“DJs ruined the night of Ibiza”

Ricardo Urgell is the incarnation of the “isla”: he has recently sold the Pacha group – 50 years old – for 350 million euros but has clear ideas for the future and much to say about the past


50 YEARS FROM “PACHA” The name was an idea of ​​Urgell’s first wife: “Call it Pacha and you will live by it.” So it was: in these pages, photographs of Hotel Pacha and Urgell’s office within the “payesa house” that deals with club and restaurant. In a detail, the formidable volume “El Baile”, the 25th anniversary celebration of the group, just 25 years ago
Crossing the cape island – including its two “ultra-marine” propaganda: on the one side, the 382 m altitude of Es Vedrà, the rocky tooth wrapped in the myth of the third most polar magnetic pole on the planet; on the other, Tagomago, the private island favorite of rock stars and footballers (Cristiano Ronaldo usually rent it, Gareth Bale chose to declare himself to his future wife) – they perceive the aesthetic motives that led the island to be contended for hundreds of years. Ibiza was born Phoenician, like Ibusim, in the 7th century BC, then became Roman, vandalized, Byzantine, Saracen (Yebisah) and finally Catalan under the name Eivissa, before the Catalan banning of the caudillo Francisco Franco it would pass on to the present statement. The primal nature of the island is well visible from the first portrayal of god Bes, an Egyptian masculine goddess depicted as cheerful and stubborn, sometimes obstinate in his genitals, always dancing.


It is an island of singular beauty even in the Mediterranean context, with cascades and coves that open suddenly after woods and pine forests, with a deep field alternating with ancient masses and crystallized villages over time. It is also an island that has known the blackest misery: not even half a century ago, ibizenchi were considered little more than muertos de hambre not only in the Iberian continent but also in the nearby Majorca, then the undisputed Queen of the Balears.
Things have changed, though it is true that Ibiza is now simply the most fashionable place in the world and one of the most expensive: and last year’s record-breaking tourist season was followed by the richer one this year. Yet today’s business successes are based on a strange yesterday’s migratory spirit, when a handful of “unadorned” unknowingly chose it as a free alternative port, adding its name to the grand tour hippie that already included San Francisco, Kathmandu, Amsterdam and Goa.

That was the basis of the island’s wealth: the people, the people who chose her when nobody chose her. Los pioneros call them here, and if the summer 2017 saw the disappearance of a pillar of the “first” group, Angel Nieto, the great motorcycle champion, nobody more than Ricardo Urgell incarnates the island of the beginning, the borders of the old town was all over.
Urgell, Barcelona and family born, arrived in Ibiza in 1968 after opening the first Pacha disco in Sitges in 1967. In the year of the 50th anniversary of the Pacha brand, Urgell decided to sell 90 percent of the group for a figure of around 350 million euros. We meet him in his historic office, within the same mass which also occupy the club and the restaurant. Behind the desk stands an immense black and white of Pacha Ibiza at the time of its opening: a white spot lost in the meadows, in front of the sea.
“There is an Ibiza that has nothing to do with the common and popular Ibiza whose image is sold in the world. The vulgarity of today’s millionaires, summed up with the superhuman growth the island has been subjected to and a certain general mediocrity in Spanish culture, has meant that the show is now not the best. This was a lost world, a wonder. When I arrived without a penny in 1968, Pacha had no phone, water was carrying her with tanks, and everyone had watched the bankruptcy because, to come to me, she would have to take the car, an absurdity for those days. “

Michael Fassbender, in the movie with “The Snowman”, is enigmatic as the characters he plays. And skilled in glossing on private questions. Species those about a certain colleague

Michael Fassbender has a magnetic and mysterious air that is well suited to the roles he chooses on the big screen: tormented men like Shame’s sex sufferer, Hunger’s Activist, and now Harry Lole’s alcoholic detective Harry Hole ‘snowman, drawn from Jo Nesbø’s bestseller. “Maybe I’m a complicated person!” Laughs the Irish actor of German origins, trying to explain the interest for these characters. Meeting him in London and in front of a tea (he does not drink coffee) tells me that this is his sabbatical year. “I just finished running X-Men: Dark Phoenix, but for the rest I’ve been vacationing for months. I needed a break. ” It did not happen since the beginning of his career: from 2007 to present he has shot 33 films. “I spend too much time on the set, that’s why my love stories are wrecked,” she complained a while ago. Things have changed: his relationship with his Swedish colleague, Alicia Vikander, known in 2014 during the shooting of The Light on the Oceans, is so good that apparently the two were recently wedded to Ibiza in a very secure ceremony where friends have been prevented from spreading images on social networks. Needless to ask him confirms: “Do not open my mouth!” He answers with a smile.

Where have you been on vacation?

