just thing, doing it with an ad hoc production that, unlike zero, is twice the standard price, is not the best business card. For information, ask Bic, where there is a live flop of women’s pens (Bic for Her). Harley-Davidson’s fragrance is also hard to comment, while still wondering what went on to the Twitter Peek producers, the device that was just twitched in a world where smartphones were already dominant. And the good thing is that on Amazon you can still buy it.

Speaking of errors and horrors could be missing Donald Trump? Of course not, because among the many attempts to profit the current US president invented TRUMP, The Game, and then the Vodka Trump. An absolute genius, regardless of the actual sales of the above mentioned findings.

Inter or Verona? Luciano Marangon has already made his choice: Ibiza!

From the Scudetto with Hellas to the transfer to Nerazzurro, and then completely change life: the story of Luciano Marangon

At the cold of Autumn in Triveneto, the former Treviso football player has long preferred the sun of Ibiza, realizing the dream of many Italians who, during the holidays, fantasize about opening up activities at the resorts.

Ibiza, a paradise for fun, is well-suited to the character of Luciano Maragon, who also refused to deny any pleasurable pastimes as a footballer. His adventures from authentic playboy are part of the mythology of football gossip … and it’s not just rumors. In an epic interview with “Libero”, former Inter confessed: “I also had sex with seven women together. I also did it on Sunday morning, it was my doping. ”

Raised in juvenile Juventus, Marangon had the courage to rebel against Boniperti who wanted to loan him to Catanzaro and was handed over to Lanerossi Vicenza. In white-collar he debuted in Serie A, crossing Paolo Rossi’s path and contributing to the second-place historian of the 1977/78 championship.

After the collapse of Vicenza, relegated to Serie B, Marangon has been in for a season in Rino Marchesi’s Naples, winning another good position: the third behind Juve and Rome. Just the giallorossi bought it during the summer, but also in the capital had to settle for the third place, behind the usual Juve and this time, Fiorentina.

In April 1982 he made his national debut against East Germany, but his only blue appearance remained: closed by Cabrini in the role of left-back, he was not even summoned for the Mundial in Spain and Bearzot did not take it anymore into account.

In the summer of 1982 he moved to Verona. With the Hella shirt he played for three seasons, collecting a quarter and a sixth place, before the historic Gialloblu championship of the 1984/85 championship. Osvaldo Bagnoli was also his brother Fabio, six years younger.

After that epic affirmation, both Marangon and Pietro Fanna were bought by Inter, in search of relaunch. Paid three billion lire, the left-handed exterior has, however, made some effort to settle in nerazzurri. 19 appearances in the first year and just three in the second, due to a serious injury. In 1987, taking note of the situation, Marangon demanded that he be given to Tottenham and, in the face of President Pellegrini’s rejection, hung his shoes on the nail before he was 31 years old.

What’s in the life of a professional footballer when you turn off the lights?

Everyone takes his road and Marangon’s was really amazing.

BLOOP Festival turned Ibiza into an open gallery

Not just music and festivals: every year the Balearic Island attracts artists of different disciplines to interpret the theme of change through architectural interventions, interactive installations, workshops and video games

It’s not easy to change the name of a place, especially one like Ibiza, known by all as the perfect destination – in summer, but not only – for the best dj-sets, place-to-be and night clubs on its beaches dancing until the coming of the new day. Thanks to the BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival, one of the coolest Mediterranean destinations can be considered as a real open-air gallery thanks to the extraordinary and gigantic street art works that are populating it.

With the name of OpenAir.Gallery, the project was born with a single mural in 2011 and over the years the collection has enriched the contributions of artists from all over the world such as David de la Mano & Pablo S Herrero, B-Toy, Ara, Bisser, Cuellimangui, Sabotaje to Montaje and many others. This year’s edition, the seventh, has been concluded for a few days and with the participation of Ino and Spaik it has been confirmed as an artistic and social appointment to be included in the calendar.

From the small town on the west coast of Sant’Antoni – to name the Cafè del Mar and one of the best sunsets in the Mediterranean – this year the festival moved its headquarters to the historic center of Evissa, inviting artists from different disciplines to interpret the “changes” theme, to record the changes of contemporary society, from values, to lifestyles, to politics, technology and the environment.

Architecture and design, street art, virtual reality, video mapping and interactive installations, workshops, video games, exhibitions and music: At BLOOP Festival, art is proactive and can be the perfect vehicle for retraining urban spaces and giving new lymph to tourism.

In the expectation of the next summer edition, you can follow some of the design exhibitions that from Ibiza move first to the Design Week in London and in April 2018 at Design Week in Milan.

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