In Formentera, Ibiza, Paris and South Africa (where Alicia turned Tomb Raider, ndr): I practiced surfing, my passion.

Another is speed, right?

I love racing cars since I was 3 years old. Last weekend I competed in the Ferrari Challenge Series: in Canada I came third, while another time I was going to win the second place, but I went to beat. Luckily I did not do anything.

Michael Fassbender and Alicia VikanderCredits: THIS PRESS
Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander
Do you consider it reckless?

Running relaxes me: I like the sense of freedom, for me it is a form of meditation. Recently, on the Snow Man set in Norway, I skipped for the first time. I’m a little late, I admit it!

How did it go?

I got it off: I went down, but without too much style (laughs, ndr). After the first 3 days I tried the red runs while I avoided the blacks. Maybe next time.

Did you read “Snowman”?

No, but I knew the other books in the series that starred Harry Hole. I like Nesbø’s style: characters are complex and unpredictable. This time Harry must see him with a serial killer who, when he kills, “signs” with a snowman.

Are you a fan of polizeschi?

Serpico is one of my favorite movies, but as a kid I was crazy for Colombo and Magnum P.I.

What is fascinating about Harry Hole?

The fact that it’s not the usual thing all of a sudden: it’s a man hardened by life, drinking to forget. And he has so many thoughts to the head that, at times, he prefers to silence them.

Would you be a good detective?

I do not think so, because I’m not intuitive when it comes to understanding what others think. In exchange between one case and the other you would always find me at the bar to eat donuts.

And as an actor do you like to observe the others?

Yes, it’s part of the craft. The problem is that today it is easier for others to look at me.

How was outdoor scenes -20 degrees?

Toning. The Macbeth set in Scotland, between wind and rain, was worse. However, I prefer to live in other climates.

Do you now live in Lisbon?

I’ve lived for 20 years in England and wanted to change air. This is a destabilizing period: Brexit has unveiled another face of the country. I am afraid of xenophobia, the rise of walls between people, the concept of “us and them”. In addition, Lisbon is less busy in London and is close to the ocean, which makes it perfect for surfing.

Have you already gone to listen to the fado?

No, but I should do it. It’s just a lousy music and I do not like that melancholy.

Do you really want to be a musician?

Yes, at age 17 I dreamed of playing guitar in a heavy metal band. I had long hair and I was in love with divo rock. One day a friend came home and started playing: at that moment I knew I had no talent.

I know you like to sing, though.

Every once in a while I have fun with karaoke, I have the cable with the falsetto (humming for a few seconds, ndr). Maybe it’s better to avoid, otherwise you risk finding this performance somewhere on the Internet!

Do you have a battle horse?

Frank Sinatra’s songs, which make me good because they are a kind of baritone. When I am ambitious, I choose Marvin Gaye and Rihanna.

You’ve been 40 years old. How did you celebrate?

My sister organized a surprise party in my hometown. But it was not a real surprise, as he insisted why no

Golden Moon Award, Maurizio Pasca, awarded in Ibiza

Night entertainment in Italy is the protagonist of the International Nightlife Congress, which took place in Ibiza on October 9 and 10 last.

The President of the Association of Dance and Entertainment Entertainment Companies (SILB) and European Nightlife Association (ENA), Maurizio Pasca, received the Golden Moon Award, the award for the 100 best locals on the planet and those who promotion and growth of the dance entertainment universe.

It is the first time ever that an Italian receives the Golden Moon Award.

To be awarded the important prize, among others, the mayor of London, the municipal administration of Barcelona and the Hakkasan economic group based in Las Vegas.

An incredible and unexpected emotion, the one lived at the Golden Moon Awards Gala – commented Ibiza, Maurizio Pasca – especially at the thought of being the first Italian to be awarded. To be awarded for the Best Nightlife Career as President of Ena and Silb, it means recognizing over 30 years of activities in favor of night-time entertainment at European and national level.

It is a joy I want to share with all my colleagues at Silb and my family, a stimulus to move forward and to do more and more for a sector that counts as many honest entrepreneurs and represents a slice of national economy of great importance. In November at Saint Vincent – adds Pasca -, will be held the XXXII national congress Silb, an occasion for comparison and growth of the sector, during which we will announce projects and future future of the night world. “

Ibiza at Christmas




You are thinking about it for a while but you are still undecided. Because you would like to spend a different Christmas than usual and would like to visit the island of Ibiza. To help you, we can give you five good reasons to organize the trip right away.


In Italy, Christmas often looks too much like a frenzied race to the most expensive or particular gift. And it ends up being even more stressful than a normal week of work. But not Ibiza. On this island, Christmas is full of relaxation. In the larger cities on the island, shops are obviously open until late. But Christmas is still a moment to live in the most complete tranquility, in the company of friends and relatives.


Although it is not summer (and probably the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza you can only admire them without diving into the sea – unless you are really enterprising), temperatures are more than pleasant and occasional rains. If you do not have the hard winter cold and you want to enjoy some sunshine without having to reach distant exotic destinations, Ibiza is the right compromise.


Choosing Ibiza as a destination for a trip also means this. And the Christmas period does not make sense. Ibiza is a lively, always moving island, a melting-pot of cultures that becomes almost tangible, and that pervades streets, squares, places, people.


If your suitcase never misses all the equipment you need to practice your favorite water sport, you will only be spoiled for choice in Ibiza. In particular, Playa d’en Bossa, Cala Martina and Playa s’Estanyol are some of the best places to practice windsurfing, kitesurfing and scuba diving.

Tourism changes: here are the most popular destinations



In the world of tourism is in the process of a small revolution that they are enjoying favorite capital once for the classic destinations.

So it happens that Dublin fights London and that the sparkling Amsterdam is more popular than the romantic Paris and Barcelona.

Tourism is changing and not least in times of crisis and international tensions.

To find out, we interviewed the “Rosmary” agency, which is headquartered in San Marcellino, and represents a point of reference for so many travelers in Avignon.

In October, it is possible to draw a first balance between the summer now behind and the last bridges of the year on the horizon, all on November 1, and the Immaculate.

“In the summer, the most popular destinations of those who came to us were Greece and Spain with distinctions: singles are thrown on Mykonos and Ibiza for nightlife and entertaining fun, while couples point to the quietest Santorini and Palma de Majorca.

This year we were overwhelmed by the boom of Egyptian Sharm El Sheik, who came back to life after a few years. “

biza: closing party 2017. Here are the festivals not to be missed!

In Ibiza the fall seems never to come! The party continues until October: do not miss these spectacular Closing Party!
Crowd always driven to the meditation.
Crowd always driven to the meditation. © Amnesia Ibiza
The summer goes away, but the party in Ibiza continues. The big nights certainly do not miss the Queen Island of the unleashed parties, not even in September and October. To close the summer in the best way, choose your favorite closing party among the latest in the program, so the end of summer will look very far away!


Amnesia, the Ibiza temple of dance music, does not leave you even in the fall. Open doors to welcome you to its mega party until October: the closing of the “Music on” evening is scheduled for October 6 and 7, 2017 (yes, this year divided into two evenings, as if one was not enough!); the closing party of Hyte’s evening, on the 4th October 2017. Is not that enough? September 30 and October 2 for Elrow and Cocoon. Have fun, then relax for a bit for the winter!

The Privilege is ready to give the final shot. The closing party season arrives at the end of September with the evening of I Am A Richbitch on September 22nd, but you can continue until September 24 with the closing party of Suara on September 28 with the Afterlife, and perhaps even until October 7 for Supermartxé’s closing party!

There is no doubt: Pacha’s closing party is the “Pure Pacha” evening. Do you want the names? Bob Sinclar, Basement Jaxx, Todd Terry, Lunnas. Probably enough, so put a note on the calendar: October 7, 2017, closing party at Pacha de Ibiza! Usually the prices are not the lowest, but the names of the guests have told you ..! Once on the track you will tell us.


The Space Club of Ibiza changes name and becomes Hï. The point is: what are you looking for? Because of the Closing party, in the Ibis disco Hï, there is only one. Lovers of house and dance? Then go to the Glitterbox evening on September 22nd. Or wait 30 for the Black Coffee closing party evening.

Ushuaïa is one of the most successful in recent years in Ibiza. Hotel-screaming nightclub, Ushuaïa has an astonishing program ever. So you choose: Ants Closing Party on September 30, 2017 with Andrea Oliva, Francisco Allendes and Eli & Fur for a night of underground music, or Kygo’s closing night on September 10?

In order not to miss a minute’s party, book the hotel in the southern part of the island, where most of the venues are concentrated. For a quiet and affordable accommodation, choose Molins Park Hotel. If you still like to have music in your ears, even all day, point the fabulous Ushuaia hotel.

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander marry Ibiza

The two stars are attending since 2014
Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander marry Ibiza

He is beautiful and charming. You young, minute, lovely. If there is a really envious couple among the stars of the Hollywood firmament, it is certainly that composed by Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander. That’s why the web literally went crazy when the voice of an imminent marriage between the two spread.

According to rumors, stars should get married next October, in Ibiza, with a dream event that according to sources will cost millions of dollars.

To support rumors, the fact that Michael and Alicia were spotted right on the beautiful Spanish island this summer. At the moment, however, no details have been revealed, such as, for example, the resort that will host the reception, or guests.

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander met and fall in love in 2014 on the set of The Light on the Oceans.


September we go, it’s time to leave
Farewell code, price and prices
to the stars: September
let’s go, it’s time to start

Crowded beaches, star prices, mileage in front of every cultural and artistic attraction.

“Between the granite and the grenades let every hope you enter,” to quote the tormenton of Francesco Gabbani.

Already, traveling in the middle of summer is not always possible or satisfying, and often you are crammed with thousands of tourists looking for the last free centimeter of the beach or the last table in the restaurant. It is no coincidence that the Italians who decide to leave in September – 9 million this year – are in the shadows of August holidays, to enjoy a bit of peace and relaxation.
And it is when nature is tinted by intense autumn strokes that places become magical, blurred by an invisible palette that makes them almost surreal. Let yourself be captivated by the fascination of Seventeenth-century travel.





September in Spain
If you are among those who love the sea, but not the crowd, visiting Spain in September is the ideal. From Andalucia – where the prestigious Flamenco Biennial takes place in September – in Barcelona, ​​with its temperate climate, you will have the embarrassment of choice. And then there is the beautiful Madrid. If in August its inhabitants migrate to the sea because it is too hot, the Spanish capital rises in September. The city boasts some of the most beautiful museums in the world – including Prado, Reina Sofia, Thyssen-Bornemisza – as well as the Royal Palace and the Puerta del Sol. Then there is Spain’s spiritualists and sportsmen who choose this month to take the road to Santiago de Compostela along the Francigena Street or the Ruta de la Costa to avoid the torrid heat. An unforgettable pilgrimage in search of yourself, but if you are not the types of physical businesses, even visiting the pretty gracious town is worth it.

The fun of fun
The most unreachable summer destinations, however, are fun games, that is, those places recognized as the heart of summer movida. From Ibiza to Mykonos, passing through Gallipoli and Costa Smeralda, it is not easy to book a vacation here in August and, in case you did, the prices of the accommodation facilities tend to rise in the canonical holidays.

Low cost
Starting in September, however, you have guaranteed low cost in both flights and hotels and you can visit the choice destinations without the plague, enjoying the relaxation that only an isolated beach can guarantee. A few hours of travel and you will find yourself in a Caribbean sea to enjoy great food and natural fairytale landscapes in a Greater Greece not crowded. And the first place in the wish list is the pearl of the Cyclades, Mykonos, which with its white houses lying on a blue sky, pleases the body and soul. However, if you do not want to give up the nightly entertainment that these places represent, do not forget that September is, for example, the month of Ibiza’s nightclubs. Last madness before going back to the routine.

Do not miss the Ibiza closing parties

There is no time to waste if you want to attend the most exclusive closing parties ever. Choose the evening and the place you like and then book. Ibiza’s closing parties are waiting for you!

Come to the evidence that the summer is over: we would not want it, but it touches us. So let’s do it in great style: that is, participating in one (or more) of Ibiza’s closing parties. We selected the most exclusive evenings. You just have to book! Ready?

Everything started in just over a month at DC10: on September 27, the Paradise Closing Party was scheduled on the agenda.
The next day, on the 28th, is the time to greet the Privilege at the Afterlife closing party. Little anticipation: Nina Kraviz will play in the lobby.
The 30 will have to choose: they will close the season together, the Hï (that is, the former Space) with the Black Coffee evening, the Ushuaïa with ANTS, and Amnesia with Elrow Ibiza, the most crazy and colorful party to which You can participate.
On the 7th of October, however, there is no argument: everyone goes to Pacha for the last episode of the Pure Pacha saga. Among guest djs: Bob Sinclar, Basement Jaxx, Todd Terry, Lunnas. See you on the track.

The fiery summer of Alessandra Ambrosio

The Brazilian supermodel is the queen of this season. From Mykonos to Ibiza collects bikini and photos. Without losing sight of the most important affections

There were Mykonos and Ibiza, and still St. Tropez. And now it’s up to California. Alessandra Ambrosio, 36, was clear and did not betray the expectations of 8 million and a half followers: this summer would be the #foreveronvacation, ie #persempreinvacanza.


And so it is. In the creeps on the mattress (in the shape of a pink flamingo that this season can not be missed), in Greece in the middle of a sunset while kissing the boyfriend and father of his children, Jamie Mazur, with friends (models), dive companions, In water games with her children Anja Louise, 8, and Noah Phoenix, 4, in a paddle boarding session across France.


“Life is a Beach” or “Paradise on Earth”, it is common to write as a caption to a sea view photo. Because she always feels her summer. And the queen always confirms.


Love helps. And his, for 10 years to this part, runs swollen sails with the millionaire entrepreneur. “I am a person who travels and I believe he is keeping the spark alive,” she said recently. “Besides, even though we have two children, we try to cut us a little bit of time just for us, just me and him.” And that’s enough. Until the next holiday.

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